The text-speak Bible

We’ve talked about problems with the KJV Bible lately. Here’s a potential solution for the next LDS edition: the text-speak Bible. Here’s a sample verse from Genesis 1:1 — “In da Bginnin God cre8d da heavens & da earth.” A quote from the linked RNB article notes that “the SMS Bible ha[s] proved particularly popular among young people.” Really? I would never have guessed. I think it could become a big hit in LDS youth Sunday School classes.

It gets even better at the official site for the SMS Bible. Another sample verse: “4 God so luvd da world …” And the site’s promise to the religious reader: “100% faithful to original text.” Well, I for one am relieved they’re not just making stuff up as they go along. In fact, the Bible Society president’s son spent six whole weeks translating the SMS Bible! Download your copy today.


  1. Fo shizzle ma wizzlz.

  2. It’s clearer in many ways than the KJV.

  3. That was, quite possibly, the quintessential DKL comment.

  4. Thank you, J. I intended it as such.

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