Best of the Box

I’m importing a feature that I started over at DMI last week. I highlight one post from roughly the last week from each of the MA boxes and throw in a comment or two. If you missed these posts the first time around, there’s still time to get a comment in!

Founders – I’ll go with Apologetics, Anti-Mormonism, and Faithful Inquiry, by RT over at LDS Liberation Front. It should probably be paired with his earlier post on the Uses of Mormon History. I like the sound of “faithful inquiry,” but it’s always hard to stay neutral in a civil war. You end up taking flak from both sides.

LDSLF is a new member of the MA Founder’s box, somehow redesignated “Flotsam” since RT’s arrival. That’s a good reminder that Bloggernacle geography, and the MA boxes, are variable, not fixed. Islands move around. Seasons change.

Mainland – I’ll go with M*’s Is the Church the Only Path to Salvation? It’s not every day an LDS stake president gets interviewed on the Today Show, and I wouldn’t have known about it without this post. Nice discussion of the questions and answers, too. I think we will be seeing more and more mainstream media attention focused on the Church in coming years.

Isles of the Sea – A Motley Vision has been quietly assembling a very talented crew — it’s time to spread the word. Go look at this post: Criticism: The Working Language of Good and Evil, Part 3. It explores the fascinating idea that in modern cultures we still work witchcraft, using regular but snarky words, not formal spells. I want to go read Parts 1 and 2, then come back to Part 3 and see if I really catch the drift here. Go thou and do likewise, or risk being skewered by your neighbor without even knowing it.

More Islands – Easy winner here: Starting a Secret Culture of Combinations at MoBlo. Is modern consumer culture giving us a whole new brand of secret combination? Lots of clever cites in this post; go leave a comment or two. Goble … where have I heard that name before? Just how many of them are there?

Even More Islands – Don’t know why, but I really enjoyed this post at Woody’s Woundup. Maybe it’s because he’s a clever LDS blogger who’s into something besides LDS blogging. Woody just seems like an all-around pleasant fellow, and IMHO pleasantness was in short supply in the Bloggernacle this week. You might note that WW is part of the Bear Flag League, a miscellaneous association of California blogs.

Podcasts – Gotta be the first and only broadcast of the Steve and Adam Show. Another dose of good feeling.


  1. Bob Caswell says:

    The Steve and Adam Show is pretty much my best experience with the Bloggernacle since 2004.

  2. Thanks for the kind words. I always hope I don’t come across as too bombastic on the Woundup, even though it’s technically my “rant” blog. Truth to tell, I’m more the curmudgeonly type – a trait I inherited from my Dad. A little grousing can be good for the soul. ;-) That said, I always appreciate civil discourse, no matter what the topic. In my mind, only politicians – being a separate species – are fair game.

    Cheers, and best wishes to Common Consent!

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