Bloggernacle Soirée

Word on the street is that the Thurston-Evans family is relocating to the Left Coast soon, but want to have a final get-together with their East Coast friends before it’s too late.  So, please come to their Après-Thanksgiving Carnavale!  Rumour is that this will be the biggest and best bloggernacle party to date.  Karaoke may or may not be part of the festivities, along with Dance Dance Revolution.

Friday, November 25, from 7:30—-?  Email Steve at for directions.  It will be tryptophan-tastic!


  1. Trish, check out the bloggernacle frappr for ‘nackers near you.

  2. Trish, you are starting to get a critical mass of ‘nackers out in Seattle. I’m jealous! You should have a party–and if you’re dying to try DDR, you might die after you try it…let’s just say it’s cardio-tastic…

  3. Kristine — you are definitely Kris I :). I am excited to have the chance to visit with both you and Melissa again.

  4. Bitter in SLC says:

    My party was the best! Sorry to miss this one…

  5. Patricia Lahtinen says:

    Where on the Left Coast? Seattle, I hope! Should we be organizing a welcome party?

    -trish (who hates to miss a good party, and is dying to try DDR!)

  6. Rusty, in a blog, one cannot talk about how great it is to be able to make a comment without making a comment. It’s just the nature of the medium.

  7. Athena, you do know people! You’ve been reading their thoughts about important stuff (and not-so-important stuff) for months. It’s like reverse friendship–you do the small-talk part last.

    Kris, we’ll have to arm-wrestle over who gets to be Kris I and who is Kris II!

  8. Ronan,
    You don’t realize that you NOT being there is actually GOOD marketing! :)

  9. Oh, and John, it’s in New York, New York.

  10. Wouldn’t miss it for the world

  11. It’s probably bad marketing, but I will be there too :)

  12. a random John says:

    Will Jenn be there? Because if so, I want pictures! I need PROOF!

  13. Finally, there’s a party thread on a blog that I can post comments on!

  14. I want to come, and be a part of the togetherness (and of course prove that I exist), but I don’t know anyone, and I’d feel like an idiot (a common occurance, I assure you). Besides, I think that’s my Moving Day…

  15. Athena,
    If you can make it we’d love to have you!

    I’ll get pics of Jenn.

    So are you going to make a comment or are you just going to talk about how great it is to be able to make a comment?

  16. Let me help you with your marketing:

    I’ll be there!

  17. Where would this be held? (city/state?)

  18. Rusty,
    Bad marketing:
    I ain’t coming anymore. :)
    – Ronan

  19. If you come through Cedar City on your way, give me a call, we’ll do lunch.

  20. Ah, mushy peas! Fight Club, ABBA, starving Africans, chip butties, obscene dogs, scandalous gossip, snorting, and NED FLANDERS. The first rule of Ned Club:

    We do not speak Ned’s true name.

  21. Oh man. ABBA AND Ned Flanders. Can it get any better? Wish I could’ve benny there (that was an ABBA joke). I’m so jealous.

  22. Hello?!?!?!?! Pictures please!

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