Best of the Box

So what happened in the Bloggernacle last week? Plenty of good stuff, all listed by title in the boxes of the Mormon Archipelago. This week’s highlights include posts from New Cool Thang, BCC, A Motley Vision, Ned Flanders, and Mormon Stories. Read on …

Founders. At New Cool Thang, Bunko Gets Bonked. At the very least, you’ll learn about Bunko from this post (try here for a quick description if you’re drawing a blank, starting with “Bunko is a dice game”). And that spells … trouble. Right here in the River City Church. [Update: I’ve been advised that the Bunko Gets Bonked post itself got bonked. Sorry if you missed it earlier — sometimes when you’re late to the party you miss the show.]

Mainland. At BCC, try South Park, Peepstones, and Mormon General Knowledge. The terms in the title relate to each other like this: Mormon General Knowledge somehow misses the fact that Joseph used one or another of his seerstones, aka peepstones, not the “Urim and Thummim,” to facilitate his translation/dictation of the text of the Book of Mormon. And South Park, the TV show, apparently once depicted a Joseph Smith translation scene, complete with a seerstone in a hat. Additional commentary in 100+ comments to the post.

Isles of the Sea offers Tell Us A Story, by P. G. Karmenides at A Motley Vision. With this post on storytelling, I finally connected the AMV poster with this book author. Nothing this interesting ever happened in my AP English class.

More Islands. Ned Flanders gives us a Conversation With My Converts, the “rest of the story” from this earlier post. A little piece of post-mission drama worth reflecting on.

Even More Islands. Finally, at Mormon Stories, an update on the Mormon Studies Wiki. Sounds like the kind of project that gets started then forgotten, but if enough people get behind it, maybe it will last.


  1. This is a great series, Dave.

    “P.G. Karamesines.” Now, THAT, is a cool name. If you have a name like that I think you are compelled to be an author.

  2. Forgotten? Never!!! :)

  3. This thread is interesting, thanks for keeping it going.

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