Best of the Box … Plus

Okay, here are some of the best posts (selected from the MA boxes) for the last couple of weeks, plus a couple of links to new or up-and-coming blogs. Make sure you’re not missing out on the fun.

Top line. LDSLF hits it big with a post on someone’s taped tour of the Beehive House. The comment firestorm has burned itself out by now. From the big blogs, T&S gets the nod for hosting not just a post but an entire online symposium on RSR, complete with comments by the author. Another fine accomplishment for everyone’s favorite onymous blog.

Middle line. At Mormon Metaphysics, try The Big Questions (in Mormon theology), plus a reposted book review of Stark’s new book The Rise of Mormonism. For a little fun, read Handyman Ned and you’ll come away feeling like Tim the Toolman.

Bottom line. Godwrestling.

Moving up. Not much shelf space left on most B’nacle lists, so it’s fair to highlight newer blogs or maybe older ones that turn a corner. MoBlo has been running a series on a book titled In Gods We Trust with some interesting discussion (with some additional notes on the book here). Another I’ve noticed is Unofficial Manifesto, which seems to have found its voice the last month or two. Make sure they’re on your blogroll!


  1. Thanks for the love, as always. We might put up some kind of post where people can comment on our design and suggest improvements. We have been better about getting content up and circulating in the community a bit more often. I’ve been finding that there really are a lot of interesting smaller blogs that I haven’t been looking at in the past. Keep it up at BCC, as well. I find the best of the big group stuff to be here.

  2. Just a note, I’ve got up a page for In Gods We Trust akin to what I have for Rough Stone Rolling. So other blogs are more than welcome to jump into the discussion. I’ve not updated it for todays posts. But should get it up to date by tonight.

  3. You can also visit The Blogger of Jared which is a relatively new Blog but has a couple interesting posters

  4. I’d recommend Blogger of Jared. It doesn’t look like we’ll agree all that often, but the positions there are well stated and the topics seem interesting. Seems like a quality addition to me.

  5. Pardon the absolutely SHAMELESS self-promotion here, but…

    If you’re looking for new stuff my friend and I have both started new LDS blogs.

    Mine is Traveling Shoes and you can find it here:

    Eric’s is Small & Simple here:
    Eric’s got a lively discussion starting on the topic of Satan & his plan.

    (If this display of self-promotion was inappropraite here, please direct your flames at me, not Eric.)

  6. For people with new blogs, make sure you submit it to Mormon Archipelago so that they can add it to their aggregator. Most people (including myself) read LDS blogs via that page.

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