After JNS’s latest post, we’ve decided to make him a BCC permablogger. Welcome aboard, J.!  Good work thus far, and we’re looking forward to many great posts in the future.


  1. This is like Mormon dating: “Well, we’ve been on two dates and I’ve known you for a week . . . let’s get married!”

  2. Aaron Brown says:

    O.K., but is he an equity permablogger?

    Aaron B

  3. Adam is rosetting his soot again, RT.

  4. Kaimi, okay, we’ve only been dating for a week — but we’ve been friends for almost a year!

  5. woohoo!!

  6. Another one (MA box 1 that is) bites the dust.


  7. Is this the end of “Roasted Tomatoes?”

  8. a random John says:


    I like LDSLF!

    BCC is having quite the week though…

  9. Elisabeth says:

    Welcome, J! So glad you’re joining us!

  10. As if the Splendid Sun bit the Dust!!!

    …and I am J.

  11. No worries — LDSLF is alive and well. I’ll be posting some things here at BCC, but I have other things that are more appropriate to the LDSLF moniker. For example, as soon as I have time to finish editing it, Serenity and I will release a new Evening and the Morning Star. And my posts there, as well as comments at other blogs, will be under the RoastedTomatoes name, which strangely feels a bit more natural to me now. And, arJ, thanks for the support–it means a lot.

    And, Elisabeth, I think the convention has been to call me JNS — there can be only one J.

  12. LOL! I stand corrected! (twice). I hesitate to use “JNS”, though, because it reminds me of the acronym, “NSF” for some reason. Oh well, I’ll get used to it. :)

  13. Why not stay RT here too? Does BCC have some kind of onymous rule like T&S? Stick with your brand, bro.

  14. Our J is better than your J, neener neener neener.