Have a Barney!*

Owing to his guest blogging excellence (you will never read “feet” in the OT the same way), Kevin Barney now joins the permanent staff at BCC. We are, in all ways, not worthy. Welcome Kevin!April_2006_KevinBarney

Kevin graduated from BYU in classics in 1982, with law degrees following from the University of Illinois (J.D.) and DePaul University (LL.M.). He practices public finance law in Chicago. He has published a couple of dozen articles in Mormon studies (mostly related to LDS scripture) in such venues as the Journal of Book of Mormon Studies, Dialogue: A Journal of Mormon Thought, FARMS Review, The Ensign, BYU Studies and Sunstone. He also serves on the Board of FAIR.

*To have a barney is Brit slang for “mood,” huff,” “strop,” usually heard in the context of “don’t have a barney, mate.” We beg to differ.


  1. Steve Evans says:

    Welcome Kev! Good to have you class up the joint.

  2. I’m still giggling over the fact that your office address is “One South Wacker Drive.”

    Oh, and a bearded Mormon…Cool.

  3. Costanza says:

    From one bearded brother to another, welcome! I am looking forward to getting to regularly read your thoughts.

  4. Congratulations! I’ve enjoyed reading your posts since your 12 questions at T&S (that was a long time ago–back before I was banned at T&S and using proxies to stay out of the moderation queue). I’m glad to see that you’re going to continue posting here. (And hopefully, the move from guest-blogger to perma-blogger carries with it a pay raise!)

  5. Woohoo!! This is very, very good.

  6. Elisabeth says:

    Yeay, Kevin! Welcome to BCC – we’re glad to have you :)

  7. Aaron Brown says:

    Welcome, Kevin. I’ve enjoyed reading your various articles over the years. I look forward to reading your posts. And coming from me, that’s really saying something, since the unmentioned scandal around here is that not only do I not blog enough, I don’t even have the decency to read all my co-bloggers’ posts every time. What a lazy SOB I am.

    Aaron B

  8. Kevin Barney says:

    Ronan, thanks for the education in British slang. I never thought about the connotations of Wacker Drive, but imagining it with a British accent gives it a whole new meaning for me.

    And thanks all for the warm welcome.

  9. It’s not just references to feet in the scriptures that I’m seeing in a new light since that post of Kevin’s. The other night I half-watched a silent film, The Merry Widow, on TCM and the bad guy seemed to have a foot fixation. I wondered if that was supposed to represent a fixation on . . . um . . . something else. My brain has made the connection in other contexts too. Blogging is bad for me.

  10. Welcome Kevin! I have really enjoyed reading your posts and look forward to more.

  11. Hurrah! I look forward to more Kevin Barney posts.

  12. John Mansifeld says:

    My instant, pointless reaction, less relevant than “Have a Barney,” though connected in nationality.

  13. JA Benson says:

    Kevin I greatly enjoy your comments. BTW Are you one of the Barney’s who are related to the LDS pioneer Lewis Barney?

  14. Kevin Barney says:

    John, a lot of people think I look like Vlade Divac. When I was YMP the boys affectionately called me “Vlade,” which I got a kick out of.

    JA, no, I’m not related to Lewis Barney. Ron Barney, the Church archivist, is and wrote a biography of him. My paternal line was Danish and named Stockfisch until late in the 19th century, when some brothers (I think they were criminals of some sort) had a falling out with the rest of the family and changed their name to “Barney.” I have no idea why they chose that name; I’ve always liked to imagine that they knew and liked some of the Mormon Barney clan, but that is pure speculation.

  15. Great addition, BCC. I always enjoy your comments, Kevin, and I enjoyed your stint at T&S. I’ve followed your guest posts here, and I’m not at all surprised that they’ve decided to bring you aboard as a full co-conspirator.

    I do hope they told you about the goat sacrifices _before_ you signed the dotted line.

  16. Mark B. says:

    I guess you’re also not a relative of Carey Barney, another LDS attorney in Chicago. He was a few years behind me at the obscure law school down in Hyde Park.

  17. Mark B. says:

    Kevin, I think that they’d have to change the name from Wacker Drive to Wanker Drive.

  18. JA Benson says:

    If your ancestors were a little on the outlaw side it is quite possible they associated with the Lewis Barneys :)
    My husband Mike is a descendant of Lewis Barney. Lewis was a honest, but rough frontier man. His younger brother was Thomas Jefferson Barney. Jeff Barney as he was known ran with the Ike Potter Cattle Rustling Gang in Utah County. This gang was made up of Indians and whites alike. At age 29 Jeff felt the need to repent of his outlaw activities. Jeff left the gang and confessed his sins to his Bishop. On December 9, 1862 he was murdered by the gang (See One Side by Himself by Ronald O. Barney Pages 187-188).

  19. Kevin Barney says:

    Thanks for that info, JA. That strikes me as a possible link.

    Mark B., I know Carey, but we’re not related as far as I know. I don’t think he’s in Chicago anymore; I want to say he moved to California.

  20. “We are, in all ways, not worthy.”

    Indeed. Blogging bearded Mormon lawyers are the best…

  21. Can you guys please refrain from beard discussion in this public forum? I’m still suffering from beard envy (with a red neck to prove it) here at the Lord’s university….

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