Introducing: Amri Brown

BCC is pleased to introduce our newest guest blogger: Anamarie Brown!

Anamarie (“Amri”) was raised in Oklahoma, and studied English at BYU after serving a mission to Japan.  She is terrified of pinky rings, falling down stairs and breaking her teeth, getting attacked and eaten to death by squirrels, and Karl Rove. She is not afraid of needles, evidenced by her tattoos and her willingness to give away her blood.

Amri lives in Boston, and will start working towards a graduate degree in nursing soon.

Welcome, Amri!


  1. Elisabeth says:

    Yeay, Amri! I’m looking forward to your posts. Welcome!

  2. Welcome. What part of Oklahoma? I have family that lived in Norman and Tulsa for a while.

  3. Welcome to the blogosphere, Amri!

  4. Amri Brown says:

    Um, hi y’all.
    I lived in Norman when I was younger then Moore when I was a teenager. I went to OU (Norman) before I went on my mission.

  5. Now that you are no longer a teenager, are you older than Moore?

  6. Welcome. There is an almost universal sentiment around here that what the Bloggernacle needs is more Aaron Browns. You don’t quite qualify, but another A. Brown should be a satisfactory, second-best solution to this pressing, unmet need.

    Aaron B

  7. Kevin Barney says:

    I don’t know whether you want to blog on it, but I would love to hear about your tattoos and how you have dealt with any negative reactions at church.


  8. Amri Brown says:

    Aaron, that was indeed the reason I was invited. You know how Mormons are about names.

    Kevin: I’m dismayed to say that no one says anything about my tattoos. Some ask about how I was courageous enough to get them. Whatever that means and others just stay silent. It looks as if they’re judging me but who knows.
    I get in far more trouble for what I say than the permanent pix inked on my skin. I currently have been banned from teaching SS. Which is surprising if you knew me.

  9. Amri – I’m much older than you but we’re both afraid of Karl Rove. Welcome!

  10. Welcome, Amri! I’m also afraid of Karl Rove; I have good reason for my fear, since I grew up in the neighborhood where he lived as a teenager and I now vote Democratic…

  11. Steve Evans says:

    I fear Karl because he emerges from my closet at night to haunt my family.

  12. I am not afraid of Karl Rove. However, I must admit I feel a certain resentment since the parents of one of my friends commented that I look like him. Which, I don’t think I do. Just because we’re both fat and balding and wear glasses doesn’t mean we look alike. Gosh!

  13. So, you’re banned from teaching in SS because of the tats? Or is it the realtion to Pete and Spencer. My father-in-law, Darrell, teaches all the time and he’s inked up a bit, but he’s a Rove fan-boy (kill kill kill!). By the way, Chris (Christina) says “Hi!”

  14. Oops, Okie spelling, “relation” should read “relation” y’all.

  15. Amri Brown says:

    Carlton, I, um, don’t know who you are, remind me because if you know Peter and Spencer I’m sure I know you too.
    I got banned from SS because I taught a lesson people thought was disagreeable. I of course thought it was a good, sound lesson but I understand why they got mad. I currently just make many comments whenever I can.

  16. I was Pete’s guitar teacher in Moore when he was still in high school. My wife, Chris (mission to Temple Square), is a couple years older than you. She ran around with Erica back in the day.

    (Ha, I tried to fix #13 with #14, double oops.)

  17. So Amri, are you actually going to post at some point?

  18. Amri Brown says:

    Oh, of course I know who you are Carlton! Hello! Tell Chris hi for me too. Wow.

    And Steve–hold your horses.

  19. Amri Brown says:

    Also, I am surprised no one is afraid has the common pinky ring fear. They make my sister and I very squeamish.

  20. DannyBoy says:

    Welcome Amri!!!!
    However, I am not afraid of Karl Rove. Dont agree with neo-cons, but, am a classic conservative that also admires Leo Strauss. better not say anymore, folks will figure out who I am!!!!

  21. graduate degree in nursing soon

    Neat, my wife is a CRNA and has been asked to join the faculty at Texas Wesleyan (she turned them down). She flirts with going back for a doctorate some day.

    Where did you go for your undergraduate nursing and what sort of graduate degree are you pursuing?

  22. Amri Brown says:

    I actually graduated in English (mostly creative writing) with hopes of becoming a writer. I graduated, started working as an editor and public health kept pulling at me, unlikely I know. So then I started looking at how I would best work in the public health world and I believe nursing is the way to do it.
    I’m starting a program for people with degrees besides BS or nursing. You do an intense year to prepare you for the NCLEX and then you do two years of master’s work either in public health or a master’s in nursing in say infectious disease.
    I’m excited.

  23. Great to have you Amri!

    I lived in Norman for 11 years (got my graduate degree from OU). I also served my mission in Japan. I look forward to your posts!

    I am curious, where did you get your tats? It is a little known fact that there are no legal tattoo parlors in Oklahoma (its illegal).

  24. Amri Brown says:

    I love Norman. When did you live there? My family has been in and out of OU. I got my tats in Austin TX during Austin City Limits Music Festivals. I don’t know what it is but all the alt music made me (more than one year) want to get tattoos.

  25. You’re one of the best bloggers ever! I love you babe and look forward to more of your insights.

  26. We left in 2004. Its funny the amount of money that Oklahomans spend in Kansas and Texas on Tattoos and other “sins”.

  27. Amri Brown says:

    My tattoos are sins?!? Why didn’t anyone tell me?

  28. Only in Oklahoma! They also thought I was a heretic for wearing a hemp ankle bracelet!

  29. Kevin Barney says:

    Amri, you would love my wife. She went to the Austin City Limits Festival in 2003 (no tats, though), mainly to see the Jayhawks, for whom she is webmistress of their website. We live in the Chicago area and she attends lots and lots of shows (dozens a year); just last week she saw Dwight Yoakam on Friday night and then Jeff Tweedy of Wilco in a private party on Saturday. She and about 30 others had pooled their money for a contribution to charity to get rights to the show. (She says that if she were going to get a tat, which I know she thought about, she would have done it in Athens, GA.)

  30. Amri Brown says:

    I really like the Jayhawks! How hip that she’s the webmistress. I went to ACL in 04 and 05. I’ve never been to a private party though I’ve seen Jeff Tweedy or Wilco more times than I can count. I need to come to Chicago–1) to meet your wife and 2) so I can see Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me.

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