A Prayer for Passover

Wilt thou paint
the Blood of the Lamb
upon the lintel
of my soul.


  1. Steve, this is scripture for me. You’ve missed your calling–you didn’t learn to write like that drafting a securities prospectus.

  2. Elisabeth says:

    This is beautiful, Steve.

  3. Too right… I love it, Steve; thanks.

  4. We had a passover talk in sacrament meeting last week. He spoke of the significance of the holiday, and lamented that we do not have these kinds of truly holy days in our church. He spoke of how our “high holidays” have been hijacked by Santa and the Easter Bunny. It was a great talk, but I think the bishop was squirming.

  5. Steve Evans says:

    Porter, you could be right. Easter is a wonderful season, though, if done right — and for me, part of that is remembering Passover.

    A corny poem, guys, but thanks for the compliments.

  6. Oh come on – Pioneer Day isn’t a “high holy” day in your ward?

  7. I like it. And it’s much less corny than Beowulf.

  8. Just so. Amen.

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