Silly weekend caption competition

A real prize this time (an unworn Bible Society T-shirt!). What are Nine Moons Rusty and BCC Steve saying? (Bonus: who is the pseudonymous blogger in the background?)
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  1. Steve Evans says:

    bonus points if you identify the activity.

  2. (And if you were there, keep quiet.)

  3. “what do you mean, only one of us can go home with Kristine??”

  4. Frank Fish says:

    “It’s only a sin if we act on our feelings, right Steve?”

  5. anonymous for this post says:

    Rusty: “I’m too sexy for my pants”
    Steve: “I’m too sexy for Rusty’s pants”

  6. 1. “You put your right hand in, you take your right hand out, you put your right hand in, and you shake it all about. You do the hokey pokey and you turn yourself around, and that’s what it’s all about!”
    2. They are playing Dance Dance Revolution.

  7. Steve Evans says:

    Ann, you’re oh-so-close. You gotta be more specific, I’m afraid.

  8. Easy!

    Activity: Dance Dance Revolution
    Pseudonymous Blogger: Ned Flanders

    And here’s what they’re saying:

    Rusty: “Dude. She’s hot.”
    Steve: “Yeah. I don’t know how she ended up in porn.”
    Rusty: “Porn? I’m still wondering how she ended up on T&S.”

  9. Steve: “I must…obey…Aaron…”

  10. Steve (addressing the audience): “Look, I already told you we don’t know any numbers from Cabaret. Are there any other requests?”

  11. Rupreckt says:

    Steve: “Only one of us can be the true Lord of the Dance!”
    Rusty: (rolls eyes) “This is why I live in Brooklyn.”

  12. Mark IV says:

    Rusty: Dude, I love a good game of Twister. Too bad we were the first ones out. These bloggersnackers are a laff riot.

    Steve: I hear you, brotherman.

  13. Mark IV says:

    Steve: EEEWWW! I’m surprised that even Steve (EM) would do THAT in public.

    Rusty: Word.

  14. Mark IV says:

    Steve: I don’t know whether to laugh or be horrified. I guess Limbo isn’t a very good game for Mormons, after all.

    Rusty: Yeah, especially after a turkey dinner.

  15. Mark IV says:

    Steve: Well, that’s the last straw. Kaimi might have good plumbing skills, but I’m never asking him to fix my sink trap again.

    Rusty: Who would have ever guessed that we have that much of a crack problem, even in the church?

  16. Anne Shirley says:

    Steve: I swear Rusty, this will totally help you get chicks at the next church dance!

    Rusty: Awesome!!

  17. Steve: If you be my friend you can come play DDR anytime you want. Plus I’ll stock my fridge full of Sunny D and other cool drinks. Did you know I have a Slip n’ Slide?

    Rusty: [under his breath] What a loser.

    Steve: What?

    Rusty: Uh . . . get looser. You wouldn’t keep falling down if you weren’t so Frankenstein-ish.

    Steve: Oh, OK. So, you wanna be my friend?

    Rusty: Whatever.

  18. Tom,
    I think that was the actual conversation.

    Thanks everybody, keep ’em coming. I want the prize to enter bloggernacle lore. I’ll sign it and whoever wins it has to offer it as the prize for a future contest, sign-it, and so on until the Millennium, when it will be presented at Adam-ondi-Ahman.

  19. Steve: I forgive you.

    Rusty: Thanks.

  20. Steve Evans says:

    Ronan, Adam-Ondi-Ahman was last week. Didn’t you get the memo? Spring Hill is gorgeous in May.

  21. Caption: Rusty and Steve look in admiration at fhmLisa’s shrine to Boyd K. Packer.

  22. Um, where’s the picture we’re captioning?

  23. Thanks for the laugh, you guys.

    Now I’m wondering if you are the snarker. all of you.

  24. Rusty: Steve, I thought you made all that Banner of Heaven stuff up…

    Steve: I did.

    Rusty: Well, why is that guy shelving your boobs in this video that I found in the “First Date” video box?

    Steve: Have I shown you my moonwalk? It’s the shiznit.

  25. Rusty: Back it up–I just can’t get this Time Warp thing down!

    Steve: Let’s see, after the step to the right you put your hands on your hips…

  26. C Jones says:

    Rusty: You be Captain Kirk and I’ll be Spock.

    Steve: OK. And this dance pad can be our transporter!

  27. Picture doesn’t appear for me in Firefox, only IE…

  28. anonymous for this post says:

    Ben, I’m using firefox too and no prob.

  29. Activity: Nintendo Dance Dance knock-off. Meant for learning country line dancing.

    Steve: OK! (puts fist on hip proudly)
    Rusty: I’m so not learning a line dance to Toby Keith’s White Trash with Money. (scowls)
    Steve: But Rusty!

    Rusty stomps off to brood while listening to Radiohead. Steve scampers after him, with hand still on hip.

  30. These are hysterical! Thanks for the laughs everyone.

    But what’s even funnier is the video we captured of Kristine and Elizabeth (no need for fake captions!).

  31. Release the video.

  32. Steve Evans says:

    yes, the video must be seen!!

  33. Steve: You know what this party needs? The perfect cheer! Okay! Go!

    Rusty: Good one . . . Oh. You’re serious.

  34. Kristine says:

    Rusty, Elisabeth and I could take you–don’t even *think* about letting that video see the light of day!

  35. I have no idea what they’re saying, but Rusty’s shirt kicks ass bigtime.

  36. Rusty: Steve, you are so rigid, why can\’t you just loosen up some.

    Steve: Whaaaaat? I am so swooshy here! Come on now, you big bully, you! Like you should ever complain about me being rigid. I tell you what, I just love, love, love this new Liza Minelli Greatest Hits compilation CD, I got it from my new best friend, Reginald.

    Rusty: Yeah, its pretty cool, but the new George Michael CD is way better.

    Steve: Oh shut up! George is so not cool, not at all. He needs to just get over himself, and make nice with Elton, I mean they need to represent, ya know?

    Rusty: Hey, Ned, you want in on this action?

    Ned: No, thanks boys, the view from back here suits me just fine.

    Steve: So, Rusty, do tell me about this Aaron guy.

  37. D. Fletcher says:

    Steve: “I’m a little teapot…” Rusty, you’re behind honey, try to keep up.

  38. Rusty: AlRIGHT! Jello fem-wrestling, starring Kristine & Elizabeth!

    Steve: It’s not easy being green . . . those limeys!

    Rusty: I wonder if we can now refer to Kristine as Carrot Top, for she will be picking carrot shreds from amongst her hair until the Millenium . . .

    Steve: I don’t carrot all about that, did you see the way Elizabeth just body-slammed Kristine, and finished her off with a topping of Cool Whip?

    Rusty: I never thought putting the lime on the cocoa-nuts would get this exciting!

    Ned: I’m just protecting the winner’s one year supply of chocolate, for their food storage, don’tcha know!

    Steve: Well, from what I’ve read on FMH, I don’t think that supply will last a month, let alone a year . . .

  39. “You put your right hand in,
    You put your right hand out,
    You put your right hand in,
    And you shake it all about,
    You do the hokey pokey
    and you turn yourself around
    That what it’s all about.”

  40. Crystal #24 wins. A signed Bible Society T-shirt is coming your way. Please find a way to pass it on…

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