Akismet problems

Gang, some of you have been accidentally picked up in our spam filter. If you post a comment and it never shows up, please email us: info@bycommonconsent.com. We’ll look into it and tell you whether you’ve been banned.


  1. Aaron Brown says:

    Steve, even yours truly has apparently been banned. Does this mean my comments are still in existence somewhere? If so, please post them. Thanks.

    Aaron B

  2. Kimball L. Hunt says:

    Testing 1, 2, 3

  3. MikeInWeHo says:

    This happened to me the last couple of days, I think. Or maybe a BCC bishop’s court (BCCBC) was held and I was ex-d….

  4. Seth R. says:


  5. testing …

    by the way, bcc: is looking sharp …

  6. I miss the green.

  7. Meems, it’s summertime! live it up!!

  8. nice new picture

  9. D. Fletcher says:


  10. By the way, our filter is supposed to be adaptive, so the more you can let us know when your comment don’t get through, the better it will work at not blocking you, supposibly.

  11. Have any of you seen my really cool online gambling site?

  12. D. Fletcher says:

    Test 2.

  13. Katie P. says:

    I love the blue – it’s much more soothing, and the colors don’t draw attention to themselves, which allows the content to shine.

  14. Katie, that was the opposite of our intent. Do you really think we want to draw attention to our content???

  15. Steve,

    Your content is Xenu, book lists, and parties. How could that _not_ shine? Though I’m still upset that you pre-empted my upcoming T&S post about Xenu.

    Speaking of which, “Xenu Brown” has a really nice ring to it, don’cha think?

  16. I miss in the solemn assembly voting picture.

  17. Hey, psst . . . . wanna buy a watch? Fwoosh!!! (Trenchcoat opening sound . . . .

    Okay, it’s 3 am, and I’m VERY silly.

    I also have a bridge I could sell you . . . . hee hee.

  18. Akismet problems seems like some Akaidian language translation issue. ;)

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