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As the powers that be have failed to do their hometeaching for the past couple of months (and yes, as your unofficial 2nd counsellor in your BCC elders quorum, I am calling you to repentance, Steve and Ronan), I have taken it upon myself to emulate another section of the Ensign. Or, failing that, I would like to write a series of brief notes, because I don’t have enough material at the moment for one long post.

  • Many bloggers in the LDS blogosphere have taken it upon themselves to find spiritual messages in marathon training. Clearly they are only doing this to shame me. Remember, brethren and sisteren, contention is of the devil and I will cut you!
  • The other night, I was having a dream in which Sting was just called to be an LDS bishop and was looking for advice from my Italian Assyriologist friend (Mrs. Lancer). Laying aside the important ecclesiastical duties of former Police members and current soft-rock favorites (aside from wondering what worthiness interviews would be like), I was far more disturbed by another portion of this dream, in which my mother informed me that she was interested in dating women (it was unclear if there had been a divorce, a death, or neither in the dream, leaving my father’s thoughts on the matter uncertain). I have always been interested in our societal double standard in abhorring gay men, but tolerating lesbians. The one mormon test case (Buckley Jeppson) was a gay man, but I wonder what the coverage would have been if a gay woman got married and tried to remain in the church. In any case, I tried to talk my mom out of it by convincing her it was a fashionable phase (like Anne Heche went through). When I last saw my mom, she was hitting on some random British woman. I blame all of it on my abiding jealousy of Ronan’s accent.
  • Have you ever noticed how easy it is to get tired of the bloggernacle? There have been several posts about it recently. For that matter, the bloggernacle is creeping into the rest of the world, being referenced in newspaper articles and symposia. What to do when you are getting tired of it all? Having had a blogging breakdown myself, all I can say is that you may need to stopping blogging about polygamy, same-sex marriage, gender, and the Book of Abraham every once in a while. Blogging about the sublime in life doesn’t require the prior acquisition of a degree. Take some time and peruse any one of a number of journal blogs or just post something silly or inspiring from your own life. Share a testimony or a “personal experience”. One day, deep in the depths of despair (and Wymount) I saw a sunrise over Cascade mountain and that was sufficient to teach me that God loved me personally. If I may be so bold, there may need to be a greater place in our discussions for references to 1 Ne 11:17 than there is now. After all, God’s love for us may not be the only thing we can be sure of in this life, but it is the most important.
  • Finally, I promised you all a sweaty picture of me as proof that I actually ran a marathon. Here you go. Hooray for me! August_2006_hprunner


  1. Steve Evans says:

    crap. Yes, Ronan forgot. Twice. but I promise we’re back on track!!

  2. J. Daniel Crawford says:

    I want to thank J. Stapley in advance for fixing my photo screw up.

    Shape up, Evans, or we’ll make it a monthly Visiting Teaching visit.

  3. For those of you who feel the lack of internet home teaching, I would highly recommend reading anything by The Poster Formerly Known as Craig Olson on the Usenet newsgroup soc.religion.mormon. Craig has been Stake President and Home Teacher to the internet since about 1994, I think.

    For example, read P-Day. A wonderful, inspiring and faith-promoting story. He writes stuff like that all the time. I can’t seem to drag him over here, though.

  4. Ann, that story you linked was awesome! Thanks for the hometeaching. There is a missionary musical memory in my conversion story. I’m so emailing that link to Elder Mooney! =)

  5. Well, I’ll certainly agree with the last part of the scripture you quote. I don’t know the meaning of all things. Or, even, really very many things.

    I did realize one important truth this weekend: I may complain that I never win at Settlers, but it’s not really my goal. I play to have fun. If I can have fun and not win, then it’s still a good game for me. (If I don’t have fun and don’t win, not so good.) Feel free to apply that to life in general if you wish.

    (In case you’re wondering how things went: if we had agreed to play to 12, I would have won. Instead, Russ won. As usual.)

  6. Ronan’s on HOLIDAY you buttmunchers. A LONG HOLIDAY.

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