Like it?

BCC is now sporting its Fall colors.* What do you think? I think it’s spiffy. Well done to ol’ Stapers, our resident design guru. Overall, is the bloggernacle an aesthetically pleasing place? Winners? Losers?


  1. * aka, Autumn colours.

    For me, if a blog looks terrible, it really puts me off. Naming no names. Poor design gives me knots in my stomach, no matter how brilliant the content. What I like about Stapers’ design are the striking (but not overbearing) colours and the neat symmetry of the three-column page.

  2. Nice. It looks like a Japanese maple. Love those trees. Also, for some reason the beach scene always looked a little naked.

  3. Nice! If you come to Boston, you can see these beautiful leaves everywhere. I love this time of year.

  4. I think it looks great. I like how the text colors and backgrounds help the site to match the image above.

  5. great use of colors. I agree, Ronan, about blogs that use terrible colors and design. you did a good job here. :)

  6. It made me sad because I realized it was autumn now. I believe today is the equinox, in fact. And autumn is a sad time of year for me always. I miss the light. I want to move south, to where the sun is. I get depressed way up north here in Alabama.

    But the design is nice, it’s not the design’s fault that it’s associated with autumn, and the cold and dark. I like that it changes seasonally, and I like the look of the layout. Good job!

  7. I love fall and fall colors. I like that you guys change the site periodically. I especially like the green–the reddish orange text I’m not so sold on. And I think the title of the blog doesn’t sit that well against the background image.

    I think most of the LDS blogs aren’t that great looking, but I’m not exactly a great designer myself, so I shouldn’t complain too loud.

  8. Mark Butler says:

    Autumn, especially late autumn can seem like a sad and a solemn time of year. I think of the declining twilight especially. On the Jewish calender the Day of Atonement is approaching, right?

    But then, sometimes after many days, the snow starts falling, and the effect on the ambient light and atmosphere I think is well described by Orson Whitney, in a much under-appreciated hymn:

    The wintry day, descending to its close,
    Invites all wearied nature to repose,
    And shades of night are falling dense and fast
    Like sable curtains closing o’er the past.

    Pale through the gloom the newly fallen snow
    Wraps in a shroud the silent earth below
    As though ’twere mercy’s hand had spread the pall,
    A symbol of forgiveness unto all.
    (Orson F. Whitney, “A Wintry Day, Descending to its Close”, Hymn #37)

    Should we wait for the evening of an actual wintry day to appreciate the message here?

  9. I absolutely love it.

    Long gone is that bright green of early spring that almost hurts the eyes. And the harsh, burning light of summer finally begins to fade to the soft, warm, homey tones that always mean a new beginning. The morning air is crisp now and faintly pungent with the sweet smell of fallen apples. Students return, classes convene, and cardigans get donned. If only it were Autumn all year long !

  10. I’m glad that some people love the autumn! You guys comfort me. The close of the year is poetically often linked with death, which is what your hymn makes me think of, Mark Butler. The snow as the pall or shroud of the dying earth. I suppose death is also merciful, but still we mourn.

    We’ll to the woods no more.
    The laurels all are cut.
    The bowers are bare of bay
    That once the Muses wore.
    The year draws in the day,
    And soon will evening shut:
    The laurels all are cut.
    We’ll to the woods no more.
    Oh, we’ll no more, no more
    To the leafy woods away,
    To the high wild woods of laurel
    And the bowers of bay no more.
    — A.E. Housman

    My favorite couple in that one is “The year draws in the day, and soon will evening shut:” That’s how I feel about Autumn. Each year it is a death for me, and each year in Spring I am reborn. There is peace in death, and beauty, but I’m more of a rage rage against the dying of the light kinda girl. =)

  11. *couplet

  12. Very nice. Autumn has always been my favorite season. (Unfortunately, in my corner of California we don’t really have it.)

  13. I really like it. Great look. BCC certainly has the best look of the LDS group blogs. (Can’t wait til winter.)

  14. Steve Evans says:

    John, you won’t have to wait long. Around here, it’s always winter and never Christmas, remember?

  15. Nice, but a little too pretty. I’m ready for a life insurance banner to pop up.

  16. I think T&S still takes the cake.

  17. Looks awesome… now you just need to add a Sustain’d link! ;)

  18. Steve (#14), great one! But I want to hold on to Fall a little bit longer, I guess.

  19. Connor, once the site is no longer chiefly used for self-promotion, I’d gladly look at it.

  20. I don’t think it would hurt T&S at all to try out a new template.

  21. As long as it’s not always Fall but never Halloween.

  22. I like this way better than your other one. Keep it, you guys. Okay?

  23. Aaron Brown says:

    The autumn colors are lovely, but I still find the text at T&S and M* easier to read. Not that I would ever read those blogs, mind you, because of their apostate content.

    Aaron B

  24. Johnna Cornett says:

    Very nice. It’s hard to do an effect on a title font and put it over a photo and have it come out so nice. Usually a font with a three-d effect over a photo screams “Hey, it’s 1995 and we’re having big sale at dollar store–my nephew got a new computer that came with 15 fonts and I’m having him make all our advertising!”

    I never knew you could do so many good things with tan until I started looking at J. Stapely sites. Love the reddish links here. The gray letters author/date, looks great, I wouldn’t have thought of that.

    T&S should never change their look. It’s perfect and classic for them. Same for FMH. Same for VivaNedFlanders.

    I’d like Prayer of Faith to get a new look. It’s such a great blog, but the look gives you no clue as to who they are, what they’re about, what the tone is.

    Don’t like the visual for Faith Promoting Rumor. Too generic, they need something that reflects their demographic.

    MoBoy should move to WordPress. He needs tags and his blog looks old.

    Six LDS Writers and a Frog needs a new template. I like their cartoon frog, but I’m not excited about the whole look. Too safe, a little dull.

    I hate Mormanity’s new header graphic. In its current form, it looks like an ad for maxipads.

    IronRod’s too generic. I liked his blogger default look better than his wordpress default look.

    I wrote up an email to Hie to Kolob on how to fix their header border, but deleted instead of sending because the gals at Exponent 2 probably still think I should be medicated to stop me from sending unsolicited advice. Hie to Kolob needs margins around their posts too. I like the color scheme because it says “a real person was here and chose these colors.” I get tired of all the middle-class, neutral, credibility-craving looking blogs.

    Blogger Beta means we’ll see the end of people funking up the look of their blogspot. I loved seeing people customize, even when they do it without good design balance. I’m gonna miss that.

    Amira’s Samarqand blog went Blogger Beta. I love the tags, I always love her writing, but I hate the beta template since it added those stupid lighthouses next to the post titles.

    Yes, I’m doing a lot of complaining and making enemies here. Yet overall I think the ‘naccle looks better and better and I continue to refuse to use a perfectly good RSS reader because of that. I love Nine Moons’ look. They’re my absolute, out-of-ballpark, head-heels-favorite right now. And the Mormon Mommy Wars change to Rosie the Riveter, very specific, added a feminist tone. Good change.

    And DMI is still the worst-looking good read around.

  25. Steve, I’m confused as to why you think I use Sustain’d as self-promotion. Other than putting my name/link on the about page, describing who created it in all of about two sentences, I don’t see why you would think that. That’s not my intent w/ this project at all.

  26. Connor, I think you’ll find a substantial percentage of votes are done by site owners for their own sites. That’s self-promotion (not necessarily done by you, although you’ve sustain’d your own Blogger of Jared site).

  27. Very nice. I like the red on tan–one of the best of the std. color combos. As you know, I’m a big fan of red-toned titles, because it draws the eyes and makes for easier visual parsing of the page.

  28. a random John says:


    Fall in the northeast is lovely, and even more precious because it might only last five days. I’ve decided that I prefer the 1.5 seasons of California or the four full seasons of Utah.

    As for the blog, it looks sharp, and I enjoy the seasonal themes.

  29. I like the red as a title color, but because it’s also all over the sidebars, my eyes go all over the page looking at it. Red should be an accent color used sparingly, imo.

  30. Steve, yes, I submitted one of Tyler’s posts on BoJ. I’ve sustained several others as well. It wasn’t meant in any way to shamelessly promote Blogger of Jared – it was meant to share Tyler’s story with others, because the post was a good one. It’s impossible for “a substantial percentage of votes” to be by somebody for their own site, because each person can only vote once.

  31. I like the new color scheme, but I think the header is garish, which is such a shame, because Autumn is my favorite season.

    And yes, I’ve been to Boston in the fall! (Lame reference. :P)

  32. Johnna (#24), who could be your enemy when you say such nice things about me :)

  33. Hey, I just noticed the Vintage BCC feature, and a fine vintage it is. Well done! And the fall theme and overall layout are very appealing.

    Congratulations all around.

  34. A contrarian vote: too much red text. Feels like the site is yelling at me.