Usually a Hussy

Naomi Frandsen teaches English at a high school in Fairfax County, Virginia. She also sidles around the bloggernacle from time to time, and she’s honored to be able to guest post at BCC.

Being single well into my twenties has given me a lot of time to think about kissing. At least once quarterly, I deliver to my roommates a Brief Statement on the Proper Approach to Kissing. Here it is:

Now a woman who’ll kiss on the very first date
Is usually a hussy,
And the woman who’ll kiss on the second time out
Is anything but fussy,
But the woman who’ll wait till the third time around,
Head in the clouds, feet on the ground,
She’s the girl you’re glad you’ve found,
She’s your Shipoopi.

The sophisticates among us will recognize this as one of Meredith Willson’s classic choruses from his 1957 Broadway hit, The Music Man (the cast recording of which, by the way, won the first Grammy). These words were graven onto my gray matter during long summer car-trips when our alternatives included tapes of South Pacific, The Sound of Music, The King and I, and Big River. But I’ve kept repeating them after ten years of being away from home because, well, I’m the type of Victorio-Mormon Prude that periodically worries about these things.

I remember my very first kissing-stories slumber party ever. I was in junior high; most of the other girls were in high school. One girl had met a guy at EFY a few months before and brought home a steamy story about evading counselors and tete-a-tete-ing behind the Morris Center. “I just feel sorry for the poor girl who isn’t kissed by 16,” she said. Lying in my sleeping bag, chin-on-hands, several bodies away, I impressed her words firmly in my mind. Must get kissed before 16.

Imagine my dismay, then, six years later when I found myself in another slumber party, this time with college roommates, still unkissed. “I think the hottest guy I ever kissed,” one roommate began, “was this surfer I met the summer before my freshman year. We were all at Cabrillo, and he left his buddies and we just walked all day long and then he started teaching me to surf, and then…” There’s a certain sort of despair that a 20-year-old feels when she realizes that she may not even get to “anything but fussy”.

It wasn’t until after my mission that I finally had a story I could boast about. A guy from Men’s Chorus who was standing next to me on the risers at the Combined Choirs Christmas Concert. A few flirtatious exchanges at the few rehearsals before the performance. His off-handed invitation to hot chocolate after the last show. Then coming home that night, respectably late, and knowing that I could hold my head high from that day forward.

Which brings me back to Victorio-Mormon Prudery. The fact of the matter is I want to be that girl “who’ll wait till the third time around.” I like the idea of proceeding slowly, deliberately, patiently, confidently through getting to know each other, wondering if we like each other, finding out that we do, and then waiting for something wonderful that will probably, almost definitely, maybe tonight happen. I don’t know this for sure, but it makes sense to me that the best relationships would start off with that kind of respect, openness, innocence, self-restraint. And yes, on a few occasions I’ve somehow managed to wait till the third time around, head in the clouds, feet on the ground. But a girl needs something to reflect on during all those times that she’s being prudent. A few stories that let her hold her own among her sisters, even if she chooses not to elaborate. So that’s why Meredith Willson is mostly right, but kind of wrong. Deep down inside–well, not so deep, since it will come out at any given slumber party–I’m proud to be a hussy.


  1. Kevin Barney says:

    OK, Naomi, I’ll tell you my kissing story.

    When I was a freshman at BYU, there was this girl that I would often dance with, including some very intimate slow dances. I finally asked her out, and she seemed thrilled. We went to see Seven Brides for Seven Brothers at the old Joseph Smith Building auditorium–very BYU, I know.

    As we left, it started gently snowing. I held her hand or alternatively put my arm around her as we walked, and she seemed as happy as could be. All was right with the world.

    Now, I grew up not in Utah but in Illinois, and I (perhaps naively) was under the impression that it was customary to give a girl a good night kiss at the end of a date. But she lived in Heritage Halls, and it was simply impossible to kiss her at her door (there were always people around), and you weren’t allowed to go inside the apartment itself.

    So as we approached her building, there was a little alcove of trees nearby, and I took her there and explained that I was going to kiss her goodnight. I leaned in and kissed her, and her lips were pressed tightly shut. Thinking I had caught her off guard, I tried again, with the same result. And then it hit me–she didn’t want me to kiss her, and this was apparently some sort of self-defense mechanism she learned as a Laurel at Standards Night or something.

    Her roommates after that all would look at me askance as though I were some sort of evil Lothario, and I didn’t have any way of defending myself. And it seemed so terribly hypocritical given all of the other physical contact between us she was happy to indulge in.

    So from this experience I derived a personal rule, which actually served me well from that time forward:

    Never, ever kiss a Mormon girl on the first date!

  2. It seems to me that just as much talked about kissing–was the way we avoid being kissed! (obviously by guys like Kevin Barney)

  3. I think kissing on the first date is a great idea. My wife kissed me on our first date! It was the only time I kissed on the first date and that was all it took.

  4. I’m not going to disclaim my premarital kissing habits (for fear of universal castigation), but do people not know of the prolonged-eye-contact-at-the-door rule?

  5. Steve Evans says:

    Hear, hear for kissing on the first date. It worked for Sumer and me — a mere three years later, we were hitched!

  6. Kevin Barney, I must have dated the same woman. Holy cow, talk about mixed signals.

    Naomi, as long as your long car trips didn’t require you to listen to tapes of Oklahoma I think you’re OK. After all, we wouldn’t want you to be like Ado Annie, the girl who “just cain’t say no”.

  7. You know, I think there is a point beyond which it becomes almost impossible to kiss. If you get to three dates with no kissing at all, it’s probably not gonna happen. It becomes awkward and someone loses interest. Probably not much chemistry there either.

    My DH and I kissed BEFORE our first date. It was supposed to just be NCMO, but didn’t turn out that way, obviously!

  8. tete-a-tete-ing? What in the world is that?

    this was apparently some sort of self-defense mechanism she learned as a Laurel at Standards Night or something.

    Oh man, that’s priceless… Reminds me of a similar experience I had in front of Helaman Halls.

    It was supposed to just be NCMO

    Ah, this also reminds me of my years at BYU during the fiasco.. Good times, good times…

  9. jothegrill says:

    Well beyond three dates my husband and I didn’t kiss untill we were engaged. But I told him at the start that that is what he should expect, so there weren’t any awkward dodging moments, (except once… out of habit… after we were engaged.) =)

  10. What a fun post, and how very brazen. I’ve never actually paid attention to the lyrics of that song. In the movie, it’s sung by Buddy Hacket, and that kind of detracts, I think.

  11. Naomi deftly ignores the real issue with Mormons and kissing. When I was a teen, we translated “necking” in many different ways. “Necking” is not a term we used in England, so we had to figure out if “necking” = “frenchie” and how long a “neck” had to be before it was a “neck,” and whether in fact “necking” was sinful or not.

  12. Johnna Cornett says:

    What in the world is the prolonged-eye-contact-at-the-door rule?

  13. Hmmm…I’m looking for some pattern of responses among our male and female commenters, and so far almost everyone seems to be in favor of “the very first date”. Perhaps the world of Victorio-Mormon Prudery is divided not by male/female but by bloggernacle/non-bloggernacle?
    Connor Boyack, tete-a-teteing is a word of my own creation. Not knowing French, I don’t know if it means what I want it to mean. Do you speak French, and should I go back and change it immediately?
    Kevin, thanks for your Heritage Halls story. So you got the tight-lipped shaft, huh? Since you had the decency to inform her that you were going to kiss her goodnight, perhaps she could have had the decency to inform you that she wasn’t going to let you. These kinds of pre-kissing discussions might aid in avoiding those awkward moments. I mean, what if that HAD happened right outside her building!
    Lastly, Sue, I think you bring up an interesting point, namely the Propitious Moment for Kissing. I think you’re right–I think there is a propitious moment, and if you move too far past it without making any moves, that moment might not return. We women of my singles ward call it “Making the Bold Move.” We are somewhat hypocritical in our policies, though, because most of us leave it up to the men to make the bold move.
    By the way, that Meredith Willson song only talks about the women who’ll kiss on the first, second, or third dates. Presumably the men are trying their luck from the very beginning. What does one call a man who’ll kiss on the very first date?

  14. Naomi – many years ago, in the last century, when I was a teenager, I was a very shy boy – not very sure of myself. I first dated my wife of 33 years on her 17th birthday. We had been close friends for a while and actually counseled each other on other romantic issues with other people. But now this was our first date together. I tried to muster the courage to kiss her goodnight but it took an extended conversation on her front porch. Finally her mother flashed the porch light on and off as a signal that it was time to come in and I was forced into action. My wife has since confided that she told her mother that night that she didn’t think she could continue dating me because I was so shy. Does that make my wife a hussy? I don’t really think so but women should not assume that the first kiss is any easier for guys than it is for girls.

  15. The best response to a girl who says she doesn’t want to kiss on a first date is “How about on a last date?”

  16. Proud Daughter of Eve says:

    I love Mormons. Really. Here we are discussing kisses on first dates. Contrast that to an episode from the first season of “House” that I just watched where the basic plan for the first date was assumed to go like this: “dinner, movie, naked and sweaty.”

    THAT, I would say, is a DEFINITE no-no on the first date.

    As for kissing on the first date, I wouldn’t want to kiss someone just because “it’s expected.” A date is a chance to get to know someone, to begin the process of assessing compatibility. I’m with Naomi; I’d prefer to wait until at least the second date, ideally a third date when I’m more sure that I want that person in my personal space. On the other hand, I have my share of non-ideal flirtatious moments as well. :)

  17. I was given some advice by my grandfather, of all people, when I was 16: wait as long as you can for the first kiss. Show loads of interest in other ways, but hold out on that kiss. It creates tension and mystery, and women like that. Then make it a dramatic moment–a bold move, so to speak.

    This turned out to be fantastic advice. I didn’t understand it very well at the time, but as I got older, I could see the poetry inherent in it. Since I didn’t marry until I was in my thirities, I had time to test the theory. When I started dating my now-wife, I put the plan into effect. But on the first date, which went swimmingly, she said, ‘So are you going to kiss me or what?’ We were engaged six weeks later.

    As an aside, this only worked with LDS women (or, I suppose, women in the 1930s, when my grandfather developed the theory in the first place). When dating in Babylon, the question was when I would have the ‘I like you, but we won’t be having sex’ conversation.

  18. People actually date?

  19. My wife and I didn’t really start dating until after we kissed. Before that it was just kinda hanging out (I know, the kids these days are now discouraged from hanging out, sadly).

    I just wrote about single Mormon kissing here a couple weeks ago.

  20. Steve Evans says:

    Naomi, I had hoped that you would at least decry the dangers of the “soul kiss.” Disappointing.

  21. Naomi, you are such a non-hussy. You can’t fool anybody.

    Everyone, Naomi once told me a kissing story and by the end of it I thought she was more pure and innocent than I ever did before she started. And the story involved picking up strange European men!

    It was quite a feat, really. I was very impressed.

  22. Kevin Barney says:

    OK, here’s some more dating advice (not involving kissing), won by hard 16-year old boy experience:

    If you call a woman and ask her to go on a date with you for, say, Saturday night, and she declines for whatever reason–without suggesting an alternative–that, my friend, is a rejection, and let it go at that.

    The experience that led to this insight was as follows: This girl in my ward, with whom I was friendly, sent me a very personal letter from Florida where she was on vacation. I took that as a signal that she liked me and would like to go out. When she got back I called her and asked her out for the following Saturday evening. She said she couldn’t; IIRC, she had promised her girlfriends she would go shoe shopping with them to the mall.

    My problem was that I actually believed her. So the next week I tried again, and again I got an excuse–this one even lamer (if not quite “I’ve got to wash my hair”), even if I don’t remember exactly what it was.

    So that’s when it hit me that she really didn’t want to go out with me, and the previous week she was just trying to let me down gently. So now I was not only rejected but I felt like an idiot.

    From this I developed what today I call the “Brad Pitt rule.” If Brad Pitt calls you and asks you for a date, would you let a preexisting shoe shopping outing with the girlfriends stand in your way? Surely not.

    Even if a woman has what seems like a very legitimate excuse (say she has to work), again the Brad Pitt rule comes to the rescue. If Brad calls and asks a woman out for an evening where she has a legitimate conflict, does she simply say, “No, I can’t?” Surely not. She says “Gee, I really can’t on Friday, but I’d love to on Saturday.”

    So my corollary to the “no kissing Mormon girls on the first date” rule is to apply the Brad Pitt rule so as to discern whether you’ve been brushed off when you try to ask a girl on a date.

  23. As long as we’re offering dating advice I would like to share mine, which is actually good advice for all types of appointment setting. Never start an invitation or request by asking someone ‘What are you doing Saturday night?’ and waiting for a response. The best way is to say, “Would you like to do [x] with me on Saturday night.” however, “what are you doing Saturday night ’cause I was wondering if you’d like to do [x] with me.” This allows the person being invited to gracefully decline, suggest alternatives, and/or avoid divulging more about themselves than they’re comfortable with.

    For example- I ask Jim what he is doing Saturday night, Jim has a date with Susie that night, though he *would* like to go out with me. My phrasing puts Jim in the awkward position of either lying, or explaning to me that he has a date which would be followed by complex awkward explanations about how he does or does not feel about Susie, or saying the unbecoming ‘it depends…’ all while he still doesn’t know if I was going to ask him out to dinner or ask him to pick up my mom from the airport while making it obvious that he *wants* me to ask him out. It’s embarrassing all around and rarely ends well.

  24. Which brings me back to Victorio-Mormon Prudery.

    I’m totally with you on this post :)

    Ronan, even we native English speakers (grin) had no clue what necking was.I always wondered if it was related to rubbernecking, which I also had no clue about. I just knew it took place in cars.

  25. Naomi asked –

    “What does one call a man who likes to kiss on the
    very first date?”

    Answer: A man.

    This question may have gone unanswered due to its rhetorical nature.

    When I was younger, I never asked a girl out on a second date if she didn’t kiss me on the first. To me it was a signal that she was probably taking the relationship more seriously than I was, espescially if it was filled with hand holding, snuggling, but no kissing. To me it said – she wants marriage and commitment which made me run.

    Now that I have been married for 14 years, I am glad I ran so much because it led me to my wife.

  26. I’m a late kisser myself. My lips are not for the delight and pleasure of any woman who comes around. They must be earned. I ate ice cream cones every day for years and played brass instruments just to get these boys primed. While other guys flex on the beach, I pucker. Getting a DMike smooch is like getting a job as a presidential bodyguard, but more physically demanding. As a result I don’t have a lot of references, but sure thing, the ones I have are beaming.

  27. Re: 13: “Tête-à-tête-ing” gets three points for Victorio-prudish euphemism: they were head-to-head-ing, which allows us right-thinking, clean-minded, upstanding citizens to imagine that they were discussing organizational theory and not making criminal conversation (or anything like unto it).

    It receives no points, however, for originality: Google returns six hits for “tête-à-tête-ing”; five have the sense of “conversing face-to-face.” The sixth link is for a 1917 opera, “The Boy” (Act I, Number 4: Duet–Diana & Pope; scroll down for the link to lyrics):

    [Diana:] …What’s a Four at Bridge
    Compared with tête-à-tête-ing?
    [Pope:] When we meet, my heart begins to thump,
    And I don’t care a hang if all my shares go slump:
    [D] Oh, I’ve always got the time to talk to you,
    Although it’s true I’ve lots to do.
    [P] The appointments that one misses
    Can’t compare with stolen kisses,
    [D] Shall we start off By taking just a few?
    I just want to whisper softly in your ear
    That you’re a dear: Say, did you hear?

    The OED (2nd ed.) is silent on any verbing of the noun/adjective “tête-à-tête.”

  28. I still have no idea what “heavy petting” is. Can we light pet? Or pet lightly? And where is that petting line? Is it more like a petting spectrum? Wave? Particle? I have no idea.
    I was way too old when I finally gave up using that terminology: heavy petting. So embarrassing because you know it’s so 1950s and I was born in the 70s.

    re 1 Kevin, the funnier thing is that I bet that girl felt all self-congratulatory when she got back to her dorm because she’d kept herself pure with the tight-lips.

  29. That, amri, would be a great post. Perhaps we should look for an expert in the field to give a detailed explanation.

  30. Amri, it corresponds more to the famous “base” system than anything else. Light corresponds to 1st base, but anything beyond a single and you’re in heavy territory.

  31. Ben and Amri,

    LOL! I assumed all these years that you Yanks knew what all this necking/petting/heavy petting stuff meant! Turns out we were all clueless.

  32. Steve,
    We don’t play baseball in England. Can you be more specific? (Use cricket terminology if you must).

    Dot ball =
    A single =
    Four runs =
    Six runs =

  33. Or to add some colour:

    Dot ball = “padding up” =
    A single = “prod down the leg side” =
    Four runs = “smashed to the boundary” =
    Six runs = “out of the ground” =

  34. Ronan, I’m Canadian. Here are the equivalents, in curling terminology:

    Blank end = “let’s just be friends”
    Knocking at the house = “smooches”
    Double = “what are these?”
    A lie shot on keen ice = “what’s this, then?”
    Eight-ender = “I guess you won’t be going on that mission after all.”

  35. Kevin Barney says:

    We Yanks prefer the terminology of Ultimate Fighting (mixed martial arts):

    arm bar
    ground and pound
    rear naked choke

  36. OK, stop it now, Kevin. Thou shalt not rear naked choke. Ever.

  37. I hear that listening to heavy metal music causes kids to rear naked choke.

  38. Steve,

    That’s probably because anything more than a single puts a runner in scoring position.

  39. Yes, Kaimi.

  40. Wow, such peculiar-people memories!

    One of my roommates at BYU — ours was an RM house — let slip to our Home Evening sisters that he still never had kissed a girl. They rewarded him with the following lyrics, sung to “Edelweiss’s” tune:


    Idle lips
    Idle lips
    skinny, drawn, and so sallow.

    Idle lips
    Idle lips
    Tell us why you lie fallow.

    In the right place
    Centered on the face
    Summon grace
    And use them.

    Touch your lips
    To her lips
    We promise you
    You won’t bruise them!

    Also, one of my SoCal Institute teachers told us that he’d never kissed his wife until it was over the altar in the Temple — then explained that she wasn’t his wife until then.

  41. I remember as a teen being horribly confused about what necking and petting were (usu. after the morality lesson “no necking or petting”). Somewhere (after my teen years) along the line, someone defined necking as “putting your mouth where it doesn’t belong” and petting as “putting your hands where they don’t belong” Since hearing that, it has seemed like a useful definition.

  42. I wasn’t LDS as a teen, but some friends were. One was the son of a stake president. He told me the rules on petting, but I can only remember one now: no touching below the collar. I remember being shocked that any church would outline so specifically what was and wasn’t allowed.

  43. Ronan,

    No, we’re not all clueless. In my stake growing up these things were clearly spelled out. I’m actually surprised to hear that none of you know what behaviors these categories describe, but perhaps it’s the difference between being Utah-raised and not.

    Necking = french kissing and kissing the neck (seriously!)
    Petting = fondling over the clothes
    Heavy Petting = fondling under the clothes

    Seems pretty obvious to me.

    I never could figure out why these behaviors were so secifically outlined considering they were all supposed to be “off-limits.” If petting will land you in the bishop’s office as fast as heavy petting why make the distinction?

  44. Wow Melissa, if necking includes french kissing then, uh, there’s probably way more sinners than we think. As it is they’d be better off replacing ‘necking, petting and heavy petting’ with ‘making-out, feeling-up, and groping’ respectively because I know that I would have understood that way better than I understood necking & petting.

  45. Steve Evans says:

    Amen Starfoxy, though I will give $500 to the first General Authority who uses the term “felt up” in General Conference (I hope it’s Elder Scott, staring mesmerizingly into the camera).

  46. S. P. Bailey says:

    Ronan and Steve: lol. LOL! Suddenly cricket and curling seem so sexy.

  47. S. P. Bailey says:

    This post and these comments = flood of great memories.

    Kissing various girls (check). Squirming though “morality lessons” at church (check). Conversations with friends after morality lessons in which we tried to make sense of obsolete terminology and seemingly pointless distinctions (check). A friend keen on defending his un-kissed status showing up at school with a thin volume (I believe he got it at Deseret Book) instructing the youth to kiss their dates as they would their mothers (check). Riffing on how wrong that was (check). Running into the same friend at the MTC and having him regale me with kissing stories he had earned in his last few days of freedom (check).

  48. S. P. Bailey says:

    And the dating advice! Brought back something me and a friend, (once a contributor here, I will let him speak up and take credit if he wants to) had published in our highschool newspaper. Crappy advice of course, but funny stuff for a couple of highschool kids (if I do say so myself!). Here it is word for word from the November 23, 1993 edition of the VHS Danegeld:

    “Dating Tips
    -Brush Teeth (yours too)
    -Never tell your date she looks better at school (or wherever you asked her out)
    -Just because the Doors sang “Come on baby light my fire” that doesn’t give you the right to actually light your date on fire
    -Be aware of PDA (Public Displays of Affection) Police. I.E., don’t go anywhere that [the assisistant principal] might be
    -When your date asks where you are going, tell her “straight to hell!” Then drive fast and recklessly
    -Always tell your date exactly what your plans are: if you are going to drive her to the desert and leave her there, the least you can do is tell her
    -Deoderant is a must, but applying it to every square inch of your body is not “even better”
    -Two words: bring squirrels
    -Remember to wear your underwear on the inside of your clothing (seems obvious, but you would be surprised how often this one is overlooked)
    -Training monkeys makes a great date activity”

  49. Professor Harold Hill says:

    A girl who trades on all that purity
    Merely wants to trade my independence for her security

    The only affirmative she will file
    Refers to marching down the aisle
    No golden, glorious, gleaming pristine goddess, no sir!
    For no Diana do I play faun, I can tell you that right now
    I snarl, I hiss, how can ignorance be compared to bliss?
    I spark, I fizz, for the lady who knows what time it is
    I cheer, I rave, for the virtue I’m too late to save
    The sadder but wiser girl for me.

    No bright-eyed, blushing, breathless baby-doll baby, no sir!
    That kinda child ties knots no sailor ever knew
    I prefer to take a chance on a more adult romance
    No dewy young miss who keeps resisting
    All the time she keeps insisting
    No wide-eyed, wholesome, innocent female, no sir!
    Why, she’s the fisherman, I’m the fish, you see? Plop!
    I flinch, I shy when the lass with the delicate air goes by
    I smile, I grin when the gal with a touch of sin walks in
    I hope, I pray for Hester to win just one more ‘A’
    The sadder but wiser girl’s the girl for me
    The sadder but wiser girl for me.

  50. any mouse says:

    okay, comment 45 made me laugh loudly enough to stir the sleeping babe. my husband, a lifelong member (well, since age eight, at least) has NO clue what everyone is talking about when they bring up elder scott’s standard speeches. i read comment 45 aloud to him and he chuckled until i got to the elder scott part. no fun, is he. the husband OR elder scott.

    my husband kissed me on our third date. the next day, he called to tell me that he was taken aback that *i* had kissed HIM and then said that i was moving too fast. huh? poor sap… he figured since we were in the same grade, we were the same age. he didn’t realize that he was embarking on his dating journey with a child of 14. eeps and don’t tell our kids. high school sweethearts reunited after loads of kissing other people and even an engagement to someone else, what a story we have!

  51. I once taught a high school sex ed class (eeep! *blush!), and we watched ths video that said we needed to reinstate the “base system” to the upcoming generation, because no one knows what it means anymore. They just think, “date=sex.” The premise was that if kids knew the base system, they could just run around the bases more and not be pressured to have home runs every time. Not very helpful from an LDS perspective, but i thought it was a pretty amusing way of thinking about it.

    And how can anyone not know what necking is!

  52. When I was YM pres in California, we had tons of confusion on the question of necking, petting, heavy petting etc. I didn’t know, nor did the kids or the bishop. So we had a lesson where I drew a continuum on the board, and we wrote ‘kissing’ on one end, ‘penetration’ on the other, then we filled in the middle. ‘French kiss,’ ‘hand on genitals,’ ‘oral sex,’ dry hump’ were all entries. If it hadn’t been so stressful it would have been hilarious. The original intention was to try and see what we could identify as petting, but we skipped that step, and with the bishop (who was astoundingly good with YM) explained the issues. It may be the only time that ‘dry humping’ was in a discussion where people felt the spirit.

  53. rick jepson says:

    As a rule I’d say I tried to kiss girls on the first date if I didn’t want there to be a second. I could wait for any girl I was really interested in.

    I met Wendy in the MTC, proposed immediately, courted her on the sly, wrote every week from the field. So, two years of a long-distance relationship with no kiss at all. (which we made up for royally when I got released). Honestly, having a totally non-physical relationship for that long was amazing and is probably why we ended up married (7.5 years strong).

    And, since EFY came up…, that’s a really easy place to kiss. As a teenager living in Provo, my buddies and I would put on ties and stand outside the dance hall acting like we were attendees. If any cute girl exited, we gave the “I loved your testimony when you shared it, I’ve been too shy to talk to you all week, will you kiss me good-bye” spiel. Worked like a charm. : )

  54. mother of All says:

    still wondering about the “prolonged eye contact at the door” rule. Is that supposed to encourage or discourage kissing?

    Think I’ll go watch that movie “Hitch” again.

  55. Confessions of a Hussy is a series of videos looking into the life of a modern hussy. some might feel that the emphasis put on beauty, proper behavior for a woman and sexuality in general is a bad thing but some women out there use men for sex as much as they want no matter how dirty and nasty they have to be.

    watch this!


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