Celebrating those who serve

This morning my Relief Society president and I bought goodies to fill Christmas baskets for many in need in our ward. At her suggestion, we also bought for some of those who particularly generously serve other ward members all year long. My husband and I have usually given a homemade thank you gift to the bishop at Christmas, but my RS president really has the right idea. We don’t say enough thank yous to the workhorses of the ward. So, along with my wish for the merriest of Christmases to you all, I send the suggestion you or your wards might say a special thanks to the givers this week.


  1. Kevin Barney says:

    Wow, what a terrific idea, Molly! We all know who these people are. (As in the old saying, 80% of the work is done by 20% of the members.)

    For these folks to have their often herculean efforts recognized with some small but tangible token of appreciation strikes me as a great Xmas gift to them.

  2. Great idea, molly.

  3. Molly, I was thinking of this myself as I prepared grocery lists for baskets for families in our ward. We are having the home teachers deliver the baskets and in many cases, I feel those same home teachers are just as deserving of the goodie basket as the original recipient. Over the course of the year they put so much time in, in caring for the needs and concerns of the families they visit.

    Three cheers for the dear souls of the ward that answer the telephone when caller ID informs them that it is someone in the ward that probably needs help. Not everyone chooses to answer the phone or call people back–and those that do deserve a very big Thank You.

  4. Amen.

  5. Molly, you deserve my deepest gratitude. Cheers!

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