BCC Zeitcast 1: The Inaugural BCC Podcast

Presenting the first ever BCC podcast!

It’s not so much a podcast as, say, Steve, J. Stapley and Aaron Brown sitting around gabbing for what seems like forever.

Download this episode here.

And we need a good name — any ideas?

UPDATE: we have a new email account for listener mail. Please send your hack punditry, topic suggestions and gushing praise to podcasts at by common consent – dot – com.


  1. Yes, I know the file isn’t downloading right. working on it.

  2. It worketh.

  3. How about “Schleping in Seattle”? Or “Wizards of the Emerald City”? Add an infant to the show and you’ve got “Three Men and a Baby”. Or you could play it straight with “Steve’s Online Variety Hour”.

  4. And we need a good name — any ideas?

    Curelom Grunts

    Three Dull White Mormon Guys Who Should be Changing Diapers Talking About Stuff to Avoid Changing Diapers


    The Great Wet [Pacific] North [West]

    Yet Another Reason Why BCC is Better than Them

    Required Listening for Guest-posters

  5. Why not: Beyond Common Chatter?

  6. Steve Evans says:

    Dave, we cut out a long stretch where we called down fire from heaven to consume DMI. Consider yourself fortunate.

    As it is we’ve trimmed the podcast to a svelte 45 minutes. heh.

    ED, the curelom still grunteth, somewhere. Fear not for it shall return.

  7. Fear not for it shall return.

    My heart doth swoon. Forsooth!

  8. “ByComCast” or “ByComConCast” or “ByCommonConCast”

    I’d like to note for the record that when Steve went around and asked all his Mormon friends about their New Year’s resolutions, he never asked me. Once again, I’d like to point out to Steve that I am Mormon.

    Paul H. Dunn told this story in the April 1968 General Conference:

    Not long ago, in fact it was just on last New Year’s eve, a very interesting experience unfolded before me that brought to my mind again this great verse [i.e., the first verse of the hymn “School Thy Feelings”] and the comment of our President [i.e., President McKay]. One of my very close associates [i.e., Babe Ruth] made a promise concerning his new year’s resolution that I thought was very interesting. He swore on that occasion that he would not commit another sin as long as he lived. He said he had made a lot of mistakes in the past, but from that time on he was going to exercise perfect self-control. And then when another acquaintance [i.e., Ty Cobb] who was standing nearby commenced to make fun of him and his resolution, the first man became so angry that he wanted to fight.

  9. Steve Evans says:

    Justin, a glaring omission on my part.

    Is not knowing someone’s name an obstacle to friendship? never mind.

    Anyway, if you get bored, fast forward to the end — there’s an awesome bit from pre-throat cancer SWK.

  10. Your voices sound similar to me, I often had trouble telling who was talking. May I request that you adopt accents, or falsetto voices for future podcasts?

  11. Aaron is the one with the sort of low, booming voice. I’m the witty one.

  12. May I request that you adopt accents, or falsetto voices for future podcasts?

    I heartily agree. Steve, you should speak with a furtive, nasal alto who drops NYerisms and adopt the name “Jenn”. Aaron should use a shrill, accusatory soprano with midwestern twang and adopt the name “Prudence”. J. can be the otherwise indistinguishable male voice.

  13. That’s a pretty good imitation of SWK’s style, voice, and cadence at the end there.

  14. LOL, Justin.

  15. I repeat: don’t you people have JOBS?

  16. Needs more Sumer.

  17. Ann. Podcast = no prep chatting with friends after playing wii on a Tuesday evening.

  18. Thanks Susan.

    At one point Stephen promised I could be on the panel, but once I got excited about the idea- he yanked it out from under me. Sadly not too uncommon. You’ll have to ask him about the Smashing Pumpkins sometime…

  19. a random John says:

    I want a podcast that is all Sumer and Adam Santorumwood.

  20. The Armand Mauss article that Aaron talks about can be read here, by the way.

  21. S.P. Bailey says:

    “I notice frequently where I go the very tight-fitting sweaters. Body revealing, form-fitting sweaters.”

    Hey, I notice that too! All the time! I am like SWK, even if only to a certain point!

  22. Aaron Brown says:

    I look forward to listening to this once I join the 21st Century and actually get my computer speakers working.

    Aaron B

  23. Evans, you are mistaken about Mormons having no equivalent to Mardi Gras and Lent.

    Have you ever seen the line outside a Chuck-a-Rama on the Saturday evening before Fast Sunday?

  24. Wow, that was actually pretty good, lads. And what a way to finish off!

  25. Steve Evans says:

    Aaron, you have complained about those computer speakers since the day we met, well over two years ago. I think that old yarn is worn through!

    Mark IV, do they throw beads at Chuck-a-Rama in exchange for more prime rib?

  26. Very nicely done, gents. I think you need to make a resolution to play wii at least once a month and do a podcast.

    My wife, that hussy, just left for the grocery store wearing shorts. When she gets back, I intend to chastise her like the good patriarch that I am.

  27. Erratum: I just listened and noticed that I ascribed President Kimball’s account of being surprised at his call to his “False God’s We Worship” talk. This is a mistake, it is actually “When the World Will Be Converted.”

  28. Steve Evans says:

    Erratum: “Fat Wednesday.” Hee hee!!

  29. Kevin Barney says:

    I just finished listening. Very nice, guys.

    Although when talking about the ancient Persian king, I would say DARE-ee-us, IIRC Darius pronounces his own name the way J. said it, Dare-I-us. Someone could ask Margaret to find out for sure.

    The little clip at the end of the smooth voiced SWK was a little creepy. It reminded me of “Breakfast with the Beatles” on WXRT in Chicago this past Sunday, when they played Paul McCartney and Michael Jackson’s duet of “The Girl is Mine.” At the end these two guys are arguing over some young girl. C-r-e-e-p-y.

  30. Hey…pretty cool. Look forward to hearing more actually.

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