BCC Zeitcast 2: It’s Pr0norific

It’s pornorific!

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Let Virtue Garnish Thy Thoughts.


  1. oh, and there’s some Vienna sausage in there too.

  2. don’t forget the diet talk… Some pretty riveting stuff….

    The WOW is actually pretty broad. If we examined it carefully many members might be “Sinning”

    What a can of worms…

  3. Thanks for the entertaining Podcast. I also enjoyed the ending bit with the Gospel according to St. Lucas.

  4. What my boys haven’t figured out yet, meems, is that St. Lucas has apostasised in the worst possible way.

    Nice work. Aaron, what’s the diet again? Maybe I’ll need it after a year of Vienna Wurst.

    Oh, and whilst last year’s Niblet incarnation of the Bloggernacle Awards was my doing, the word itself was coined, I think, by Mr. Adam Greenwood.

  5. Nice opening riffs.

    LOL. Nope, so far no crack smoking, “spiritually or factually.” To save people time, you can find the uncharitable comment I wrote (that is being mocked) here.

  6. To summarize my main complaints about 2006:

    1) BCC: does not have a blogroll.
    2) Connor Boyack’s Sustain’d site was ignored by the major ‘Nacle blogs (due to his politics).
    3) T&S lost two of its best bloggers due to infighting.

    Are any of these factually untrue? Don’t think so.

    If BCC: doesn’t like being criticized, that’s understandable. But it doesn’t make me spiritually “on crack.”

  7. Danithew,
    Denial, man, denial. First sign of crack addiction…

  8. Off-the-cuff humor and dismissive sarcasm – that’s one way to respond contemptuously while simultaneously avoiding discussion of the points being made.

  9. Danithew,
    I already responded to some of your comments at the Niblets site a few days ago:


  10. I mean to write (in response to Ronan):

    I’m sorry if it seems like I’m only responding to your previous “denial” comment or if I’m mainly addressing you. This is mostly a response to what was being communicated in the podcast.

  11. Steve Evans says:

    Dan, a little ribbing is something that all bloggernacle regulars give and receive on occasion, and you are no exception. Deal with it, crack-man.

  12. I can take ribbing. But a joke usually has some element of truth to it. This one didn’t.

  13. “I can take ribbing. But a joke usually….”

    Based on your reaction, Dan, I’m thinking you don’t take the ribbings as well as you believe.


  14. Steve, I never thought for a second that anyone would seriously think I was on drugs. My concern is that you and the others participating in the podcast were completely dismissing my comment over on the Niblets thread as stupid or foolish or wacky.

    The podcast is public but doesn’t deal with the specific criticisms I made. So I’m bringing them up again (see comment #6) and so far they haven’t been refuted? So why am I so “on crack”?

  15. Since some people think my criticisms were off-the-wall, I’ll explain one of them, to see if anyone can see any reason at all in what I’m saying. This stuff is old news for most bloggers, but I’ll pretend otherwise.

    Why is a blogroll important? It’s a way to promote other blogs. Google and other search engines pay attention to important sites and the links they have and if an important site links to another (less-important) site, it lifts that less-important site’s status in the search engine findings.

    Most of the ‘Nacle blogs make a point of linking to By Common Consent. But By Common Consent doesn’t return the favor. Yes, By Common Consent links to other LDS blog aggregators. But that isn’t the same thing.

    I’m being told that I can’t take a good-natured ribbing and that everyone is laughing their heads off that I’m responding seriously to this silly podcast. If that’s the case, I’ll make an effort to be more capable of laughing (along) at myself in the future. In the past, no one else has ever told me that I lacked that characteristic.

  16. Dan, I love it! Keep on truckin’, man.

    If it makes you feel better, you’re probably right that BCC needs to do more to reach out to the community. But sustain’d was a dumb idea that nobody liked but you, and we don’t have a blogroll at BCC because a) it was too much work to update b) site design didn’t really permit one and c) we support the MA as our unofficial blogroll in any event.

    As for the crack-smoking, it primarily comes from this bizarre remark:”…to work with former-non-blog-players Dialogue and Sunstone I may or may not have understood correctly, but it appeared this happened under Ronan’s good leadership (during Steve Evan’s absence?)”

    1. We began working with Dialogue in August 2005.
    2. We have no affiliation with Sunstone.
    3. Ronan is involved in the leadership of the blog, but has never been sole proprietor of the shop.

    We were primarily chuckling over that bit. So holy cow man, take a pill, relax and let’s move on. Can we please focus on how Aaron weighs 280 lbs?

  17. I thought he lost 8 lbs.

    To be fair to Danithew, Stephen, you have to admit that during your sabbatical no-one had any idea who the heck was running BCC. I continue to maintain it was Stapley under the watchful eye of his Strengthening-the-Members masters.

  18. Ronan, I thought Nate Oman was in charge then.

  19. “The best and WURST of the bloggernacle.” LOL. Good one, Ronan. And your kids did better on the Star Wars trivia than I.

  20. A few thoughts:

    I’ve been smoking crack for several years and I consider the BCC permabloggers to be my enemies, so I can speak with more objectivity than Peter Novick here: I don’t know that I agree with the point that BCC “does next-to-nothing” to promote other blogs. The sideblog and the MA and ldselect links count for something, I think. Plus, blogrolls that omit DMI and LDS Science Review are really on crack.

  21. Do chill pills mix well with crack? I haven’t tried that combination yet.

  22. I’ll wait until the initial crack rush recedes. Just to be safe.

  23. Since Danithew has made this an open forum (Thans Danithew!) I wanted to take a moment to say FPR and M* need to be added back into recent comments on the MA. (Please)

  24. I liked the podcast boys–keep it up. A few thoughts, Church leadership may be clueless about what to do with addictions and compulsive behaviors but I think it is encouraging that they are now supporting 12-step groups. Our area LDS social services office has 12-step meetings for different addictions/compulsive behaviors, and 12-step meetings for co-addicts and co-dependents. I think it is a good thing that they are adopting programs that have been successful for many people…

    And the LED Moroni’s? Hilarious!!

  25. Mary — right on. The 12-step programs are something very, very good (though, I’d argue, based on a chemical-response model that may not be entirely adequate). We have one that meets in our ward building, I believe. It’s definitely a positive thing.

  26. Sadly, Matt W., the move to wordpress has rendered our comment feeding to the MA impossible to accomplish (I think…well, that’s what Stapley said anyway). Go to commentful.com to keep up.

  27. Yep, and M* can be back as soon as they update their code so that it is compatible.

  28. But BOJ is on WordPress and it’s comments get aggregated in? (confused)

  29. We can’t aggregate wordpress.com blogs, because you cannot customize the feed code.

  30. it so far beyond our understanding that we can’t even begin to approximate its function even though we have all the marvels of modern engineering to do so.

    MA requires that you edit your comments RSS file so that it doesn’t display all the post title names. The unfortunate thing is that if anybody manually subscribes to your blog’s comments feed, they’ll be accessing the hacked page and won’t see any post titles at all.

  31. Oops, I pasted something from the BoJ post I just commented on instead of Matt W.’s question in #28. My bad.

  32. …if you are hosting your own site, you can have as many feeds as you want.

  33. …if you are hosting your own site, you can have as many feeds as you want.

    Right, the only downside is that if you already have several people subscribing to your comments feed, you need to redirect them to a different file since the MA (as far as I’m aware) requires the use of the standard comments RSS feed.

    Or is that not the case?

  34. So Connor, you are hacking the feed at BOJ to get it to work with MA, I take it. Spread the love man, I want me some FPR connections on MA!

  35. So Connor, you are hacking the feed at BOJ to get it to work with MA, I take it.

    No, I’m just using the one that Stapley provided, which renders the standard URL useless for people who wish to directly access the comments feed correctly.

    For example, here’s the BoJ comments feed – you’ll see no titles before the “by Connor”, “by Matt”, etc.

  36. Matt,
    At FPR, we cannot hack into our feed at all, because we are not paying. Unfortunately, there really doesn’t seem to be a way around this.

  37. You could write your own script that parses the comments feed on a wordpress.com blog and then spits it out in a format that MA likes. Wouldn’t be too hard.

  38. Um, yes…well…I don’t know how to do that. :)

  39. Um, yes…well…I don’t know how to do that. :)

    You don’t?! :) I’d poke at it but I’m pretty swamped right now. Perhaps it’ll be a pet project for the weekend…

  40. Steve Evans says:

    scripts, parses, code…. blah blah blah, can we go back to crack smoking or porn, please?

  41. …or talking about how adorable my kids are?!? :) And how much their father has brainwashed them in the cult know as Star Wars!

  42. Steve Evans says:

    Rebecca, those kids really are adorable. Sumer just abour cried listening to them.

  43. seriously, this is like the most boring stretch of comments, ever …

    Aaron B

  44. Ronan, the great respect I had for you for your having forcefed your kids Episodes IV – VI has been nullified by your having exposed them to Episodes I – III.

    Aaron B

  45. Aaron,
    When you read the Bible, you’ve got to read Leviticus.

  46. Lol you guys have got to be kiddin me lol!!! When Jesus is referring to he being Master and us servants or slaves. He is saying “just” that we are his copies. I have been fasting for months begging God that he would usher in a span of silence. Look up the word master it describes the function of a master lol! If I were to burn copies of my original dvd or cd the master copy. The copies are subject to obey what has been burned on it! lol you idiots lol!! Like wise everyone of us who have been baptized in the name of Jesus Christ are mad copies of him! He being the original the Master lol. A master’s servants become as he is hence master! I suggest you all spend more time “fasting” covering your mouths, and more time reading the word of God and I guarantee God will draw nigh unto you and enlighten you of His Ways!! It’s a real tragedy the state we are in the body of Christ the words of my brothers whom my Father made known by his spirit the problems we his disciples have inherited. You false prophets who always covet after all things which belong to the children of God in Christ Jesus. I’ll take a min and explain to you all Eph 4:14 That we henceforth be no more children, tossed to and fro, and carried about with every wind of doctrine, by the sleight of men, and cunning craftiness, whereby they lie in wait to deceive. This word wind opens up the passage when you examine this word it leads into tempest or storm and air which paints the picture of a mouth! Meaning the wicked speeches of false teachers and prophets when you speak you lie and notify us you are false. For your speech is that of your father the devil, oh by the way is the father of lies he tricked evil by slandering and defaming God. For the de in devil means thoroughness or completenessof an action which is why we call all of yous the devil! For you speak lies and defame and circulate your lies, which mummify the innocent in a ingnorant preserved state of slow decaying death. This is what Solomon was saying in proverbs the 18 ch life and death are in the power of the tongue. God had Adam preserve in truth but your father came in and undone life. Because he is a slanderous coveting thief and his offspring mimic him. Either make a tree good and his fruit will be good or make a tree corupt and his fruit will be evil how can you being evil speak good? For out of the abudance of the heart the mouth speaketh O ye generation of vipers!! Now you know and should understand master and servant or slave! A master makes his subjects obedient by engrafting himself into then and we respond by fulfilling our masters guildlines because he is us and we are him making us one. Hence if any man be in Christ he is a new creature old things pass away. Lol what a ignorant generation which refuses to keep silent because you look down on fasting. Cover your mouths fasting is to deny your appetite food and drink. Do it, it’s not optional how can we still not understand God with all the advancement in science he has allowed that we all may seek him in his righteousness. Yet we still know him not….. Horticulture research it then you will understand the process of baptism in Jesus Christ for the remission of sins and if you believe and repent and are baptized. He will begin to form you as he did Adam of the dust caused a mist and breathed the breathe of life in him and he became a living soul. Likewise he will breathe into you the breathe of life and you will speak with a new tongue as his spirit gives utterance. The people of Noe generation should of known a flood was coming God formed man from water he wiped the earth of men with water Egypt was defeated lastly by water John was sent baptizing with water you should understand he is coming with fire! This should be no surprise God uses his system to extinguish mankind.

  47. Cue crazy Bible spam…

  48. Steve Evans says:

    you know, normally I’d delete that comment 46, but in this case I think we ought to keep it.

    Horticulture research it then you will understand the process of baptism!!!

  49. Steve,
    I agree. It’s art, man. People in thousands of years will devote their lives to making sense of such comments.

  50. With regard to Ronan running BCC, I would remind you all that back during Steve’s recusal after the Banner of Heaven flap, SnarkerNacle held an election and Ronan was voted the head honcho of BCC. Now, you might reject SN’s authority on this matter, but the fact remains that there was a statiscally significant number of voters, so the will of the Bloggernacle was accurately captured in Ronan’s promotion.

    As for the rest of what Daniel states, he will have to defend himself.

  51. Now I know how the man felt when he received the book of mormon sans punctuation.

  52. Extreme Dorito,

    I am content enough with what I’ve said and can concede a few points. I was wrong about when the connection was created between Dialogue and obviously there is no Sunstone connection. My only caveat to that is that these (wrong) points were made to support praise of BCC: rather than the criticisms I made.

    I’ve cooled off anyway. I didn’t like being told that I was “factually and spiritually on crack.” Steve feels it’s good-natured ribbing. It felt like an insult to me, but a day later I don’t really care anymore.

    Also, I obviously disagree with Steve’s assertion that Sustain’d was/is “a dumb idea”. As a community, the Bloggernacle isn’t really big enough to support it, at least not yet. Do I think it could get tweaked a little bit and work better? Yes. I think it might work better if it was part aggregator and part digg-like. [I think at least one other person in the ‘Nacle is pushing for something similar to be created – though it hasn’t happened yet] But I’m usually excited to see ‘Nacle denizens try new things and I thought Connor’s talent and enthusiasm for coding would have positive applications in the ‘Nacle community.

    From some of the feedback I heard/overheard regarding Sustain’d, it became obvious that at least a small group of prominent folks in the ‘Nacle dislike Connor (in a manner that is far disproportionate to any kind of offense) and for that reason were excited to see this project fail. I thought these sentiments were rather lousy, but what can you do.

  53. john scherer says:

    I think #46 just might be the best comment ever, give the guy some slack. How would YOU sound if you had been fasting for months?

  54. Thanks #53 I should of explain why I stated that comment, in Sept Ronan Submitted a topic about Masters and servants. I was asking our father Jehovah somethings about slave owner diseases in the 1700 to 1900. Because he let me watch this documentary on Percy Julian a black chemist during the 1920 to 1960 or so. So I was curious about the kinds of plagues the people were suffering from as a result of being disobedient. As I was searching I was lead into your Comments Ronan I tried to post my comments on your topic page but it was expired. So I posted it here looks like it was a good thing too because you my friends were given insight which has caused you all to ponder the meaning of everything that was stated. If you all would like me to post more info regarding the operations of God Jehovah I will if you like?

  55. Antoine, I recommend strongly that you get your own blog and provide us with the link. It is kind of rude to start talking about a tangential topic in the midst of a blog thread.

  56. Steve Evans says:

    on the other hand, Antoine, this thread is pretty dull. Wax on, O strange one.

  57. Antoine, if you truly have been fasting for a very extended period of time, it might not hurt you to have a glass of orange juice or some bread.

    By the way, my wife and I saw that documentary on Percy Julian (that Antoine is referring to) and we were mesmerized. Despite prejudice that almost kept him from getting advanced degrees, this African-American scientist/teacher achieved scientific discovery after scientific discovery. He is truly an amazing human being.

    If you get a chance to see this documentary, it is well worth watching.

  58. danithew: man shall not live by bread alone, he shall have a glass of orange juice to wash it down?

    you devil.*

    *- Please don’t get offended this was merely meant as some harmless ribbing based on comparing you to the devil tempting another man who was fasting whom you may know about and in no way refers to crack use of any kind also I have attempted to write this whole footnote without any punctuation because that is annoying and yes I am making fun of the situation but I sincerely am not making fun of you

  59. Matt,
    That was a funny comment, sport.

    I am glad I could be of inspiration.

  60. Matt W., be still. Or I shall unleash my crack-addled chupacabraic hordes upon you.

  61. Do you know what the good side of crack is? If you’re up at the right hour, you can get a VCR for $1.50. You can furnish your whole house for $10.95.

    –Chris Rock

  62. Hi Jp #55 I apologized for our interjection last night in our posting of comment #54. And asked if you all would like us to spend some time explaining some of our findings with you all. We are on a journey of discovering the hidden treasures of God. As we were on our journeys we were lead into your forum. I was searching for death and plague info regarding slave masters, and slaves. Such as, Masters died at what age on average, cause of death verus slaves. So that the info could be compared to the incidents which occurred in Isreal and here in the world today! Research is pinnacle for two reasons the reasearch we do lifts up Jesus Christ and brings us way down. And proves he is exactly who he claims he is. So when I read Ronan thesis of inaccurate info we interjected. God will never condemn his process for his ways are pure. Creation has abandon the understanding of him. This commandment of thy thy neighbor always preplexed me from the stand point of how do you accomplish such a task? Is it by giving away riches, spending time, feeding the poor what is it? When our father revealed to me the true meaning of this it floored me. In Genesis ch2 when God formed Adam’s coat and breathed in his nostrils the breathe of life, and he became a living soul. It began to make since for we know the history of the fall but because of satan’s coveting of Adams wife Eve it made since. For coveting is the universal problem. Coveting is longing or wanting the property of your neighbor. The Co of covet expresses “joint”, “coworkers”, ” jointly” simply put “joint affection”. What you have makes you happy so I want it for myself to covet. This is why God forbids us to covet because this affection is unhealthy. This is carnal to be consummed sexually by the appetites of your belly sensual. This is mankind today walking around in a stiff state physically examining everything. And the result of our appetite is cancer, aids, std, famine etc. Because we are running around playing the harlot running from lover to lover. But to stay on track this love thy neighbor is a code God himself lives by he said be ye Holy for I am Holy. God’s plan is flawless Jehovah loves himself so he wanted to express his love of himself by creating all of creation. He breathed into Adam and he became the offspring of God. God clothed in flesh, where did the breathe come from? It originated from God, God loves himself wants and has the best for himself understands Adam is him and God loves himself so it’s easy to love thyself neighbor as thyself. We understand we are of and from our father and since I love to look good and be good I understand you are me and I you so I want to make sure I’m all good because my neighbor is actually me. This is the wisdom of God for God so loved himself he sent his only begotten son into the world that whosoever believeth in him shall not perish but the world through him might be saved. So as I stated we were on our daily journey and were lead here. Friends we have a blog if you want us to stay out I can understand but our address is http://www.forums.ugfconline.com I can post info there and we can chat if you rather I do that? But as I said we are like archaeologist searching constantly and stumbling here and there. Alright friends I’ll check back later and see if there is a decision and move on if you please or post from time to time friends either way I still respect you all Bye.

  63. Steve Evans says:

    “We understand we are of and from our father and since I love to look good and be good I understand you are me and I you so I want to make sure I’m all good because my neighbor is actually me.”

    I have thought this many times. Mostly when I listen to “I am the Walrus.”

  64. Yea Steve I can understand that! At first I didn’t know what you were talking about until I looked up your words. God just revealed to me last week what Solomon was talking about in Ecclesiastes the 6 ch All the labour of man is for his mouth, yet the appetites is not filled. When he revealed this to me everything at that point made sense! This passage is exactly what we have been doing since the fall of Eve And Adam. All our efforts are due to the state we are in a hungry state. We have been searching for the tree of life! The cure to reverse the penalty of death outside of Jesus Christ. ALl my efforts were because I’m suffering from “hunger pains” All the labour of man is for his mouth, yet the belly is not filled lol!!

  65. Antoine, where are you? What country do you live in?

  66. I’m in the Usa Why lol?? I’m standing by waiting on you guys to chat with me lol

  67. Eric Russell says:

    Interesting pamphlet. I wonder how this is going to be distributed. Unless a copy is given to everyone, it might be difficult getting it to the people who need it. I can just imagine the Elder’s Quorum president mentioning the pamphlet in EQ and then asking anyone to raise their hand if they want a copy.

    Antoine, your comments are enlightening. I think you may just be the best commenter since Languatron. Can you tell us how many years we have left before God uses his system to extinguish mankind?

  68. Eric, there are 4 seasons winter, spring, summer and fall. go to 2 Peter 3 ch 8-10v. The lord is not slack concerning his promise, as some men count slackness; but is long suffering to us-ward, not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance. The word slack in this passage goes into “God not sleeping or being idle”! In order to understand this passage you must be able to tell time. Winter, spring, summer and fall. Understand the 3rd hour which is 9:00 am/p.m 6 hr is 12:00 am/pm 9th hr which is 3:00 am/pm and 12th hr which is 6:00 am/pm. Winter or Dec. the 6th hr spring the 9th hr summer the 12th hr fall the 3 rd hour. Understand the season represent the time The hour has not come. When our father told me this and explained one months is an hour his time I repented more and more. Friends we are in the 8th hour. Jesus hung from the 3 to 9th hr There is deliverance in that 12th hr go to numbers ch7:77-84v. I could touch on this deal with time for a while but the season of harvesting is July and August and so forth…

  69. I hope that helps Eric, time goes in a clockwise direction man measures time from a counter clock stand point. Because we repented to repent is to turn away. The re of repent denotes action in a backward direction(rebel,revert,refuse) As we contine to slide backwards in a counter clock motion we decompose and hasten to the grave! But our father sent the antidote for this condition Jesus Christ who turns us in a clockwise direction which hastens us back to our Father. That we may continue to live, see we don’t die it’s not possible for us to die if it were so then “God would have to die as well”! Eric give glory unto our father I didn’t come up with this knowledge, wisdom or understanding of my own power or limited ability. I was running from our father and he interjected last May and told me what you do will only hurt you! I didn’t understand what he was talking about but slowly he started changing me. I started xbox turnaments to get paid! But our Father didn’t want me doing that and kept dealing with me about money. When he showed up it was like I knew how to do everything lol. I had never really research the way he has me now. But my point is I was doing something I wanted to, to get paid. But our Father Jehovah who’s name requires him to impose on us his will. For he is the Lord which means land owner, master etc. I had to comply for I as you and everybody else are subject to him due to his breathe in us. Friends my brothers my family the time has come that all men repent. Go to Acts CH 17:24-34v please everybody!

  70. Steve Evans says:

    OK, Antoine, settle down. Your enthusiasm is fun, but please stop posting lots of long comments in a row, or we’ll have to ban you.

  71. Prudence McPrude says:

    You GO, Antoine!

    Together, we shall rule the Bloggernacle as Father and Son.

  72. How do you, expect to feed, dying souls, (men) with baby portions??

  73. Kevin Barney says:

    I’m late to this, but I just now listened. Very nice all ’round.

    (But next time it could use more Sumer.)

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