Mormon Culture Tournament – Round 2 Part 4

Twice in one week?!?! Can it be true? Yes, yes it can!

Our winners from the last poll were:
8. For the Strength of Youth, 12. Euphemisms, 10. Asking out via scavenger hunts/clues (seemingly by one vote), and 6. Pioneer day. All hail the upsets!

Today’s competitors are:

1. Angel Moroni vs. 8. I am a Child of God

The Angel Moroni deafened Martinellis, 90-10. I am a Child of God was America’s choice on Idol, outsinging Do it 86-14!
My Prediction: The Angel Moroni plays a tune on that trumpet, but it ain’t no childrens’ song.

5. Large Families vs. 15. Gentiles = Non-Mormons

Large Families overcrowded Moisture, 79-21. Gentiles = Non-Mormons alienated Minerva Teichert 68-32.
My Prediction: well, Mormons will outnumber non-Mormons by the year 1872, right? RIGHT?

3. CTR Rings vs. 7. Home Teaching

CTR Rings choose to kick Knee Length Shorts in the butt, 74-26. Home Teaching stood on the front porch and wore down Sacred, not Secret, 68-32.
My Prediction: Home Teaching will choose the wrong!

4. Harry Anderson vs. 11. Scripture Marking

Harry Anderson stayed put in spite of the aural warblings of HBLL Hawaii Five-O, 63-37. Scripture Marking underlined its status with a victory over Steve Martin = Mormon, 72-28.
My Prediction: In the daily upset, Harry Anderson gets his work returned covered in red ink.

Vote above and comment below.


  1. J. Daniel Crawford says:

    Does it strike anyone as funny that Harry Anderson is the only artist alive at this point?

  2. Wow, this was a really tough one. It is absolutely bizarre how “I am a child of God.” in my opinion could have destroyed any of the 8 in the last set, but is totally going to be crushed by the Angel Moroni in this set.

    CTR verses HomeTeaching really brings up something I’ve been thinking about through out this whole ordeal. For want of a better term, it’s the “is” and the “ought” of Mormon Culture. A lot of times, I vote for the “ought” of culture and deny the “is” Feeding the Sick ought to be what Mormonism is all about, but somehow the “is” gets tied to Funeral Potatoes. Maybe the truth is that Mormon Culture is a misnomer, and it is really mormon self-stereotyping we are making an analysis of.

  3. oooh, and in early results, he’s losing badly…..

    also, it’s funny, people were against the Christus because it was, well, labeled an engraven image, but people seem perfectly fine to cast a vote for the Angel Moroni! What’s wrong guys? You’d rather have an engraven image of a prophet but not of the Savior Himself???? ;)

    also the home teaching result to this point is pretty indicative of home teaching in general…..raise your cyber-hands if you’ve had 100% home teaching the past year.

  4. I don’t find it funny one bit. Harry Anderson died in 1996.

  5. alive in the tourney, Justin. He will always live on in our hearts too, of course.

  6. Anderson seems to be losing popularity in the pages of the Ensign. Simon Dewey and Walter Rane are moving up.

  7. To bad that I am a child of God is facing Angel Moroni today.

    What is the reason for the obscure artists? Harry Anderson?

  8. Harry Anderson isn’t obscure. You’ve seen his paintings probably thousands of time over the course of your church life. See the links about him in this post.

  9. hp,

    That may very well be true. But nobody pays much attention to artists in general. His number 4 seed is puzzling to me. Based on the *(&%^*$ whooping he is getting I am right.

    Lots of people do scripture marking even the evangelicals in my office do it. So there is nothing to Mormon about the practice but when faced with a generic name that nobody has heard of and scripture marking they go with the scripture marking.

  10. Silly me, I thought Harry Anderson was the judge on Night Court.

  11. Well I went with I am a Child of God over Moroni, but that was a really tough battle.

    Also tough was CTR rings v. Home teaching. I went with the home teaching.

    Both are losing terribly at this point.

  12. I can’e believe large families are beating out gentiles = non-mormons. Sure mormons have large families, sure it’s part of our culture, but it goes way beyond us. We are not the only group that has large families by a long shot, yet we are the only group who would even think of calling their Jewish neighbors Gentiles.

  13. I don’t know anyone who would call their Jewish Neighbors Gentiles within the Church. This is sort of Like Green Jello, it is not really our culture anymore. Making fun of it being our culture has now become our culture.

  14. I’m disappointed that home teaching is getting beat. Com’on guys, what other religion home teaches its members?

  15. Dan: Actually, the Assembly of God in the philippines did home teaching of a sort. (Monthly visits) I am not aware if it is churchwide or an invention of the local congregation there. (I have not put enough study into there organization to consider myself an expert. I was more of an interested observer as a missionary. )

  16. Matt,

    Thanks for that. As far as I know about Assembly of God (which probably is less than you), I don’t think it is a church wide thing. Do JWs home teach?