Footnotes Now in Hardback

Due to popular demand, Footnotes to the New Testament for Latter-day Saints is now available in two 6×9 hardback publish on demand volumes from

Volume One (Gospels)

Volume Two (everything else)

This was set up by John Jenkins, one of the project contributors, with cover art prepared by his wife.

I just now placed my own order. Both volumes with shipping came to just under $75. It would probably cost more than that just to copy the pages out at Kinko’s. I should have my volumes in 15-20 days.


  1. Hardback is the only way. I better start saving. Does Lulu allow you to get it with author signature?

  2. The shipping is $10 if you buy one or both. I guess this is what I’ll be hauling to church now (bright yellow!).

  3. I’m a proud owner. Thanks. There are three guys in my Elders Quorum that have been carting RSRolling to class with them. Your Ft2NT4LDS should fit in well.

  4. Thanks Kevin—I can’t wait for ten to fifteen days from now!

  5. What’s international shipping?

  6. Christopher Smith says:

    You should offer a PDF version for whatever your profit margin is on the printed version. Then I’d buy it. I have no bookshelf space for another 1400 page reference work, though.

  7. Kevin Barney says:

    We’re not taking a profit on it; this is pure production cost.

  8. Kevin Barney says:

    We’re not taking a profit on it; this is pure production cost. They are big books.

  9. There is a PDF version available already, as are the Word document from which the PDFs were taken. They’re at . The book form does correct some typos and has a fair amount of general clean-up, but the content is (virtually) the same. I’ll see if I can adjust things so that the cleaned-up PDFs are available from, as well.

    And, as it happens, my wife didn’t have time to do the covers, so they were done by my daughter.

  10. Hmmm. Sorry. The URI got eaten. The PDFs are at

  11. Christopher Smith says:

    Hi John, that link didn’t work. :'(

  12. Christopher Smith says:

    correction: the link worked but there’s nothing there that I can see.

  13. Kevin Barney says:

    I think Matthew Faulconer took it down temporarily, but it should be coming back up.

  14. Nope, we didn’t take it down. It is just that the period at the end of John’s sentence was mistakenly interpreted as part of the URL. The correct URL for the PDFs is:

    PS. It is great that we can get this in hard-back now. Very nice!

  15. Christopher Smith says:

    Hmmm… Now the link works, but the links to the individual files don’t.

  16. Odd. I didn’t try each one just now, but I did try several links on that page and they all seem to work to me (though some of the files are slow).

    If you still have problems please post specifics here or leave comments on that page itself at:

  17. Kevin,
    The two volumes arrived yesterday. Thanks for making them available in hard copy–they’ve already been a ton of help in preparing Sunday’s lesson (my laptop screen is small enough that going back and forth between footnotes and text in the PDF version was awkward. Worth it, but awkward).

  18. Kevin Barney says:

    Thanks for letting me know, Sam. My copies have shipped, but I haven’t received them yet.

  19. Kevin Barney says:

    My copies arrived over the weekend while I was out of town. I am very pleased with them; they turned out great. A special thanks to John Jenkins for his work on this.

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