So full of it, our bloggers are Browns

Aaron Brown. Amri Brown. Tracy M (Maiden name: Brown). SMB (B is for….). And now, Mark Brown. We’re extremely proud and happy to welcome Mark Brown aboard as a permanent blogger at BCC. Infused with the power of yet another Brown, BCC inches its way towards corporate sponsorship by UPS.


  1. Congrats, Mark. Glad to have you aboard.

  2. Brown Power! I saw that phrase spray painted on my junior high in Idaho once. Being raised in Utah, I just thought it was a show of pride in one’s family name. I soon learned differently. Never throw a fist in the air and yell, “Brown Power!” in Twin Falls.

  3. Evans is Welsh for “Brown.”

  4. Welcome!

  5. Wes, don’t you have homework to do, or something?

    Funny Steve. No, there is no secret cabal of People With The Same Surname maneuvering to take control of BCC. But since Aaron, Amri, Tracy, Sam and I have such a wonderful name, it probably proves we were more valiant on the pre-mortal life.

    A friend noticed one of my posts here and sent an email. I reproduce the relevant part of it here, verbatim:

    Geez, are they that hard up? I thought the church was all about raising the bar, not lowering it. When I first saw your name at BCC, I thought they were lowering their standards, then I realized that if you are there, it proves they have no standards at all, whatsoever. Anyway, mach’s gut and don’t embarrass yourself too badly.

    Thanks to everyone for the kind welcome. I’ll try to mach gut.

  6. Cheers matey!

  7. Stapers,
    Are you Aussie or British or wot?

  8. I suspect Ol’ Stapley is some sort of Oz pirate.

  9. Kevin Barney says:

    Ah, our own version of the Five Browns. Welcome aboard, Mark!

    (Makes me nostalgic for my missionary days, when all of the discussions were with a “Mr. Brown”)

  10. Welcome Mark!

  11. Cheers, Mark! Great to have you on board.

  12. If I had ever succumbed to Steve Evans’s blandishments, and if I had carried my great-grandmother’s maiden name, I guess I could have been a Brown blogger too.

  13. Welcome, welcome. Glad you’re on board.

  14. my husband is from twin… i’m missing the “brown power” thing…?

    welcome! which browns are related? aren’t there two that are?

  15. Mark’s is one of my favorite voices in the ‘nacle. I’m glad BCC snatched him up!

  16. Welcome aboard. I look forward to reading your posts.

  17. Mark, congratulations! You’re in the big leagues now. As, of course, you always deserved to be.

  18. Gavin Guillaume says:

    So … is the official NFL team of BCC the Cleveland Browns?

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