Have an English summer holiday

The European Mormon Studies Association (EMSA) has just announced details of its summer conference in Worcester, England (2-4 August). The theme is the relationship between European Mormons and America since 1837. The keynote address will be given by Armand Mauss. The conference will also include a tour of the Mormon historical sites near Worcester.

As this is my neck of the woods, I would be delighted to welcome any Yankee visitors to the conference and will be happy to show people ’round and suggest places to stay etc. The area around Worcester is picture-postcard England. This will be the first of many EMSA conferences and we’re really rather excited about it.


  1. I thought EMSA stood for Elementary Modern Standard Arabic – at least that’s what we used to think at BYU when we were carrying our “EMSA books” to class.

  2. Sounds great Ronan. Thanks for announcing this.

  3. Congratulations, Ronan.

  4. Congratulations on putting this together–sounds like a great time.