Mormon Culture Tournament – Sweet Sixteen, Part Two

Ok, so this has taken longer that we all expected. Just think of it as rising tension. There will be a big payoff in the end, I am sure.

The winners from last time are: #4 Pioneer Day (Nooooooooooooooo!); #12 Euphemisms (Heck, Darn, Flip); #5 Missions; #4 The Mormon Tabernacle Choir.

It’s okay. I’ve recovered from the crushing defeat of funeral potatoes. I’m sure you have all grieved with me. It is time to move on.

Today’s contestants are:
#1 Angel Moroni vs. #4 Temple Square

In the previous round, The Angel Moroni played I am a Child of God, 65-35. Meanwhile, Temple Square acquired the Mission Field as real estate, 70-30.
My prediction: It’s Moroni who tops the square.

#3 CTR Rings vs. #5 The Cultural Hall

Last round, CTR Rings left Home Teaching out on the door step, 58-42. Also, the Cultural Hall set up the Christus as a nice little display in its midst, 59-41.
My prediction: CTR Rings choose to win.

#5 Large Families vs. #7 Cheerios in Sacrament Meeting

As it turned out, Large Families outpopulated the Gentiles (of course, that is nothing new), 72-28. Coincidentally, Cheerios in Sacrament Meeting was full, not needing meals delivered to it, 61-39.
My prediction: It takes a lot of Cheerios to feed a big family (especially with the twins). I say Families take it.

#9 Dear John Letters vs. #11 Scripture Marking

Dear John Letters turned down Arnold Friberg for the nice RM they just met, 54-46. Scripture Marking carefully underlined what Harry Anderson had to say, using a 16-color system which it promptly forgot, 84-16.
My prediction: Dear John Letters will leave Scripture Marking burning pictures of its onetime sweetheart.

Vote above and comment below.


  1. com’on guys, go for the Dear John letters!

  2. i just pulled out my bracket from long long ago….I’ve gotten them all right to this point. :)

  3. JDC, The only way I can explain some of these results is that there are some people voting who have been ex’ed, or who need to be. Obviously they don’t have the spirit with them.

  4. J. Daniel Crawford says:

    My sentiments exactly, Mark IV. I’ve had my eye on Dan for a while anyway.

  5. ANGEL
    These will prevail!!!!!!

  6. I really feel like we’re starting to see some hardcore fixtures of LDS institutions/culture here. This is getting kind of interesting.

    I’m thinking the next round is going to be pretty rough …

    And it came to pass that they ate and slept, and prepared for death on the morrow. And they were large and mighty men as to the strength of men.

  7. a random John says:

    I don’t think that Mormons understand the extent to which scripture marking is uniquely LDS. An evangelical classmate in college nearly ripped my Bible from my hands when he saw me marking it in class one day. Then he went on a diatribe in front of our Western Cultures class about how Mormons are evil because they change God’s word by marking their scriptures.

  8. If Dear John wins here, it could make it all the way to the Final Four! Go Dear John!!!!!!

  9. ARJ,

    I attend Evangelical bible study on a weekly basis at work. Everybodies bibles are all marked up with different colors. I think you may have run into one unhinged evangelical with a large axe to grind.

    Sad to see Angel M against T Square

  10. bbell, I agree, especially with such pathetic competition elsewhere. Such is the power of the brackets, though.

  11. Man! Every single vote I made is losing except Scripture Marking!

    Temple Square
    Cultural Hall
    Scripture Marking

    I think Scripture marking is unique from my experience. I have never run across anyone else who does it, and my husband, who was raised Lutheran, considers it almost sacrilege.

  12. NO!!!! every vote I made is winning except Dear John. Don’t let it die now guys! Com’on, keep it going!

  13. Tell me about it, Dan. It is hard to see a loved one die…

  14. haha JDC, yeah, I see that my choice will only make it to the Sweet Sixteen. :(

  15. if it could just make it past Scripture Marking, I know it can surpass Large Families and thus reach the Final Four, but alas, Scripture Marking has some real strong support.

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