“That Sounds So Mormon”

I’ve seen New York Doll probably 5 or 6 times with different groups, and discussed it after viewing with probably 30 people, all of them more or less active LDS. We all tended to notice the same things and the comments after viewing the movie with a group of friends could have been recycled from the conversation following a previous viewing.

Last weekend, a family member who is not LDS watched New York Doll for the first time.  She was impressed, and when I asked what she liked, she said the part where Morrissey describes his first conversation with Arthur “Killer” Kane when Arthur called him regarding a possible Doll’s reunion.  Arthur is filled with doubt and anxiety, and wonders if it could really happen.  Morrissey reassures him, saying (this may not be an exact quote, because I’m going from memory), “Yes Arthur.  It’s going to happen.  There’s going to be a reunion, you’re going to be together again, and it’s going to be wonderful”.

My family member liked that part of the movie best.  She said “That sounds so Mormon”.

I find it interesting that she, a non-member, immediately discerned the main point, not only of the movie, but of our religion as well.  How had I missed that?


  1. The odd part about that “sounding so Mormon” is it’s a non-Mormon giving that counsel to a Mormon, rather than the other way around.

  2. Kevin Barney says:

    Morissey was awesome in his interview, and getting him on camera was quite a coup. It really is a great little film.

    And yeah, that does sound Mormon, now that you mention it.

  3. anothernonymous says:

    I’m going to have to write you up for casting aspersion on an alternative lifestyle. Now go to the principal’s office.

  4. I suggested to the local public library that they buy this documentary and make it available for circulation. They did, and I was pretty tickled. I enjoyed watching it — getting the first clue about glam rock and discovering a new young LDS filmmaker. Well done.

  5. When people would talk about how bad ‘Mormon’ movies are, I usually agree with one caveat. Everyone needs to see this movie.

  6. A weekend loan of this movie was the prize last Friday to the seminary student who was farthest along in reading the D&C. I need to get it back from her …

  7. AnonLDS says:

    Fun “New York Doll” fact: The director of the film is Larry King’s Bishop.

  8. I suspect the director is Larry King’s WIFE’S bishop. I don’t think we impose a bishop on a non-Mormon.

  9. Easily the best “Mormon” film or documentary to date, unless you count Napoleon Dynamite…no, this is still the best.

  10. Margaret, I’ve been told by local stake level leaders that the bishop is the bishop to everyone living in his ward boundaries. Now whether they recognize him as the bishop or a bishop (or even a son-of-a-bishop) is another matter. Non members pertain to a ward even if they don’t belong to a ward.

  11. 10 What Bookslinger said — a bishop’s the bishop of his ward, LDS or no.