Mormon Culture Tournament – Championship game

Ok folks, this is it. Place your bets and vote. My money’s on the man with the trumpet, but either has a good shot, I think.

The winner will be declared on Saturday. Good night and Good luck.

[UPDATED] And the winner is: Missions! Huzzah!


  1. I’ve never met the Angel Moroni, but I have been on a mission, and that’s all the difference I need.

  2. hey JDC,

    when it’s all done and over with, can you do a recap, show the statistics of each race from the beginning? I’m curious to see how well the winner did in each competition….

  3. As I said before I say again…

    It will be Missionaries in the next round that convert Moroni and stick a BoM up his Trumpet!

    Moroni will melt and convert back in to the plates he once was….

  4. Although other churches have missionaries, the Angel Moroni is the cultural symbol of the Mormon Church! (covers head and logs off)

  5. This is the question:
    Which is more emblematic of the church:
    Angel Moroni or Missionaries?

    I kinda think the first, but I don’t think that we have a monopoly on mission-work.

  6. but I don’t think that we have a monopoly on mission-work.


    But any time you see 2 guys with white shirts, ties and name tags on bikes there is no doubt who we are the world wide.

    I think that as a cultural calling card there are strength in numbers….

  7. I go with missions as being more culturally influential. In the 70s and early 80s Angel Moroni was on the front cover of the BoM and on sticker decals in car and home windows. Where is he today? Besides, I think being the most influential element should qualify the winner, not necessarily the most unique one.

  8. Its tightening up.

    I voted mission but was torn between the 2.

  9. Kevin Barney says:

    Two long years of my life v. a statute on a temple? Missions, no doubt.

  10. Eric Russell says:

    But we do have a monopoly on white shirt and tie, 19 and 20 year old, boots in the dirt, quick paced walking, six and a half work days a week, eighteen month and two year missions.

    One of my companions once theorized that the people of one town we served in thought the members who went to church were just people who attended the church of the Mormons, while the missionaries themselves were the actual “Mormons.”

  11. Spencer says:

    So much of church culture is influenced by missions. The mission program influences those that serve them, those that are converted through them, those that “wait” for missionaries, parents of missionaries, those that feed missionaries, senior couples that serve missions, and on and on.

    Yet the race is neck and neck. So I’d like to see some more justification from the Angel Moroni crowd. Maybe it’s because I never had an Angel Moroni tie pin.

  12. lxxluthor says:

    If only more than one person at BYU could vote at a time. Go Moroni! You Rock!

  13. hey, think of it this way, even Moroni went on a mission.

  14. David Brosnahan says:

    What happened to “Child of God.” Thats the message Moroni came to restore and the message missionaries are spreading around the world.

  15. if this is a question about Mormon “culture” then missions should win hands down. What do parents prepare their children for from near child birth? Certainly not to go to see the Angel Moroni. No, but to go on missions. How many girls think twice about a young man they have a crush on because he didn’t go on a mission vs. how many girls don’t even think twice about a young man who just got home from a mission? We hold mission reunions twice a year. In General Conference our prophets and apostles continue to persuade the young men to prepare for missions. Not only that, but they ask the elderly to do so as well.

    Most of us feel like our missions were the best times of our lives, certainly one of the most influential, and where most of our growth into young men happens. Almost all converts of the church pass through missionaries when joining the church.

    They are the most recognizable emblem of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

    I bet you if you put up a picture of the statue of Moroni and a picture of two young men in white shirts and ties, most people of the world will recognize the two missionaries over the angel Moroni.

  16. If there’s a face to Mormonism, I guarantee you it doesn’t belong to some forgettable missionary. It’s Moroni.

  17. brent,

    I don’t know about you but the people I baptized will never forget my face.

  18. Melinda says:

    My aunt gave me an Angel Moroni tree topper for Christmas last year.

    But I still voted for missions.

  19. eeeep!! I accidentally voted for Moroni and I meant to push the mission button. Anyway to change my vote, admin??

  20. Say it ain’t so, Mo! Missions is the winner!

  21. Missions – what more can you say? The image of Mormons in my head was the clean-cut young guys in business suits riding bicycles. I went through over a half dozen Elders before I joined. I still find it funny to this day that I’m referring to guys much younger than myself as “Elder”.

    It was pretty much a coin toss, though, considering all that Moroni has done, burying the plates and leading the Prophet to them, but the Elders are bringing so many people to the Church. I wouldn’t be here without them.

  22. Dan,

    You’re great.