Global Values 101

I realized the other day that I have not yet promoted in this venue an important book edited by Kate Holbrook, a rising Mormon scholar in religion and literature, and colleagues, Global Values 101, a collection of interviews drawn from a fascinating undergraduate course that introduced students to the thought and lives of leading thinkers and activists. I understand that the book has become something of an international sensation, with most recently a Korean university group attempting a similar kind of forum for scholarship, education, and activism based on the book. While I love the book in its own right, I am also proud of it as an expression of the kind of moral power that can be drawn from the Mormon tradition (as well as the many other traditions represented in the book).

NB: I am not an objective reviewer and am admittedly promoting a close friend’s book.


  1. I think that this book sounds extremely interesting and it moves the consideration of Mormonism as an ethical system as well as a religious one– a direction that I think is particularly useful.

  2. I think I used an interview from Harvey Cox in it in one of my posts. I think it’s a fantastic book, helped me to think about some things I hadn’t thought about yet and solidify things I had. Anyway, it’s good, everyone should buy it.

  3. I enjoyed the book last year. Can’t recall who recommended it.

  4. I think we deserve a full book review. :)

  5. Kristine says:

    book review AND a guest post by its author!

  6. Congratulations to Kate. Allison and I had no idea she’d done this and would have loved to have been informed about it. You two need to be more forthcoming with such information to your home-teachees.


  1. […] the book Global Values 101, which happens to be edited by someone I really like, there is an interview by bioethicist Peter […]

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