T.O.T.A.L.G.C.T Saturday

Adios, Dr. Sunday School.


  1. Adios, Dr. Sunday School.

    Just . . .wishin’ and hopin’ and thinkin’ and prayin’, plannin’ and dreamin’ . . . that won’t get you out of S-Day School. . . .

  2. You might, Murray. Third time lucky!

  3. Still early, but this thread is running a distant third to T&S and Mormon Mentality’s Conference threads. Pick it up!

  4. Steve Evans says:

    What they have in content, style and panache, we make up for in snark. Just waiting for someone to say anything funny.

  5. Steve,
    I believe Elder Holland is rebuking your snarky attitude as we type.

  6. Steve, you are waiting for someone to say something funny? Haven’t you been listening to this pickle talk? It’s pretty funny.

  7. Has E. Bednar been watching Veggie Tales?

  8. How are the translators going to deal with that pickle analogy? There are at least a few cultures I can think of who don’t really do the pickle thing.

  9. Does E. Bednar have perfect diction or what?

  10. President Monson should have quoted Thomas Jefferson in relation to the dismissal of the miraculous dimension in Christianity.

  11. Well, for all of you who complain that General Authorities never take the women of the Church to task…

    I give you Elder Holland – speaking out against the venomous tongues and “catty” behaviors exhibited among LDS women.

  12. Re 9:

    I’m from America, and I don’t do the pickle thing.

  13. “Come Thou Fount”. My favorite hymn regardless of its exclusion from the current hymn book. Here come the water works.

  14. “Acrid” and “acerbic” words from women. Ouch! But I commend Elder Holland for bringing it up. I needed more motivation to step up and improve. People lose credibility (even among their own gender) by having two faces.

  15. I bet that if you play “Come thou Fount” for most members and ask them if it is in the hymn book, they’ll say yes. A truly magnificent hymn, if you ask me.

  16. My favorite hymn, baring none. Tears galore. Loved the Pickle Parable, too. Was that normal to have all the sustaining and released in session one?

  17. Steve Evans says:

    “I’m from America, and I don’t do the pickle thing.”

    That’s not what I’ve heard, BMW.

  18. I thought, on this conference thread, that I’d bring up the documentary I’m working on again. Seriously, it all fits. We have footage shot in 1968 of three new-in-the-Church Black men. Two of them (Darius Gray and Alan Cherry) are in Utah now. The third, Paul Gill, we found through some miracles. We flew him here Thursday and filmed him and Darius talking about their forty-year pilgrimage in Mormonism. (Paul, it turns out, is VERY active, has sent two sons on missions and has a son on a mission now.) He also brought his non-LDS sister with him to SLC, and we were able to get them tickets to every session of Conference. As I was listening to the session this morning, I was imagining them there in the Conference Center. “Come Thou Font” was such a perfect closer, and the whole session was so focused on the Savior. Beautiful, beautiful.
    As for sustaining in the 1st session–it’s new for me. I was still at the gym, just finishing a work-out, when the sustaining started. I stood there in the locker room, clad in my towel, and raised my hand to sustain them all.

    P.S. If any of you in Utah want to join us for Genesis tomorrow, Paul Gill will be our speaker. We will meet at 7:00 at 6710 S. 1300 E. (LDS chapel). It should be a remarkable meeting. We will also show some of that 1968 footage.

  19. Tanya S. says:

    Tracy M. (17), no, they usually do sustainings and releasings during the Saturday afternoon session. I’m assuming they did it in the morning because the afternoon session is the tabernacle rededication.

  20. lxxluthor says:

    How much does Elder Holland rock? He rebuked the women with the men, mentioned our potential for Godhood in Conference, and he quoted Paul. Just made my GC.

  21. Kevin Barney says:

    I just got back from the movies (The Lookout–it was pretty good), and have now reviewed the threads.

    It appears that I missed an unusual Sat. a.m. sustaining (to make way for the paean to the Tabernacle to come this afternoon), no sax in sacrament meeting, something about pickles, and Elder Holland ripping on the women for being catty.

    I love experiencing conference through the prism of the blogs; it is much more entertaining this way. I won’t make the afternoon session either, but I’ll be sure to read the threads to see what I missed.

  22. As for sustaining in the 1st session–it’s new for me. I was still at the gym, just finishing a work-out, when the sustaining started. I stood there in the locker room, clad in my towel, and raised my hand to sustain them all.

    Isn’t it great that we can sustain them? And that you would do it clad in a towel in the locker room. Love it. I’ve done it driving in a car. Today, it was while lying in bed.

  23. Can I just say how much I love seeing Conference broadcast from the Tabernacle again.

  24. Look out Steve! It’s Boyd K. Packer!

  25. Margaret, wish I could make the Genesis meeting. sounds wonderful. i’m at work both days. I’m hoping that making my laborious way through Buck’s Theological Dictionary in any downtime that arises will count as some sort of penance. Sounds like Holland’s talk was great.

  26. Eric Russell says:

    Seth, I believe it’s pronounced BKP.

  27. Kevin:

    I love experiencing conference through the prism of the blogs; it is much more entertaining this way.

    I’d describe the blogs more as a peanut gallery than a prism.

  28. O.K. I am now watching General Conference. What did I miss?

    Aaron B

  29. I didn’t listen to this morning’s session, but I liked Kevin’s summary in comment #22.

  30. Aaron,

    They called the Relief Society Presidency as members of the First Quorum of the Seventy.

  31. Great. I knew it.

    Have the lost 116 pages been brought out yet? I found them in an abandoned barn when I was wandering through some woods in New England last weekend. I mailed them to the COB last week. Hope they didn’t get lost in the mail.

    Aaron B

  32. Eric Russell says:

    That dedication better not have been the Historic event. I mean, it was historic, but not Historic.

  33. I blame Kevin Barney.

  34. I thought the “History-with-a-capital-H” was referring to the middle initial of a rather auspicious figure.

  35. Costanza says:

    Tomorrow someone is going to stand up and say that the whole “Historic” thing was an April fool’s joke that the Q of 12 wokred on together. Now that would be “H”istoric.

  36. I’m fairly confident that the H-istoric event was the rededication. Those don’t happen every decade as part of GC.

  37. Eric Russell says:

    This from the AP article posted on Santa Fe New Mexican.com linked to on the right sidebar:

    The Tabernacle stands as a testament to faith and community, church elder Marlin K. Jensen said Friday during a tour for the news media. “Until the day they removed the scaffolding, half the people at least thought this whole thing would fall down,” said Jensen, a member of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles, the faith’s second-tier of leadership.

    Way to check your facts, AP.

  38. Swisster says:

    Didn’t Elder Holland also quote the apocrypha? Unfortunately, he didn’t give the reference, but that’s still a rare and wonderful thing to do. Good talk, but based on his choice of words along stereotypical gender lines (e.g., catty, shrill, whine for women), I thought for a second I was listening to Sean Hannity talking about Hillary Clinton. :( Other than the gender problem it was a good talk.

  39. Latter-day guy says:

    I know it goes without saying, but wouldn’t it have sounded funny for JRH to condemn the women’s complaints as “gruff” or “bullish”? I mean, when they increase volume, women can much more easily become “shrill” than men can. It’s just physiology; they have shorter vocal folds. Besides, that paragraph was directed only toward the women; He’d already blasted the men.

  40. Maybe the H-istoric event is the new makeup of the general RS presidency. Read the bios here:


    Any single RS sisters care to comment?

  41. Mark IV says:

    Margaret Young, # 19,

    I stood there in the locker room, clad in my towel, and raised my hand to sustain them all.

    Not only is that an only in Utah moment, but you are now officially the coolest person I have ever heard of.


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