Stop using the @ in comments.

It’s annoying. That is all.


  1. MikeInWeho says:

    Th@’s a great idea.

  2. Sm@ckdown!

  3. @rseholes.

  4. that’s the second time that swear word has been used today on this blog. Didn’t Elder Holland s@y something about this….

  5. haha, it didn’t work! You have to have something in front of the @ sign to work, for ex@mple…

  6. John Williams says:

    @Steve Evans:

    C’mon man, it’s 2007.

  7. Costanza says:

    _@men brother Evans

  8. Steve Evans says:

    John Williams, that won’t keep me from banning you.

  9. Steve Evans says:

    (yes, I would)

  10. All of this controversy about the ampersand reminds me of a little known fact about it’s brother, the *. That punctuation mark is properly referred to as the nathan, in honor of our revolutionary forebear Nathan Hale, who famously said, “My only regret is that I have but one asterisk for my country.”

  11. H@ve you noticed that c@lling @ttention to @ problem only m@kes it worse? :-)

  12. Steve Evans says:

    “it’s brother”? what kind of lawyer are you, slackerman?

  13. All of this controversy about the ampersand reminds me…

    Actually, this controversy is over the at-sign, not the ampersand. The ampersand looks like this: &.

  14. I actually don’t know very much about punctuation. Sorry.

  15. It’s apparently not required in order to win awards at Mormon blog commenting.

  16. John Williams says:

    Can someone please explain the asterisk quotation to me? Is that supposed to be like air-quotes or something? I would worry more about that than the at-sign.

  17. Ampersands, nathans, at signs, what’s the diff?

  18. Sorry, John, explaining the joke would suck what little funny there is right out of it.

  19. John Williams says:


  20. I don’t make the rules here.

  21. The nathans around words in blogs and comments is just a way of emphasizing them. Like making them *bold.*

  22. Susan, nice usage.

  23. John Williams says:

    I learned a new word today. “Nathan.” It’s kinda cute.

  24. John Williams says:


  25. John Williams says:

    By the way, my deleted comments *do not* contain any form of vulgarity.

  26. (besides the prohibited use of the at-sign)

  27. Did I mention that I’m an admin here, John Williams?

  28. John Williams says:

    I noticed.

  29. My 22 and 23 year old sons (who have been correcting my grammar and pronunciation since they were 2 and 3) tell me that @ (sorry Steve) is an *ampersat*.

  30. John Williams says:

    Two new words in one day. I should read this blog more often.

  31. wondering says:

    I have noticed the little @ signs being used lately around the blogs, and I don’t know what they’re supposed to mean. Why would you start a comment with “at”?

  32. Dan (4) $o $orry.

  33. John Williams says:

    Dear Mr. Wondering:

    RE: Comment #32

    Outside of the “Bloggernacle,” it’s common practice to use the ampersat (@) symbol when addressing posters. Try reading a social news website entitled “”


    John Williams

  34. John Williams says:

    Dear Mr. Wondering:

    RE: Comment #33

    Correction: I was referring to Comment #31.

    All the best,

    John Williams

  35. Matt W. says:

    Do you all know you have the same story about John Carmack on the sideblog twice?

    BYW, do you know what sound a machine gun makes? R@t@t@t@t@t@t@t@t@t@t@t@t@t

  36. Steve Evans says:

    Matt W., it’s THAT good!

  37. Machine guns go: R@t@t@t@t@t!

    Drums go: R@t-@-t@t@t!

    Charlie Brown goes: R@ts!!!

    Lawyers go: Squeak!

  38. Well, and did you know that in Danish, @ is called Snabel a? Snabel is the word for elephant’s trunk in Danish. (I had a very horrible time trying to get someone’s email address in Denmark over the phone a couple of years ago. He didn’t understand me when I said “at” and I really didn’t understand “snabel a”, and we were both struggling with the other person’s pronunciations of the vowels in our addresses.

  39. In HS print shop, we had quizzes on what to call different symbols, and this was the ‘commercial at,’ or commat. (Odd that I remember that from HS…)

    Here’s a Natural History of the @ Sign for its name in various languages.

  40. Norbert, that’s extremely cool. For years in France I thought it was the “arabesque.”

  41. What’s your favorite scene from The Empire Strikes Back?

    Me, I kinda like it when the @-@s attack . . .

  42. G00fus is g@@fy.

  43. Wh@tever.

  44. I’m guessing Steve doesn’t read Digg.

  45. @@@@@:-) Marge Simpson smiley

  46. Steve Evans says:

    Kim, I’m guessing you don’t have a clue as to whether I read Digg, reddit, slashdot, or anything else. Most users on Digg don’t use that annoying @ symbol, and NOBODY in the bloggernacle uses it.

  47. ===>Kim


  48. Steve Evans says:


  49. Y0u’r3 50 |337!

  50. Steve,

    I work in a technical field (architecture) and years ago a co-worker criticized a letter I had written because it contained the term “as per” in it. She said she was taught in a business writing class that we should write the way we speak I explained that afer several years of technical writing and specification writing “as per” was a part of my normal speaking vocabulary. Maybe “@” has just become part of our normal writing vocabulary.

  51. Ok, so I’ve been writing for several years but not necessarily proof reading. It should have said “…write the way we speak. I explained that after several…” Sorry!

  52. Lamonte, I’m willing to entertain the idea that usage is ultimately the determining factor. But usage as of yet does not provide that @ has become part of our normal writing vocabulary, and I won’t stand for it.

  53. If someone around me was using “as per” in their normal speaking vocabulary, I might have to write a post entitled “Stop using ‘as per’ when speaking to me”

  54. It’s Steve’s blog. He can cry if he wants to.

  55. I’m fairly fearless, but I’m starting to become frightened.

  56. lamonte says:

    #53 Jacob J – Are you saying that as per your true beliefs or are just making a joke @ my expense?

  57. Steve: Nobody? Just checking around, it seems like it’s going on quite a bit. Have you checked over at T&@?

  58. and NOBODY in the bloggernacle uses it.

    Maybe . . . but lots of folks elsewhere do.

  59. NOBODY!!

  60. Jon in Austin says:

    Beautiful pwn3d Steve! Now all we need is a lag = ban and we’d be set…

  61. much props J in A.

  62. Indeed Steve, your ban has begun to have some effect throughout the internets.

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