Dialogue Call for Student Papers

From time to time I try to encourage people both to subscribe to Dialogue and to contribute manuscripts for publication. Well, now is an excellent time for those who are either students of any age or younger (30 or under, whether or not a student) to try their hand at the latter.

In an effort to encourage new writing talent, Dialogue has a “New Voices” program in place. Just for submitting a manuscript that is accepted for editorial review, you will receive both a one-year electronic subscription to Dialogue and a Dialogue DVD. If your piece is actually published, you will receive a cash award of $100 for a poem or brief prose piece or $300 for a more substantial article. For details of this program and instructions how to submit your manuscript, see here.

Also, anyone may receive a free sample issue of Dialogue just for asking.

If you have the capacity to participate actively in the Bloggernacle, there is no reason in the world why you shouldn’t be able to craft a manuscript for more formal publication in a print journal. What have you got to lose? I encourage you to give it a shot.


  1. Christopher Smith says:

    I tried once, but my methology wasn’t quite honed enough, and I needed some more sources. I’m gonna do some refining and resubmit.

  2. NoCoolName_Tom says:

    Must… finish… finals… first…

    Ah, what the heck – okay!

  3. Cool. Thanks for bringing this to our attention.

  4. I’m with Tom….gotta wait until finals are over.

  5. Kevin,

    Do you have to be a full-time student? or does being a part-timer qualify?

    As a stay-at-home mom, I’ll probably be a part-time student FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE.

  6. I submitted my artwork for perusal once – Dialogue wasn’t interested.

    No big deal.

  7. Kevin Barney says:

    The specific eligibility language is as follows:

    Persons in either of two categories qualify: (1) persons of any age currently enrolled in a degree or diploma program in a high school, college, or university; and (2) persons thirty years of age or younger, whether or not a student.

    So it sounds to me as though part time is just fine.

  8. Hey Kevin, I should probably know this but do they want any kind of publication? Fiction types as well as long as it somehow relatably Mormon? Non fiction essays that aren’t really scholarly?

    danithew-you’re still a good person. we like you.

  9. amri, dialogue publishes fiction, non-fiction, academic history and mormon studies, poetry, etc. you should submit.

  10. Good, I will. I’ve got some very quirky Mormon fiction up my sleeve.

  11. Melissa De Leon Mason says:

    Danithew, seriously? I think your artwork is great. If I had a journal, I’d publish it.

  12. “….Dialogue publishes fiction…”

    As an example, “A Motley Vision just published the list of awards given at last week’s Association of Mormon Letters meeting.

    The award for short fiction went to Kristen Carson, for “‘Atta Boy,” published in Dialogue 38:2 (Summer 2005).

    The winner in the essay category was John Bennion, “Like the Lilies of the Field,” published in Dialogue 39:4 (Winter 2006).

    As a side note, the winner for drama was Tim Slover’s “Treasure,” a play about Alexander Hamilton. I haven’t seen or read that, but I’m going to hunt it down. I saw and very much enjoyed Tim’s play, “Lightning Rod,” in Lancaster, PA, last year.

  13. jstanthr-gradstdnt says:

    Or, here is some fiction just published in Dialogue Paperless from gradstudent Joshua Foster. It’s called, “The Newlywed.” It’s fairly short, I just read and quite enjoyed it.

  14. 12- On Mormon playwright Tim Slover. I haven’t seen either of the plays mentioned, but I liked Joyful Noise so much I’ll be hunting them down. I assume Dialogue would publish a play (though I can’t remember any in past issues). Slover would be a good artist to feature there.
    I also liked Slover’s short drama in the Gene England festschrift (sp?) Proving Contraries (the drama imagined the seconds after Christ was asked by the Pharisees what to do with the woman caught in adultery).

  15. Costanza says:

    I don’t know if they still have this, but as late as 2003, Dialogue also gave an award (called the Steven Molen Award, I think) for the best article written by a student. At that time the award came with $250 bucks.

  16. Levi Peterson says:

    For Marie:

    Yes, we’ll accept submissions from parttime students. The 100 page essay we are publishing as Parts I and II in the spring and summer 2007 issues was written by Cetti Cherniak, a summer student at Notre Dame. Just write a cover letter with your submission explaining your circumstances.

    For Kevin:

    Many thanks for your quick notice of our New Voices program here on BCC.


  17. Is there a deadline?

  18. Christopher Smith says:

    No, it’s an ongoing thing.