Shameless Huckstering–Art Exhibition in SLC

Those of you lucky enough to be in Salt Lake City this weekend should check out an opening at the David Ericson Gallery. My friend Nathan Florence has a solo show opening there, with an Artist Reception on Friday (April 20) from 6-9. He is a fine fellow, and terrific painter–go see!! Details, and some of Nathan’s work at his website.


  1. StillConfused says:


  2. I’m digging Nathan’s work. Thanks, Kristine.

    Details on the exhibition are at:

  3. Nathan is wonderful. we’ve especially enjoyed the Tower of Babel/Hummer/SUV painting, though I have forgotten its name.

    the address is 418 South 200 West, ph 801 533 8245.

  4. The show is fantastic. Highly recommended.

  5. I enjoy Nathan’s work as well. I haven’t been to the show yet but I recommend it anyway based on my respect for Nathan and his dedication to his art. I’m glad I found this post because I was not aware that the show was going on.