LDS Newsroom discusses blogs

The revamped LDS Newsroom has an interesting article about reactions to the recent documentary, ‘The Mormons.’ It’s interesting not because of what the reactions are, per se, but because this is the first time to my recollection that the official LDS press dept. has made specific references to blogs:

Blogs that focus on Mormon themes have had an increase in activity as well. On the Article IV blog, one reader wrote….

The Washington Post/Newsweek’s religion blog, On Faith, has made the following their question of the week….

Article IV and On Faith are the first specific blogs I’ve seen mentioned by the Church — correct me if I’m mistaken, folks. When will the Church recognize the Bloggernacle?


  1. Is is true Steve, BCC has been submitted to the correlation department for consideration as an official online Church publication?

  2. Maybe when the Bloggernacle is worth mentioning? Ouch.

  3. Every day that goes by is another day tacked on to how wrong Christian Cardall and Geoff J were back in 2005.

  4. Steve Evans says:

    Susan — SNAP! We got served.

  5. Steve Evans says:

    Guy, you’ve got it backwards — the Correlation dept. is being subsumed into BCC. All your base are belong to us.

  6. Eric Russell says:

    “When will the Church recognize the Bloggernacle?”

    According to my source, February 14th, in the year two thousand and sixteen.

  7. Article IV? Err, that should be Article VI. Actually, they were quoting from Hedgehog Blog.

  8. Jon in Austin says:

    We totally pwned Correlation.

  9. The newsroom also linked to an Article VI post last October.

  10. Kevin Barney says:

    I’ve never even heard of those particular blogs.

  11. I’ve never even heard of those particular blogs

    They’re part of the Re-organized Bloggernacle. They broke off back in ’01.

  12. Justin, thanks for the heads-up — that’s interesting to hear. Perhaps they’re looking in the wrong place? Does the LDS Newsroom only have the front half of a bejeweled locator medallion?

  13. Article VI is the Shelbyville to our Springfield as far as I am concerned.

  14. the lds newsroom will start mentioning the bloggernacle as soon as the church wants to acknowledge its existence to those who are as yet unaware. so never.

    the bloggernacle is the new symposia. it’d be officially spoken against if there weren’t already too many involved in it.

  15. Norbert says:

    Last night, a Church response was posted in the “Commentary column” on the site calling Helen Whitney’s work “thought-provoking” and “broad and diverse,” yet recognizing that “four hours and numerous interviews can’t cover everything” about the Church.

    Was anyone else amazed by the tone of this and the mentioned Church response? Who knew a correlated source would say “thought-provoking” and “broad and diverse” were good things?

    I wonder if they are encouraging members to get involved in as Mormon voices in the blogosphere.

  16. The Newsroom made specific mention of the Washington Post’s “On Faith” blog last year when they announced that Church would be participating in that blog through its representative Michael Otterson. In a way, the Church is part of the blogosphere as a result.

  17. Perhaps they’re looking in the wrong place? Does the LDS Newsroom only have the front half of a bejeweled locator medallion?

    They’re aware and have files on all the blogs. Straight up, the Bloggernacle got dissed. The Newsroom is now dead to me.

  18. Steve Evans says:

    Justin: word.

  19. Forget the Bloggernacle — Am I the only who would like to see Elder Jensen start his own blog?

  20. Matt W. says:

    Queuno, Marlin is too busy looking for his son Nemo to start a blog at this point.

  21. Starfoxy says:

    I, for one, welcome our new correlated overlords.

  22. John Williams says:

    The Quorum of the Twelve Apostles should start a group blog at