Quizteaser #2 (Humanities)

The first quizteaser was a little statistics-heavy, so for the second quizteaser, I have decided to offer something more appropriate to people with little interest in numbers, something like a Name that Tune for texts. In the late 19th century, a Mormon writing in an official publication offered the following advice: “agreeable reading or conversation, beautiful soul thrilling music and even agreeable food; all these and much more are essentials.”

Here’s the question: to what did s/he refer?

Your answers have all been interesting and exciting, and I hope to see these guidelines implemented in almost all of those settings.  Ultimately, Stirling has the right answer.  The source is Hannah Tapfield King, “Procreation,” Woman’s Exponent 14/7 (1 Sep 1885), 51, as reprinted in Carmon Hardy’s fascinating and readable documentary history of polygamy, just out from Arthur C. Clarke company (pp 138-9).  I meant to propose a nuanced discussion of the sanctity of human intimacy (recognizing that eugenics isn’t the first place we would currently look), but unfortunately I have too many work deadlines right now.


  1. I hope the answer is Sacrament meeting and that the news is we’re bringin’ back the soul thrillin music and the food.

    It wasn’t a primordial bloggersnacker was it?

  2. What about keeping the Sabbath Day holy?

  3. amri–I just had an image of a Methodist agape feast with hand-made bread and cheese with some fresh herbs and vegetables and fine wine (or its appropriate current replacement) with maybe St. Matthew Passion, while we read some wonderful piece of holy fiction. Dang, I hope you’re right and it’s coming to a wardhouse near me.

  4. Steve Evans says:

    To traveling to Europe?

  5. What to look for in a plural wife?

  6. Mark IV says:

    That line is obviously from a travel column in the Deseret News, describing the overnight accomodations at Fort Bridger.

  7. My first guess was FHE, but the timing’s wrong. How about temple night? I remember once reading here about all that dancing and holy kissing….

  8. P-day. I wish my P-days had had some soul thrilling music beyond my comp’s contraband Enya …

  9. Melanie says:

    It’s certainly not our ward’s Break the Fast potluck… there is absolutely nothing agreeable about 27 different ways to cook hamburger.

  10. lxxluthor says:

    Weddings. The plural ones.

  11. I’m going to guess accomodations in the home of Brigham Young.

  12. Tips for potty training your children in one day.

  13. Life in the Spirit World

  14. Matt W. says:

    suggestions for foreplay.

  15. Funerals, before the advent of funeral potatoes.

  16. These are all on the 19th century DO list for Sabbath day observance…

  17. I think that the Sabbath Day observance might be right, or perhaps just guidelines for life. In the little Mormon town where I grew up, Sabbath guidelines were much more like the instructions above than what seems to be current in the culture.

  18. Oh please be sacrament meeting. That’d be great. Heaven knows we really need to do something about it. Ad fonte!

  19. cantinflas says:

    Temple worship.

  20. Suggestions for post-play.

    Seriously, my vote is for aspects of a happy home – just to be different.

  21. A Turtle Named Mack says:

    I have no idea what the quotation may be in reference to. However, it would take nothing less than such to get me to another “Broadcast Stake Conference”, in which each of the elements are missing.

  22. The list contains 19th century suggestions for exorcising impure thoughts!

  23. Eugenics-inspired advice for the best conditions for procreation in order to produce healthy, non-degenerate children?

  24. Obviously, it refers to the ideal 24th of July celebration.

  25. Hosting your home teachers….after which you can put all that away and bring out the beer, the stale bags of Doritos, drag the Playboys out from under the couch and place them back on the coffee table, and crank up the heavy metal music!

  26. Requirements to get the Elders Quorum help you with a move.

  27. Answer now in revised initial post.

  28. This is about SEX!?! I love it. But won’t women start to enjoy it? Uh-oh.

  29. I should have stuck with you, Matt (#14 & #20), and not added my “real” guess. Oh, well, maybe I’ll learn.

  30. Carmon Hardy’s fascinating and readable documentary history of polygamy, just out from Arthur C. Clarke company

    I think you meant to write Arthur H. Clark here. Interesting slip, however.

  31. That’s just wrong.

  32. Justin, touche. I actually have little idea who either of those gentlemen actually are. One is sci fi and one is fi-fi? pardon the pun.

  33. I hear ya about the agreeable food. A wise person once said, “I find pastrami to be the most sensual of all the salted, cured meats.”

  34. Hmm. Sam MB, I thought you were making some subconscious comment on polygamous eugenics as something in the realm of sci-fi.