Some of you may have heard of the latest 5-minute internet phenomenon, lolcats. published a brief slideshow of lolcats here (featuring my personal favorite, the lolrus).

Presenting, for your consideration: lolnacle.










You can create your own lolcat image here. Send us your submissions (either privately to an admin’s email address if you know one, or to the general admin address) and we’ll post them. And relax, folks; it’s Wednesday before Memorial Day, the Lost finale is on tonight, and Blake is going to win American Idol.

—-from a Random John:


—-from Danithew:


—-from Starfoxy:



—-from HP/JDC:

—-more from random John:




—-From Kevin Barney:

—-From Brian Gibson:

—-Another from Danithew:

—-Another from HP/JDC:

—-From Matt W.:

—-From Chas:

—-From FHL:

—-From Chris Smith:



  1. a random John says:

    I suppose it should have been, “Im in yr pint, stealn yr mild barley drinks” I have failed!

  2. pathetic arJ. PATHETIC.

  3. Aaron Brown says:

    This is not faith-promoting. What does this have to do with my eternal salvation? Consider yourselves judged by me for posting it. I AM RAPIDLY LOSING MY TESTIMONY OH MY GOSH PLEASE STOP!!!!!

  4. Aaron Brown, the lolcats will enter Teh Kingdomz of hevin before you.

  5. Aaron Brown wrote that comment before my contributions were posted. Now, as he reviews them, he’ll feel the Spirit and calm down.

  6. StillConfused says:

    Da bomb!!!! Keep addin’ more up in this hiz-ouse! I needs to get my catz on!

  7. a random John says:


    the BCC one rocks.


    Who knew that STMC stood for Strengthening the Members Catmittee.


    Do you think that dress is temple approved?

  8. Starfoxy says:

    I have to say- the tranzl8n ur BoM is probably my favorite. That one actually made me lol.

  9. Thanks for the new addition Starfoxy. It’s a good’un.

  10. Well, Starfoxy, yur nursin in the chapel made me lol!!

    But they all is purrty hilariuz.

  11. a random John says:


    I have to admit that I just got your No Man… one. Itz teh awesome.

  12. I love you all.

  13. Steve Evans says:

    Dangit, Jordin won. CURSE YOU AMERICA!!

  14. Um, “breakin mys testesmonys?”

    Not to bust your balls or anything, but you may want to consider rewording that one . . .

  15. It may be an inside joke, Yikez! Search for “testicles” in the box top left.

  16. Norbert says:

    ‘I’m lbral male’ is funny for so many reasons…

  17. Kevin Barney says:

    All I’ll say is that the spelling was completely intentional.

  18. So so funny. Good work y’all.

    The Meridian one is pretty good, they should start marketing those little helmets. Sell them on their Mormon marketplace.

  19. Just added a few more!

  20. Matt W. says:

    Does this post mean that BCC jumped the shark?

  21. Steve Evans says:

    Note that the Snarker has also done some lolcats of his own — many are downright hilarious.

  22. Hey Steve, thanks for the backlink. I take back all that stuff I said about you…well, most of it…OK, OK, all of it. Feel the luv.

    In the interest of full disclosure, Team SN did not actually submit them to BCC for posting, that was just a joke. We figured they wouldn’t all get approved, so we posted them ourselves. There was one that we self-censored, which was my handiwork, because it was…well…in bad taste…literally. It got replaced with the “Brigham kitteh sez…” one, so you can probably figure out what the censored one was.

    If this thread was vote enabled, I would vote for KB’s “Stopz its…” even though he is a lawyer. That one had me literally LOLzing…which is rare.

  23. Self-censoring??? What the hell has happened to Snarkernacle???

  24. It was that bad.

  25. One more posted.

  26. Christopher Smith says:

    love the litterz for eternity

  27. D. Fletcher says:

    Why do they talk that way?

    I guess I don’t get the humor.

  28. D. Fletcher, that is because you are cultured intelligent human being and we are being silly.

  29. a random John says:


    lolcats suffer from the soft prejudice of low expectations. The O RLY? owl and the walrus with the bucket are similarly afflicted. People are so amazed that they talk at all that nobody bothers to help them with their spelling and grammar.

  30. Steve Evans says:

    o noes they be steelin’ mah bucket!!!!!!!11~!!!

    — for example.

  31. This is the funniest thing I’ve seen since I stumbled across “I Can Has Cheezburger” several weeks ago.

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  33. From Making Light:

    I in ur sonnet, doin ur ritin.
    How do this hapn? I just a kitty.
    Main job of catz are just 2B pritty!
    (‘Cept with the doggies, then us be fitin.)
    Course back in da old days catz was workin
    Eatin ur mouses an axin fr milk…
    Now giv me treatz or me clawin ur silk!
    An bring em here fast, none of ur shirkin.
    U humanz r comin under r powr
    Uzin ur money to pamper n feed us,
    Learnin from websitez how much u need us.
    R clvr planz is comin to flower!
    Now mousie are safe in his tiny holz
    Nless u go catch him. I da boss. LOLz

  34. hai,

    uploads some lolcat frenz!


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