Mormon Studies conference in England

It takes some work to go from an idea floated by friends via email to a fully-formed conference. Here’s the programme for the inaugural conference of the European Mormon Studies Association:

European Mormon Studies Association Conference 2007, University of Worcester, England

“Periphery and Centre: European Mormons and their Relationship with North America, 1837-2007”

Thursday 2 August 2007

Session 1

  • Introduction to Conference and European Mormon Studies Association (David Morris)
  • A Finnish Mormon Temple or ‘America in Karakallio’? The Activation of a Stereotype at an Encounter of Cultures (Kim Östman)
  • Mormonism and the British Northwest: Tracing the Roots of Mormonism (Stephen Fleming)
  • The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and the Isle of Man: A Brief Study of a Peripheral Area and its Relationship to the Main Body of the Church (Martin Holden)
  • An LDS Soundworld for the Twenty-First Century: A Thesis Revisited (Warrick Kear)

Session 2

  • Making Adjustments: Babel, Bees, and the Book of Mormon (Ronan James Head)
  • Identifying Jesus in Mormonism (Douglas Davies)
  • Symbols in Mormonism, An Uneasy Cohabitation (Walter van Beek)

Session 3 Keynote Address

  • Armand L. Mauss, Professor of Sociology and Religious Studies Emeritus, Washington State University, and former editor of the Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion

Friday 3 August 2007

Session 4

  • The Rhetoric of the Gathering and Zion: Consistency Through Change 1831-1920 (David Morris)
  • The Place of Liverpool in the Mormon Gathering (Fred Woods)
  • The Rise of the Church in Buckinghamshire, and its Emigration (Ronald Bartholomew)
  • Patriotism and Resistance, Brotherhood and Bombs: The Experience of the German Saints and World War II (Steven Carter)

Session 5 Round Table Discussion:

  • European Mormonism and the Future of Mormon Studies in Europe: Armand Mauss, Douglas Davies, Walter van Beek

Saturday 4 August 2007

Gadfield Elm Chapel and Church History Tour

  • Presentations at Gadfield Elm relating to the history and restoration of the building, and the musical culture of the United Brethren.


  1. Next year in Finland!

  2. Costanza says:

    Wow, Warrick Kear. That is a name I haven’t heard for a long time. He was the CES representative for my neck of the woods when I was in seminary in England 20 years ago! Anyway, the program looks great. Congrats on getting this thing up and running.

  3. Costanza,
    That means you must be about 40 and lived in SW England.

  4. Matt W. says:

    I’m impressed Ronan.

  5. Matt,
    Only be impressed when we pull it off!

  6. Wow, Ronan- that sounds fabulous. I wish I could hop the pond for a few days.

  7. Cheers, Ronan! This is simply wonderful.

  8. Way to go Ronan. I wish I could attend. When I was a greenie my comp and I illegally started the Stamford branch. Fun history…I love Stamford still!…and the people.

  9. Looks great!

  10. So how are you funding this? And how much does it cost to attend? (Not that I can come this year.) How about Copenhagen or Aarhus next year? Also, I know a woman near there who runs a B&B and specializes in helping LDS folks find the places where their ancestors lived– so if anyone wants a recommendation for her, let me know. My friend stayed there recently, and was quite impressed, but also a bit unhappy because the host is rather outspokenly anti-Bush.

  11. Nate Oman says:

    Well done Ronan! Best of luck…

  12. Kevin Barney says:

    Looks wonderful, Ronan. Best of luck to the lot of you. (Of course we will expect a full report when it’s over.)

  13. Can I have a copy of your talk?

  14. Mary L. Bradford says:

    The Mormon Studies program in London looks great. I hope to get a copy of the paper on the Isle of Man where some of my mother’s anestors resided.

  15. Kevin Barney says:

    Hi, Mary, thanks for popping in to BCC!