Belated welcoming.

We forgot to introduce MCQ to everyone before he started posting. What can I say, it’s June.

MCQ (Mark C. Quinn) was born in Falls Church VA and grew up in Orange County, CA and Salt Lake City. He received degrees in english and law at the University of Utah and Seattle University respectively. He now practices law in a small firm he recently started in Holladay, UT order to have more time to read trashy novels, write worse fiction and waste time and money on mountain biking, Bernese Mountain Dogs and starting the world’s greatest independent record label. He has a startlingly beautiful long-suffering wife and two genius-level children.

He also provided a photo, which I will not post here as this is a family-friendly site.


  1. This is a family friendly site?!? Wha?!

    Welcome MCQ, we’re glad you’re here.

  2. Welcome aboard!

  3. Family friendly? Oh, I get it now. That’s why we can’t hint about certain refined arts.

  4. I want to call you McQuinn.

  5. John Williams says:

    Any relation to D. Michael Quinn?

  6. An indie label? Tell me more.

  7. Steve Evans says:

    Ronan, maybe Dr. McQuinn, Medicine Woman?

  8. Medicine Woman? Mark? Man-purse comments? Mental cramps.

  9. Mark IV says:

    You had me at Bernese Mountain dogs. They’re the best – loyal, smart, gentle, and funner’n’ heck.

  10. Welcome Mark! I will be the straight man, since everyone else is being funny. I look forward to your future posts. Your first one was amazing.

  11. Steve: You praise me with faint damns. That was not a family un-friendly picture!

    btw, Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman is what my wife is called at work, so that’s taken.

    Ronan, thanks for the Scottish twist but the name was originally O’Quinn. Y’know, different island.

    JW: I’ll claim DMQ as a relative until or unless he personally shows up to protest. He’s my older and smarter brother, as far as you know.

    Susan: I thought that would get you. My label is called Mountain Dog Records. It’s in its infancy and our first recording artist has already been arrested, so I guess I have to keep practicing law for now. My wife and I hang out in the clubs here looking for talent but SLC ain’t exactly a rock n roll hotbed, as you may have heard. I’m thinking of moving to Leeds.

    Ray, don’t think too hard about it. You’ll hurt yourself.

    Mark: You know. Once you know, you just know. It can’t be explained. I believe they are the true representatives of God on earth. Mine is named Blaise.

  12. Steve is perpetrating more than one falsehood. We have already discussed Amri’s tattoos and my wife’s orgasms. Family friendly? I guess that means you are all my family! Thanks for the chance to hang with you.

  13. Mark IV says:

    How did I miss that your name and initial are Mark C.?!?!?!

    Although you do not share the celestial surname with other BCC bloggers, you and I have a harmonic convergence with our names and initials. Obviously our parents had the gift of revelation and discernment.

    The Bernese Oberlander that I am privileged to know has better character than some humans.

  14. Mark, you speak the truth, and here’s more: My best friend in law school was a guy named Marc Brown. It just never ends.

  15. hey!
    Tattoos are family friendly.

    The other thing, well, I wouldn’t know about that.

  16. Steve Evans says:

    amri, neither would I.

  17. Amri, I stand corrected. And I’m glad to hear you don’t know anything about my wife’s orgasms. I was beginning to suspect you two…

    Tatiana: Thanks. I always look forward to reading what you have to say.

  18. I don’t know if I do or not. My confidence has been shattered.

    You’re being baited, John. We are right outside the junior high school doors. :-)

  19. Welcome aboard, O’Quinn. Go mbeannaí Dia is Muire duit.

  20. Ray: Whoa, you lost me, man.

    RT: Thanks, Erin go bragh! Translation please?

  21. John Williams says:

    re Family Friendliness

    A good rule of thumb is that if you wouldn’t say it in Fast & Testimony meeting you probably shouldn’t say it in a blog comment.

  22. Go mbeannaí Dia is Muire duit = May God and Mary bless you. I suppose this phrase violates John Williams’s rule for family friendliness, since I wouldn’t say it in a Fast and Testimony meeting.

  23. MCQ, It was for John and those who would catch it from another thread. It wasn’t serious at all. I’ll be good now.

    John, I’ll let this go back to being an MCQ praise-fest (with which I heartily agree, BTW), but I don’t agree with #21 at all. Let’s just leave it at that.

    MCQ, I just looked back and realized that I hadn’t said anything to echo the sentiments expressed by everyone else. Welcome; I LOVE what you write and look forward to more.

  24. John Williams says:

    Ray, Comment #21 was supposed to be amusing.

  25. I say make him permanent!

    MCQ, drop me an email, I want to hear more about your record label and what your goals are with it.

  26. John, I assumed so, after your last explanation, but I thought I would illustrate what happens when you DON’T use a :-) in the appropriate place – by not including one in my response. (FWIW, that goes back to a different thread.)

    It’s time we put this one to bed, I guess, since it’s just between you and I. :-)

  27. Ray, I get it now. Sorry, I’m a little slow. Thanks for your kind words.

    Susan, Steve is way too smart for that, but thanks for the support. I look forward to writing you as soon as I figure out how to abuse my admin privileges. Preview: My model is Fueled By Ramen.

  28. Welcome MCQ! Glad to have you aboard.

  29. We have already discussed Amri’s tattoos and my wife’s orgasms.