Boston Party

UPDATE: We have a plan!! 8:00ish until whenever at Anna’s place in Watertown. Bring something yummy, if you can. E-mail me kristine dot haglund at gmail for directions. DKL and Glenn Cornett in the same room is probably something you don’t want to miss!

There are multiple excuses for a Boston Bloggersnacker this weekend–some of you will be in town for our beloved Amri’s wedding to her beloved Brett and want to keep celebrating after we’ve sent them off… Also, the incomparable (and really indescribable, if you haven’t met him!) Glenn Cornett will be in town and has nifty new techy things to discuss with bloggety types. So, Sunday, September 9, 8ish. Location TBD–send me a note if you think you might come, and we’ll figure out whether people can make the trek out to my place in the ‘burbs, or if we should find a place in town


  1. Count me in.

  2. Steve Evans says:

    Will there be tea at this Boston party?

  3. Why have tea when you can have beer?

  4. Given the above, Kristine, are you sure you want this kegger to happen at your place?

  5. Hurrah! I will certainly come, wherever it is.

    (I know Glenn Cornett and agree that he is both incomparable and indescribable!)

  6. Gah! You couldn’t have done this a week earlier? I’m leaving the east coast Thursday afternoon to return to my undisclosed location, uh, not on the east coast.

  7. Nitsav, sorry!! If we had known, you and Glenn could have armwrestled for the guest of honor honors…

    Anna, how about if we have it at your place?

  8. kristine N says:

    How close is any of this to woods hole?

  9. Kristine, we’ve just moved into Newton, and will look forward to coming.

  10. I was just in Boston- shoot! Have a hoot, beantowners.

  11. wish we could make it. complex schedules, etc. have a grand time.

  12. I’m coming. This sounds like a great forum to unveil the exciting results of some of my recent research: I know the gender of Grimace.

  13. Be sure to take pictures. Also, if anyone is going to be singing or karaoking, capture those images as well. It’s always nice to have those kinds of memories at close reach.

  14. Rusty, I agree — keeping on hand a videotape of BCC permabloggers singing is a welcome memory, one that should someday be shared. Publicly.

  15. Alright, alright Rusty–I’ll send you more hush money!!

  16. For any of you who might be wondering who the heck I am and why we would be having the blog party at my place, I’m a longtime lurker and once-in-a-blue-moon commenter. So, I know all about you, even if you know next to nothing about me. That means I hold the power in the relationship. Bwa ha ha ha ha.

    kristine N, according to Mapquest, Watertown is about 90 miles from Woods Hole.

  17. Anna, it was a great party and you were a terrific host. Thank you so much for having us over.

    Glenn Cornett is a great guy. I’m not sure what people expected to come from seeing us “in the same room,” but we had a lot to talk about and I sure had a lot of fun. Plus, I finally got to meet Roasted Tomatoes and Serenity Valley — what a blast.

  18. Aaron Brown says:

    Why doesn’t Glenn Cornett comment on the blogs? Anyone ask him that?

    Aaron B