Rugby World Cup Quarter Finals Open Thread

Can Jonny Wilkinson’s boot save England from the Aussies? Will the Frogs send the All Blacks packing? Can the Argies make history against Scotland? Can Fiji shock South Africa?

Other points of discussion in European sports: Lewis Hamilton’s crazy F1 rookie season, Chelsea FC’s hated new Israeli manager, Everton’s excellent midweek UEFA Cup win in Ukraine, Germany’s dominance of the women’s football World Cup. It’s your thread, folks.

Coming tomorrow: General Conference Hair-do Open Thread. Or, if you’re lucky, Flicking to the NFL Between Talks Open Thread.


  1. I think England can pull it off. I love RWC weekend!

  2. Dream on, I doubt it, are you kidding?, I wish they would but probably not.

    And you’re dreaming. International success for the English is always a fluke.

    General who-now-what?

  3. M. Norbert,

    Rugby man, then?

    And do you follow F1? The Finns always have a good contingent. I didn’t care about F1 until this year, but it’s been a wild season. Hamilton’s ascendancy ensures local interest.

  4. (In the vain hope there are some F1 fans out there:)

    Best F1 driver’s name: Scott Speed (USA). Glad to see a yank in the field. Sure beats turning left for hours…

  5. In international rugby I favor the All Blacks generally — of course I was taught the game by kiwis in London.

    Not so much F1 — but being in Finland has gotten me interested in rally racing.

  6. Steve Evans says:

    Ronan, having served near Le Mans I assure you that there is love for some serious auto racing that doesn’t involve tailgate barbecues and wearing naught but jean overalls. F1 is really, really impressive stuff, but like Norbert it’s the rallies that make for the most exciting stuff.

  7. England 12 – Convicts 10

    Suck on that, Finn boy.

    Re: rally. RIP Colin McRae.

  8. May I post the stereotypical American snob “Who cares?” – just to get it out of the way?

    Oops, this is about rugby, not soccer. Never mind. *grin*

  9. Strange, I entered this page into Babelfish to translate it into normal English but it didn’t work. What crazy language is this you are speaking?

  10. Peter LLC says:


    Ever since reading Rough Stone Rolling, Ronan has been keen on speaking in tongues.

  11. Note that Blake Burdette, on the not-so-hot 0-4 US squad, is LDS and was in my ward in NYC last year.

  12. If only you yanks knew the pleasure of beating other nations in sport. Instead, you play games that no-one else cares about, or get humiliated in the baseball world cup and pretend you don’t care.

    Rugby is the game of the gods.

  13. mrs,

    Cool. I bet there are some Mormons among the Pacific islanders too.

  14. Go All Blacks, the one true Rugby team.

  15. Don’t worry, Ronan. God gives England some success so the fans’ faces look sadder when they end up losing again.

  16. Norbert, Norbert.
    Who’s current world champion? We can win this thing. Again.

    Quentin Cook looks like he could play flanker, btw. Elder Eyring not so much.

  17. France 20 – New Zealand 18

    Once again the All Blacks hype machine fails. Now it will be at least 24 years before the Kiwis can call themselves world champions.

  18. And thus once again, Rugby no longer matters. (takes his ball and goes home.)

  19. After all the hand wringing over the last few weeks about the state of northern hemisphere rugby how hilarious to see NZ bottle it AGAIN and Oz totally overpowered by a much stronger English pack. Nothing quite like the feeling of beating the Oz. American sports club rivalries count for nothing in comparison.

  20. #17 – I’ll take Elder Uchdorf. He’s from Germany, so he might understand the game, and if he plays with the energy and passion and power with which he speaks . . .

  21. Ray,
    German rugby is as laughable as American cricket. Sorry.

    Gomez my man,
    How great to be back in Blighty, eh?

  22. great in deed. 4 years ago I watched England win the RWC in the early hours of the morning pretty much on my own in a land that can’t do sports without incessant commercial interuptions. far better to be amongst family and friends. what are the chances of turning over the French in Paris?

  23. gomez,
    First of all you need to go to bed. It’s almost the Sabbath, mate. Second, I’m less confident as regards the Frogs. I was hoping we’d face NZ, who appeared to be only a slightly better than Australia. France in Paris will be very hard. Still, we seem to be getting better every game. Here’s hoping.

  24. DownUnderRugbyDude says:

    The state of play between France and the All Blacks was far superior to the Aus-Eng game, which was just terrible. France will have no trouble beating England. The All Blacks don’t need to win every game they play to still always be 10 times the team that England is.

  25. That depends how you measure the quality of a team. If playing with style is your only criteria then I agree that NZ are a far superior team. But unfortunately their will to win on the biggest stage was found wanting again.

  26. DURD,

    That’s a lame excuse for NZ. Their inability to rise to the occasion is a rather good reason for seeing the All Blacks as a fundamentally weak team, skill levels and non-World Cup games notwithstanding. As for Aus-England, you’re wrong again. The English dismantling of the Aussie pack was compelling rugby.

    Swallow the bitter pill, mate.

  27. Ronan, the ref was totally on France’s side. I mean c’mon. He didn’t even call then when the blatantly were passing the freaking ball foreward! What did he think this was? American Football?

  28. Matthew,
    It’s over.

  29. [puts on luke skywalker “chopped of hand” expression]


  30. And once again we learn that God is an Englishman and the French do not know the meaning of the word victory.

    Swing low, sweet chariot.

  31. Ronan

    Another good night to be an Englishman my friend.

    I’ve always been a football man myself, but have a far greater affection for the England rugby team than I do for the overpaid, overrated, football team. Sadly, what was once the common man’s game has been taken over by those who seem totally removed from reality.

    Looks like Saturday evening of stake conference next week could be a poor showing.

  32. Gomez,
    Yep. I shall be worshiping at the boot of Jonny.

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  34. wepouys,

    J. Stapley received this forum by revelation.

    Also, this thread is utter fluff. How the heck did Google lead you here?

    Also, may gomez be forgiven for skipping Stake Conference to watch England crush South Africa.

  35. Steve Evans says:

    It’s threads like this that keep BCC from becoming truly great like other blogs.

    And what happened to France??!?!

  36. Steve Evans says:


  37. France choked on English rosbif. France cried, I rejoiced.

  38. Steve, what always happens to France – in anything?

  39. I will pay 1p to everyone who makes a substantive rugby comment on this thread to take us over 50 comments.

  40. Steve Evans says:

    Ronan, instead you should offer to pay for downloads of In Rainbows.

    I know, I know. The froggies can’t handle the rosbif. It’s horrible stuff. In all honestly, I expected far greater things from France this year. They’re a strong team, no reason for them not to have seen more success — but they just couldn’t capitalize on their talent.

  41. Tell me Steve,

    What’s your opinion of Sebastien Chabal? Is the hair a gimmick?

    And what about England’s return to Wasps-style (as opposed to Leicester-style) rugby?

  42. Steve Evans says:

    I won’t lie — I like Chabal and his mulletude is unbeatable. He looks, and acts, like Captain Caveman and I dig it.

    No comment re: Wasps vs. Leicester, as I am a rank amateur in such matters. I am not convinced that the style matters as much as fans such as yourselves have said.

  43. Ronan, do you really think rugby is fluffy?

  44. I’ll add something non-substantive just to get everyone else closer to #50 – and to add some fluff.

  45. Steve Evans says:

    You’re pushing me, Ray.

  46. Chabal’s har is o-kay, but it doesn’t compare to the dreads of Manny Ramirez.

    ManRam’s got it going on.

  47. The Gilbert Synergy match ball should be given the boot. It’s rotten.

    England has no answer for Bakkies Botha.

  48. Steve Evans says:

    Mark, did you have to go and ruin a perfectly nice thread on rugby by talking about the Red Sox?

  49. In all seriousness, rugby beats soccer hands-down (or hands-up, if you prefer).

  50. Not to worry, Steve. Cleveland will probably close Boston out tonight, and go on to win the World Series against the Rox. Nobody was paying attention, but Cleveland has the lowest ERA of any of the eight teams in the playoffs. And they had to compete in the AL central, baseball’s strongest division, which will have produced the AL series team for the past three years running.

  51. Red Sox Rule!!!!

  52. Maul him, Steve! Ruck him! Let the scrum begin!

  53. Yes, and I’m not sure it’s appropriate to talk about someone named “ManRam” on an LDS forum.

  54. Steve Evans says:

    MattG, I’m not sure but I think your comment qualifies as a “lawl”.

  55. MattG, OK, let’s talk about Anthony “Booger” Mcfarland instead.

  56. Or dare we talk about Randy “the big hairy unit” Johnson? OK I’ll stop now.

  57. Sorry Steve.

  58. Typical Yanks, always turning the conversation back to their boring, stodgy, plastic sports.

    Tomorrow I will remove any and all comments on that great swindle known as MLB. NFL is marginally better, but is only rugby league played for the benefit of television advertising by motorcycle messengers.

    I will also delete any comments that mention the current state of the England football team.

  59. FWIW Ronan,

    I would much rather enjoy watching rugby any day than NFL, so I fully support your righteous indignation. But if we’re talking about stodgy sports, cast the beam out of thine own (countrymen’s) eye first, lest we bring up cricket!

  60. Ronan, MLB roolz. I’ve been meaning to address the slander you directed at it in your comment # 14.

    Any roster in MLB has players from Korea, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Japan, Dominican Republic, Venezuela, Cuba, China, Honduras, etc. In short, more nationalities than are represented on the rosters of all British sports combined. It is the future, amigo!

  61. Eric Russell says:

    OK, Ronan. No MLB or NFL. Only true sports. Got it.

    Any thoughts on the Rutgers-South Florida game tonight? For awhile I was hoping that SFLA would finally fall, just because I like seeing the upper ranks go down. But I heard a radio talk show host today who said that a Rutgers win is exactly what the BCS moguls are praying for because they sicken at the idea of an underling making it to the big game. I have to admit it’s a good point, even though from my WAC-MWC perspective, the Big East is still the enemy to me.

  62. Redskins Rule!!!!

  63. One of the wisest things ever written, right up there with 2 Nephi chapter 2:

    99 Reasons Why Baseball Is Better Than Football.

    #s 9, 37, 53, 88, and 89 are especially choice.

  64. Utes Rule!!!! And will stomp the warty Horned Frogs tonight!!!!

  65. Adam Greenwood says:

    Go Frogs!

  66. Adam, I thought we settled the hopelessness of rooting for the French.

  67. Utes Win!!!!

  68. Let that be a lesson to you Adam.

  69. Sox won too!!!! Take that, Mark IV.

  70. MCQ,

    All true Boston fans refer to their team as the Sawks, fyi.

    It’s getting exciting. I think Cleveland still has the edge, simply because Francona can’t trust the end of his bullpen. Playoff games are often close games, and you live and die with your relief pitching.

    And as wonderful as the last month has been for Colorado, I think the AL team has to be favored in the WS. I love October.

  71. It’s all over. Percy Montgomery was brilliant once again. Hail to the Boks!

  72. England were robbed by the replay official, Butterfield Boy.

    And when the affirmative action policy kicks in, South African rugby is doomed. They can enjoy it while it lasts.

  73. Sour grapes, Rooinek? Look on the positive side: at least England lost by less than 36 points this time.

    Nkosi sikelel’ iAfrika
    Maluphakanyisw’ uphondo Iwayo
    Yizwa imithandazo yethu
    Nkosi sikelela thina lusapho Iwayo

    Morena boloka setjhaba sa heso
    O fedise dintwa le matshwenyeho
    O se boloke, o se boloke setjhaba sa heso
    Setjhaba sa South Africa
    South Africa …

    Uit die blou van onse hemel
    Uit die diepte van ons see
    Oor ons ewige gebergtes
    Waar die kranse antwoord gee

    Sounds the call to come together
    And united we shall stand
    Let us live and strive for freedom
    In South Africa our land

  74. Justin…

    …Ah, nevermind. Not allowed to swear on this blog. Stapley’s orders.


    Gutted, mate. Proud of the lads, though.

  75. Hello

    What do you think about this? When it happens?

  76. Not even the angels know.


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