Seattle Bloggersnacker. Woo-hoo!

The wife and I are hosting a Bloggersnacker this Saturday, October 13, at 6:00 pm. If you live or frolic in the Seattle area, you are invited to attend. We will be providing all food, drink and dessert, so please don’t feel the need to potluck it. Our address is:

3030 42nd Ave. W.
Seattle, WA 98199

We’re the house with the bright orange door, and the scary looking Halloween decorations out front. (Arachnophobes beware!). Hard to miss.

Note that this event coincides with the end of the 2007 Northwest Sunstone Symposium, which finishes at 5:30 pm that same day, and which is only a 10-minute drive from our house. If you’re a Sunstoner, and you want somewhere to really let your hair down after the stifling orthodoxy of the symposium, feel free to drop by. :)

However, this isn’t just for the symposium crowd. Non-Sunstoners are people too! We want to extend a special invitation to any and all BCC commenters and/or BCC lurkers who are within driving distance. Show yourselves!

As an added bonus, you should know that I live in the same neighborhood as Steve Evans. (Only 1.5 miles away). Once we reach a critical mass of folks, we will do a drive by past Evans Manor. BYO eggs and T.P.

Looking forward to seeing you all. Be there or be square.

Aaron B


  1. Once we reach a critical mass of folks, we will do a drive by past Evans Manor. BYO eggs and T.P.

    Does that mean Steve isn’t coming?

  2. I hadn’t heard about the Northwest Symposium… does anyone have a link to info about that and who will be there?

  3. Steve Evans says:

    MCQ. the answer is no, it doesn’t mean that I am not coming.

  4. Aaron:

    Are you in the Seattle First Ward? I grew up in Magnolia back in the 70’s.

  5. My wife and I would have loved to attend. We’re over in Woodinville (Redmond Stake). But alas, my office has extended my current trip to Shanghai, and I won’t be back now until the following Tuesday.

    Next time for sure!

  6. Neal Peters says:

    I’ve heard that Magnolia is rapidly becoming highly Mormonized. Quickly becoming some sort of post-modern St. George for the still employed Mormon, Magnolia even boasts an all-Mormon apartment complex.

    Sorry Aaron, I couldn’t resist posting a comment about Magnolia! I wish I was still around to attend this get-together. Sounds like good times.


  7. I’m more of a lurker than anything, but we’ll see if we come to the get together. My sister and I are going to the conference, so I’ll have to see if she wants to and if my hubby and kids want to also (we live in 3rd ward). Free food is always a good incentive :)

  8. Um, I meant Symposium, not conference. And I want to meet people, not just mooch.

  9. And I want to meet people, not just mooch

    Boy, are your priorities out of whack!

  10. There are links to the Seattle Symposium at

    You can view the program (PDF) or register online from that site, and pre-registration must be completed by 5 p.m. Tuesday, October 9th.

  11. You should be able to find information about the Seattle Symposium (a PDF version of the program and a link to online registration) at Sunstone’s website. The pre-registration deadline is 5:00 p.m. Tuesday (October 9th).

  12. Stephanie (everyone!!),

    See here: or here:

    FoxyJ, I’m a longtime lurker on your blog (and Ben’s), and I’d love to meet you. Please come!!

  13. Steve Evans says:

    FoxyJ, looking forward to meeting you!

  14. berzerkcarrottop says:

    I’ll try to convince my sister to go (she’s my ride).

    FoxyJ – I’d love to meet you – we have a friend in common here in the SF Bay Area.

  15. Stephanie says:

    Thanks for the info! Looks very interesting! I wish I could come to both…. being only 4 weeks postpartum, we’ll see how I am feeling!

  16. I’m going to try to make it down. I’ll already be in Mt. Vernon for work, so that’ll bring me a bit closer. It’ll be nice to meet some folks from here. A nice touch for my birthday.

    I had no idea about Sunstone. I wouldn’t have been able to go, but I would like to sometime.

  17. ooooh, Stephanie–if you come, I’ve got dibs on holding the baby!!

  18. Aww, I’m not too far (up in north Seattle) but my wife’s holding a baby shower for a friend that day. :(

  19. Steve Evans says:

    Miles, what kind of baby shower is still going on at 9 pm + ?

  20. My wife, who teaches junior high math, has no time for the bloggernacle, and thinks my involvement is a little strange. I’ll see if I can talk her into coming so I can show her why it’s strange. I’d actually love to meet you folks in person.

  21. (anxiously awaiting the announcement of the SW Iowa bloggersnacker)

  22. Mark Brown says:

    kevinf, you must, must come.

    Stephanie, this is a gathering of Mormons, after all. Holding babies is what we do.

  23. Kevin — If it helps, you can tell her that I’ve tutored math not just a little, and I work with kids in foster care and residential treatment, so we can trade war stories.

    I second Mark’s notion about baby holding.

  24. Talked with my wife last night, count us in!

  25. Someone’s taking pictures, right?

    I’m just jealous you all get to meet Tracy M.

  26. Aaron took some pictures. I don’t think I got to meet Tracy — there were enough folks that I didn’t get to everybody before they left. I enjoyed meeting and chatting with the folks I did get to.

    It was very nice. Christine did quite a nice job on the food — lots and good and Greek. All of the attending children were well behaved and quite cute. The dog has quite an interesting personality, and the neighborhood cat hung around for a while.

    It should be done again on a day that isn’t Independence Day.

  27. That neighborhood cat attack-loved us! He hopped right in the Evans’ stately coach and tried to give Sumer’s leg some kitty love.

    The weiner dog, whom I understand the Brown’s are quite fond of, had his nose burried in a purse, rooting around, perhaps for some truffles? Who knows.

    Stina did a fabulous job- the food and hospitality were warm and welcome.

  28. Aaron & Stina were great hosts, and we had a great time, but had to leave early, so if there were pictures, I’m not in them. My wife doesn’t think this is so strange anymore.

    Aaron, there is definitely some bad vibes between you and that dog that the argyle sweater (the dog’s) couldn’t cover up. Watch your back!

  29. #19 – Steve,

    LDS. Women. Baby. Shower. Adult conversation. Evening. DH putting kids to bed.

    ‘Nuff said.

    Any questions?

  30. The food was great, the people were fun, and my kids loved the doggie. A great party and it was fun to meet everyone in person. We’ll have to do it again some other time.

  31. Nick Literski says:

    I wish I could have attended the symposium and the bloggersnacker. Timing was bad for me, however, as I’m part of a country-western dance performing group, and we’re getting ready to perform in San Francisco at a large convention this next weekend. (Lots of dance workshops, evening dances, socializing, etc.)

    I’d love to see a report on the Seattle sessions, particularly with regard to the panel on the new LDS pamphlet on homosexuality.

  32. Aaron Brown says:

    It was great meeting you all. We had a really good time. We’ll definitely have to do this again.

    Aaron B

  33. Patricia Lahtinen says:

    It was great fun! Thanks, again, Stina and Aaron for hosting us! Gatherings like this just reiterate how small the LDS world is…

    Kory, did you make it home just fine? Sure hope so! That’s a long drive!

    Kevin F, it was great chatting with you and K! Don’t forget Bride and Prejudice! I wanna know how you like it!

    The babies were all so cute! Congratulations, you all!

    J Stapely, I expect a full report next year on your chemical progress!

    Best of wishes, all, from

  34. Steve Evans says:

    Patricia, it was great to meet you as well. Once again the Bainbridge contingency excels us all!

  35. Patricia, it was nice to meet you, too. Maybe sometime I’ll do the chilly hilly on toe jam hill.
    It would be worth it, just for the t-shirt.

  36. Patricia– I did make it home ok, thanks in large part to you for taking me to the I-5 signs (and Aaron’s excellent map).

    Aaron and Stina–thanks for hosting, and thanks for all the delicious food. Your home is beautiful and your dog is very entertaining!

    It was very cool to meet all of you. I had such a fun time chatting with everyone and stayed much later than I should have. But, it was well worth it!

  37. Steve Evans says:

    Lurker, indeed!

  38. Nick: Country Western Dancng group? Now I know you’re lying! :)

  39. It is rare that someone addresses a lurker by name in a comment. I can’t ignore that.

  40. We have you now!! Mwah hah hah.

  41. Steve’s right. You’re no longer a lurker. You’re, at best, an infrequent commenter. And it’s a slippery slope from there.

  42. Patricia Lahtinen says:

    Mark (#35), you’ve GOT to do the Chilly Hilly! The route is NASTY! The only thing is, it’s always on a Sunday morning. We have a lot of avid bikers in our ward; I’ll have to ask around if they have ever done the CH, and what their thoughts are on doing it on a Sunday…

    Stevie E (#34), what Bainbridge contingency? I’m pretty sure I was the only islander there! However, at least 1/4 of our ward has deep ties to Seattle North Stake (I, myself, have lived in all SNS wards EXCEPT 1st), while another 1/4 have deep ties to Arizona… But that’s another story…

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