Welcome to Brad Kramer

Although he deserves far better, please join me in welcoming Brad as a new permablogger at BCC. Brad’s bio will be added unceremoniously to our sidebar, but Brad himself has already been added quite ceremoniously in all our hearts.


  1. Applause.

  2. I guess since your now a permablogger I’ll have to treat you with the respect you deserve.

  3. Brad, I’ve already enjoyed your comments and guest posts, so I am looking forward to reading you on a more regular basis.

  4. Kevin Barney says:

    A warm welcome, Brad!

  5. As usual, what kevinf said.

    Seriously, I really have enjoyed your posts. Welcome.

  6. Brad – Welcome from a fellow Capricorn!

  7. Un abrazo!

  8. welcome, welcome.

    we’re glad you’re here, Brad.

  9. Aaron Brown says:

    Welcome. New permabloggers have to obey the every whim of the old-timers. Shine my shoes. Now.

    Aaron B

  10. Gracias, JNS

    Aaron, I would but Ronan made me pour nitric acid on my hands as a token of my sworn fealty to him and only him.

    Thanks to all for a warm welcome.