Merry Christmas

These are the best hours of the whole year. Not the chaos and hoopla and clatter of joyful children that come with dawn’s first light- while those are wonderful too- what I love most is the soft, pregnant richness of Christmas Eve.

The babies are settled into their beds, tucked in for the tenth time already, their eyes sparkling with anticipation and their teeth chattering with excitment. Sleep won’t come quick for them- but then, neither will it for parents tonight. The house settles down, the old timbers creek and familiar sounds come to rest for the night. The stockings are hung by the chimney with care, and cookies and a glass of orange juice silently await some midnight nibbling, should any old visitor need some refreshment.

Tomorrow, we will have tired eyes as we follow the bounding bundles of childhood down our curving staircase to see what surprises await- and that is it’s own type of joy. But for now, I relish the quiet. I relish the solitude, when I can take a few moments and think of what a blessing my life is, how richly the Lord has shed his light in my life, and how profoundly grateful I am for this ultimate gift- finding faith and knowing Jesus Christ.

Happy Christmas, indeed.


  1. Merry Christmas to you, Tracy! Thank you for this sweet reminder.

  2. Kevin Barney says:

    Many years ago we tried to go out to eat on Christmas Eve, and found that everything was closed. Our first choice was Fuddruckers–closed. Several other places were also closed. So as we were driving home, we noticed a place that appeared to be not only open, but bustling. It was Yu’s Mandarin. We went there, and had a wonderful time. The place was packed, filled with life, and the cooks were behind a window so you could see the flames leaping from the woks. It was way cool.

    So that became our tradition, to eat at Yu’s Mandarin every Christmas Eve. Last night we invited another family to join us, so there were nine of us all together. We each order a dish and then share them all family style (but we have to make sure my daughter gets first crack at her vegetable noodles, because she’s a vegetarian and can’t eat most of the other dishes.

    We came home, my son built a fire in the woodburning stove and then we settled into the couch with blankets on as we watched A Christmas Story (with its own Asian restaurant scene, of course). Then we watched Cover Girl on Turner Classic Movies. After that was over, it was 11:00 p.m., and I was ready for bed, although I think the kids stayed up a little longer.

    I no longer have the little kids, so the excitement isn’t quite the same as it used to be. But enjoying Christmas with young adult children has its own joys.

    A very merry Christmas Tracy, to you and your wonderful little family, and indeed to our entire BCC family!

  3. Beautiful post, Tracy. It truly is the quietude of the night that brings the deepest spirit of Christmas.

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