As time goes on I take more and more pleasure in the simple quirks of married life.

Witness this picture I took of our shower stall:


…and the reserve stockpile, just outside the shower door:


For some reason, finding moments like this makes me smile. I can deal with an eternity of such things.


  1. John Scherer says:

    Those aren’t vignettes. They’re Starburst. :)

  2. Starbursts in the shower? Huh, I wouldn’t have thought they’d be ideal for for a mid-shower snack. As anyone whose ever practiced the unwrap-a-starburst-in-your-mouth trick knows, soggy starbursts aren’t so much fun.

  3. Although, that may explain why the reserve stockpile is outside the shower.

  4. Steve Evans says:

    Perhaps it was some sort of failed experiment?

  5. Impressively clean grout.

  6. She’s going to kill you for this!

  7. RIP, Steve Evans. We’ll miss you.

  8. Oops. Forget the link there (on 5). That was a joke for a different thread.

  9. #8- An extremely clever joke, I must say. LOL- for real.

  10. It’s certainly better than finding a can of Skoal under the bed.

  11. Awesome.

  12. Now if you post the audio of your wife singing “Rubber Ducky,” you might really be in trouble….

  13. SingleSpeed says:

    My wife thinks it’s strange when I leave empty soda cans in the shower.

  14. They have blue Starburst now?!

  15. I believe that’s Sour Blue Raspberry. She lives on the edge!

  16. Why stop at audio? Let’s have video.

  17. It’s better than yesterday – finding a condom in your kindergarten daughter’s backpack. At least it was BEFORE she got on the bus. (Yes, my wife made it crystal clear that she is not to explore in our room in the future.)

  18. Steve Evans says:

    Ray, allow me to introduce you to the term “TMI.”

  19. Eric Russell says:

    I like the ducky.

  20. #18 – Yeah, I thought someone would say that. Feel free to delete if desired.

  21. Can’t put the toothpaste back in the tube, Ray. As if Steve can just delete the mental picture from my mind… :)

  22. Ray having condoms is somehow worse than Steve showing all the world that his wife likes to have shower snacks? ;)

  23. #22 – Tracy, how do you type the sound you make when you are choking with laughter? However, I think I might end up grounded over this one – banned by my true boss.

  24. Hey, sweet tile! And I have to agree with the excessively clean grout comment.

    And yes, I had to spend some serious time composing myself long enough to write this comment. This is some funny stuff.

  25. OK, story here. My cousin loves yard sales. Addicted. So she bought a backpack at one and sent her teenager to school with it.

    Teenager opened front posket of said backpack to put something in it – FILLED with condoms. She was understandably freaked out, thinking her parents were like super frisky all the time and wanted her to know about it.

    So – check your backpack before you sell it, Ray.

  26. Also, if one of your children needs to borrow your bathrobe for a shepherd costume for the ward Christmas pageant, be sure to check the pockets before he gets up on stage…

  27. Kevin Barney says:

    Wait a minute. Why are we all so sure this is Sumer’s candy? I think Steve is trying to throw off the scent. He always has such fruity-smelling breath…

  28. ….stop!…trying…to….choke….back…joke…about…Steve…being…fruity…!

  29. Wait a minute, things are starting to add up:


    rat dog…

    fruity smelling…

    excessive neatness…

    There’s only one piece of the puzzle missing, Steve, so allow me to ask: when you and your sweet fruity love candy are in the shower together, do you sing showtunes?

  30. LOVE this post. love the starburst, love the condoms, love this post. my husband and i are sharing good laughs over here.

  31. Swe-e-e-et. In every sense of the word!

    You fooled us all, SG. You’re really quite a romantic.