Civil Rights, Mitt, Mormons

Usually an interesting article merits just a link on the sidebar, but due to Pastor Cecil Murray’s visibility, I wanted to draw attention to this interview by means of a regular blog post. Pastor Murray is featured prominently in the documentary Nobody Knows: The Untold Story of Black Mormons, including in this trailer of the movie.

Pastor Murray thinks that Mitt Romney has faced more prejudice in this election that Barack Obama.  he also says:

. . .if you would find a church as socially conscious as the Mormon Church, you would have done well. The outreach, the worldwide missionary outreach, young adults, youth, volunteering their time, everyone is a minister in a ministry of outreach, that would be a wonderful model for all of our churches to adopt.

This is an interesting inteview.  It is always helpful to understand how others see us, and on the day of President Hinckley’s funeral, it is appropriate to hear some Mormon love. Pastor Chip just went on my list of favorite people.