BCC Zeitcast 3

Season 1 Album Artwork Belated but bewildering, here’s the latest (and first) edition of the BCC Zeitcast.

The newly-established regular panel of Brad, Steve, Amri and Ronan pontificates at length about the issues that matter most to YOU, the listener.

(Download here)

Links to posts and articles discussed in this week’s Zeitcast:

Stephen Colbert on Pres. Hinckley’s death
J. Stapley on Theogony
Justin on Succession in the 1800s
Hymnbooks of the Future
Believe in Mitt!

If the above player doesn’t work for you, click here to listen.


  1. Some of us don’t recognize your voices, you need to find a way to let us know who is speaking.

  2. Jacob, here’s a secret way to learn all the voices:

    -Sumer introduces herself
    -Sumer hands off to Steve, who is the next voice you hear
    -Ronan is English
    -Amri is the woman who is not Sumer

    So, Brad’s the other one you hear.

  3. Okay, I’ll try again with that decoder ring, thanks. By the way, I figured out Ronan the first time through.

  4. Enjoyable. Would have been even better if I had high-speed internet.

  5. Peter LLC says:


    So do you guys skype or does someone get stuck with a Peruvian phone bill?

  6. Ah, that Colbert segment is so wrong… and by laughing I’ve earned 5,000 new Sky Miles to hell.

  7. Zeitcast is fine, but you’d better pronounce it right:


    Just like tsunami, if you cannot say it right, don’t even try.

  8. Steve Evans says:

    Mark B., we coined the term, we can say it any way we want! Don’t police the FUTURE.

  9. Yeats was right:

    Things fall apart; the centre cannot hold;
    Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world,

    Go ahead: DO YOUR PART!!

  10. Steve Evans says:

    I would listen to the Faulconer, but he almost never comments here.

  11. Or anywhere else, for that matter.

    Although, I must confess that turkey was the first fowl that came to mind.

  12. Can’t believe no one brought up the Bloggernacle Bible.

    Next time, there should be a rule: no bringing up posts from your own blog.

  13. Steve Evans says:

    Susan, I think you’re right. Next time less self-referring.

    Bloggernacle Bible?

  14. My wife and I watched that Colbert segment in horror, than hit rewind so we could watch it again. Really funny and wrong.

  15. Ummm, nobody seems to have noticed. The FP has been reorganized, Pres. Monson with counselors Erying and Uchtdorf.

    Just thought I’d mention it.

    Great choice in Elder Uchtdorf, by the way.

  16. Kevinf, look at our sidebar. Gotta get up earlier, man. And stop threadjacking!

  17. Now I see the sidebar!

    BTW, I laughed at the Colbert video until I got disgusted with myself, and then stopped it halfway through. Just as muppet Romney entered. Although, I like Muppet Romney better than the real world version!

    End of threadjack, I guess.

  18. Peter LLC says:

    Next time less self-referring.

    Don’t mess with a good thing–that’s what makes you all so endearing.

  19. Further to my comment no. 7., mit einem Deutscher in the First Presidency, you’d better get your pronunciation fixed.

    As Basil Fawlty would say (sadly, the YouTube clip of this has been deleted due to a BBC copyright claim):

    “Orders. Orders. Which must be obeyed at all times!”

  20. achtung, baby!

  21. From the American Heritage dictionary for the word _zeitgeist_:

    (ts?t’g?st’, z?t’-)

    It appears that either pronunciation is correct.

  22. Kevin Barney says:

    I finally had a chance to listen to the Zeitcast. I wanted to tell Ronan that a few months ago we actually sang “God Save the King” in sacrament meeting. I’m sure it was some kind of a mistake by whoever was picking the hymns. It was a closing song, and after it was over a woman literally stood up and demanded that we sing “My Country Tis of Thee.” So we did. It was totally bizarre.

  23. Kevin Barney says:

    Oh, and while I enjoyed the Zeitcast, I would like to see Sumer not relegated to an Ed McMahon role; I would be interested in her commentary on the topics discussed, especially since she isn’t a frequent commenter on the Nacle itself.

  24. It’s obvious that the American Heritage folks have caved in to the unwashed rabble.

    Do they give mo-zart as an acceptable way of pronouncing Mozart, or to they actually stand up for mo-tsart.

    Or how about Porsche–two syllables or one (totally illiterate) or Chevrolet? Does that terminal “t” get pronounced?

  25. There’s a “t” in Chevy?

  26. Wow. That was like going to the bathroom after a movie and hearing people rehash between stalls what you just watched yourself…Which can sometimes be a delightful experience, such as the time I had just seen “Castaway” and two girls in the bathroom were complaining that the movie was so boring because, “Like the whole thing just took place on an island and there was no one else and it was just like the same thing every day FOREVER.” Priceless.

  27. I could sit and listen to Ronan speak all day.
    What a great voice. Guuuuuurrrrrgggggglllllle. More Ronan!

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