Snacker Potpourri

Announcing (following Steve’s lead) a bloggersnacker in Ann Arbor Michigan!

Saturday, February 23, 2008. Brad, Kevin B., the Seawrights, and Kristine H., among others will gather for, uh, whatever we do at these things (food and socializing of some kind I guess). If you’re interested, just give a shout out in the comments and I’ll email you with details.

Also, feel free to jack this thread with other snacker planning. I know Mike is clamoring for a snacker in West Hollywood (though Mike, isn’t A2 your old stomping grounds? why not just fly out here instead!).


  1. MikeInWeHo says:

    If you think I’m dumb enough to fly to Michigan in late-February…. :)

    An A2 snacker sounds nice though. In a town that size you’ll probably all know each other already though. You could call it a Clandestine Liberal Fireside.

    L.A. needs an event like this, agreed.

  2. True dat, Mike. for the past 4 days it’s been below 0 with wind chill.

  3. I am really tempted by this. I live in Sturgis, about 2 hours to the west. If you don’t mind me showing up send me the details.

  4. Hey, if Margaret’s movie makes it to the Seattle International Film Festival, my wife and I will host a bloggersnacker after the film at our house. I think the festival is in May. It will require a jaunt over the bridge to the Eastside, but if folks are talking about driving from Sturgis to Ann Arbor, Magnolia to Redmond is only about half that.

  5. When we lived in A2 it was the closet conservatives that had secret get-togethers.

    Eric, I actually interviewed for a job with a law firm (!) in Sturgis once. They had one of the bigger Wal-marts I have ever seen.

  6. Steve Evans says:

    The Eastside is dead to me, Kev.

  7. Kevin,
    Ironically, this whole get-together originated in an abortive attempt to arrange a screening with Darius here. Go figure…

  8. I rode a motorcylce to Sturgis from California one August, but I’m not about to head that way in February!

    By the way, what is A2?

  9. Steve Evans says:

    A2 = Ann Arbor, MI. Lame-o hipsters, abbreviating everything….

  10. Ann Arbor is a whore.

    Sorry. I couldn’t see that and not say it.
    Go Bucks!

  11. Hey Steve, Hong Kong vs the Eastside? I don’t even own a minivan or SUV! Fools mock, but they shall mourn!

  12. We need one in Texas.

  13. Wish I was still up there in A2 for it.

    *looks out window at Texas sun, clear blue skies, and sixty degree weather*

    On second thought, never mind. Enjoy the snacker!

  14. If there was one in North Texas, I’d show up, but I’m not in a position to host one.

    (And Peetie – Absolutely.)

  15. Well, I’m in A2, so send me the details. (I’m presuming this was the upcoming event that J & Taryn were talking about when we got together a week or so ago?)

  16. Jordan,
    This was once your stomping grounds as well, no?

  17. Patricia Lahtinen says:

    I’ve never been to Michigan–and it’s unlikely I’ll be going there anytime soon–but I wish you all well!

    However, kevinf, I’d LOVE to see you and your wife again (did you ever watch Bride and Prejudice?), so let me/us know when you’re hosting in May!

    What movie of Margaret’s (Margaret who?) are you talking about? I’m so out of the loop… Kari! Darrel! Betsey! Fill me in!

  18. This one, Patricia.

  19. Patricia Lahtinen says:

    Thank you, Jonathan! I didn’t know about this documentary. I would love to see it. I remember hearing Sister Young and Brother Gray speak in a fireside at the Seattle North Stake building at least seven years ago. It was my first exposure to the Genesis Branch and this part of our history, and it was fascinating, bewildering, and humbling.

    So, has the film been submitted to SIFF? What’s the word?

  20. Re: North Texas snacker — why not go out? I’m up for it, and I’d drag BTDGreg along. How many North Texans do we have here?

  21. I could host one. Probably do waffles (the usual, waffles, ice cream, whipped cream, etc. as a foundation).

  22. Patricia, as I understand it, the film is submitted to the festival, but word is still out on the acceptance.

  23. Brad- yes. A2 is a former favorite stomping ground. I spent 5 years there and they were lovely. Cold… but lovely.

  24. 20: North Texas snacker: I’d be willing to drive up.

  25. I think it would be fun to host a north texas gathering, but DW thinks the idea of a bunch of bloggers meeting is weird… How can I convince her? (Maybe if we could get Hollywood Flake (another former Ann Arborite) to drop in when she’s in town, DW would consider it. And, Hollywood is way more popular than I am, so I would have star power to attract people… hmmm…)

  26. DW points out that if I show up to a North Texas bloggersnacker, my pseudonymous cover is blown. I retort that I can wear a fake nametag.

  27. Bloggersnacker in Cairo, anyone? No? There’s no bloggers here in Egypt. Well there are, but they’re all in jail…

    Brad, you couldn’t have done this a few months ago while I was still in South Bend? Poor planning, man.

  28. Jordan, have her talk to Allison. We hosted 3 bloggernacle gatherings back when we lived in Salt Lake City and attended one or two others at Ryan Bell’s house. She had a great time meeting people.

    re # 26, I believe that others have retained their anonymity despite attending bloggernacle gatherings. Just introduce yourself as que uno when you show up and that’s all anyone will know about you, unless you know people in real life already who don’t know you are que uno on the blogs — then your cover would be blown but they might keep the secret.

  29. Jordan F..

    Sorry, man. Trying to prove to your wife that bloggers aren’t weird is like trying to prove that 2 + 2 = 5. It simply can’t be done.

  30. Stephen, thanks for volunteering. Are you able to host kids as well? If not, we can work around it.

    Jordan, queuno, I promise not to stalk your families or reveal your secret identities if you do the same. We’re too lazy to gossip anyway (and who on earth would we tell?). Pitch it as networking — I think that’s at least three lds lawyers in the group.

  31. Kevin — Sounds good to me, except for the conditional part. In honor of the Redmond part, I’ll try to have Kubuntu running on my laptop so I can Linux in the land of Bill. It will make my heart happy.

  32. If it feels too weird, just have everyone bring a PDA or laptop, and post comments to a message board that you project on a wall. That should normalize things. =)

    I admit, it was a little weird meeting all the other Johns over at JDC’s – but fun. My poor non-blogging wife, though…

  33. Melissa, I hear you. I’m in the midwest all the time – I’ve been there twice in the last four weeks, but NOW they have a snacker in AA? Probably because Kristine is coming to town.

  34. John Scherer says:


    If it were any other weekend, I’d ask if lurkers were welcome. I’m only about 2 hrs away. My parents are in town that weekend though.

  35. I am in Ann Arbor, anyone know where the festivities are taking place? At Brad’s, maybe, or somewhere else?

  36. Kevin Barney says:

    Ronin, I’m not sure we even know yet, but Brad is our host, so touch base with him.

  37. Thanks Kevin- i will contact Brad.

  38. So, what is up with this? Is it on or not?

  39. From what I heard from Brad, this get-together in ann Arbor has been cancelled. Very unfortunate, cuz I was really looking forward to meet a lot of very cool BCC people.

  40. Okay, so nobody seems to be biting on the idea of a Seattle snacker. Since I don’t live there, I can’t exactly open my home — not only would a Ferndale snacker not work, but my house really isn’t ready. Clearly, we need to find another option. Would it break the principle of the “snacker” part if we met at a Starbucks?