BCC Zeitcast 5

Season 1 Album Artwork Another week, another Zeitcast. No bathroom roundtable this week (scheduling problems), but a pot pourri of Zeitcastian musings instead.
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Featured posts:

Man as Machine

Black Bickertonite Apostle

Mormon Womyn


+ My adorable boys!

+ Music!

+ It’s only 20 minutes!

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  1. fondue with Simon Southerton. Hah!

    Very nicely done, peeps. It is just amazing to me how you each have a different take on something I have already read, which is insightful and valuable to me.

    Of course, J. and W. made the most astute observations this time around.

    I’m a Mormon, yes I am . . .

  2. Ha! I suspect Heidi’s feeling the BCC love now (we obviously didn’t collaborate in advance of recording our little segments to prevent overlap). Also of note, there is an edited volume forthcoming on O’Dea’s contributions to contemporary understandings of Mormonism. Look for a review from yours truly here at the BCC.

  3. What exactly is the point of having an audio version of this? It limits responses to people who actually listen to it instead of reading a text version of it. Do the normal podcasts have discussion between the participants, rather than just a presentation?

    Nonetheless, I just have to say that Amri has a cute voice. =) (And, Ronan, too, of course.)

  4. FHL,
    The podcasts do normally involve discussion and interaction between the participants — sort of a Mormon McLaughlin group with an international flavor. Due to logistical constraints (John Dehlin’s vacation to Australia) we had to settle for the fragmented version this week. If you check out the casts from previous weeks and/or tune in in the future, you should be pleased with the results.

  5. Also of note, there is an edited volume forthcoming on O’Dea’s contributions to contemporary understandings of Mormonism.

    It’s already out, but I haven’t been able to look through the BYU Bookstore’s copy because it’s wrapped up. But I expect a great review, Brad ;)

  6. Loved the intro! Was that Rebecca? I love Zeitcast. I want to meet Ronan’s kids.

  7. Well, I don’t know if I should be honored that Steve thought I picked an excellent topic or insulted that he thought the post was not as excellent, or that he Dawkins would have me for lunch. I guess I may have to modify my header to alleged LDS Child Neurologist (whatever that means) for all you know I may be just another lawyer looking to a new schtick, or a star eyed zoobie playing make believe. Mostly I am just excited that I got noticed by the cool kids, even if they were too cool to gush about it.

    For the record, I agree Dawkins would trounce me head to head. I am much too nice in person, and conflict avoidant to win a debate. I tried once in high school and it was truly ugly. That’s why he’s not just an alleged evolutionary biologist, and raking in book sales, while I get excited when just by BCC throwing me a ping.


  8. Steve Evans says:

    Cheers back at you, Doc. No insult intended – it’s fair to say Dawkins was not your target audience, and your post is more devotional than analytic – all of which is just fine.

    As for “alleged”, doesn’t your site say that you’re still in training? Chillax man.

  9. Yes,
    I am nearing the end of residency, for the first time, child neurology is all I do, but the more correct child neurology fellow didn’t fit in the header, so I fudged.

    BTW, I wasn’t that offended, just perplexed as to what you meant. I must say, to paraphrase the disclaimer, any Neurological insights I give on the internet now or after I am done are worth about what you pay for them, If you know what I mean (wink, wink).

  10. Intro voice courtesy of a cool text-to-speech ap at AT&T. FHL – ouch!

  11. Vacation? Don’t I wish!

    Sorry to let ya’ll down!!!

  12. I dug the addition of some production values this time around.

  13. Ronan has kids? So he’s legally wed? I guess
    this means I’ll have to end my obsessive
    love affair with his voice. Sigh.

    On the same note,
    those kids could not have been cuter.
    I’d listen to them preach the gospel all day,
    any day. I think they should be regular guest

  14. mmiles – for some reason a computerised voice was better than mine! ;)

    I love hearing my kids talk though. They also loved hearing themselves!

  15. “HA! Why would there be sacred treasure at church!?” -the older Ronan Jr.

    Best comment ever.

  16. “Would a Jedi knight go to church?”

    RJH, if you aren’t teaching a primary class, your talents are going to waste.

  17. J and W have the cutest voices–hands down!

    Loved the music. My kids loved the kids. Amri, your commentary on the snarking was magnificent!

  18. Yes Ronan,
    You need to get Spielberg and Heimerdinger together in a room for the Indiana Jones and the Gold plates thing. It would be sweet indeed. You should have your people call their people.

  19. Ronan,

    Don’t forget to mention the brilliant intro music by Radiohead. Beautiful.

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