BCC Zeitcast 6

Season 1 Album Artwork In which J and W explain their making — and eating — of gingerbread figures of President Hinckley in Primary while Amri and Brad discuss sealing (courtesy of Zelophehad’s Daughters), Adam’s navel (Faith Promoting Rumor), and the arrival at BCC of a certain John Fowles, esq. (Mormon Mentality).
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  1. That intro was brilliant.

  2. The French? There’ll be a new one every week, my little gift to the world.

  3. If my kids had Brittish accents, I would have a hard time getting mad at them!

  4. I thought it was too short this week, and then Ronan’s kids came on. Truly the frosting on the cake.

  5. I’ll be interested in your (future) take on the recently released Pew survey on US religions:


  6. Once again my kids completely ignored the whole thing until R & R’s children came on. They LOVED ’em.

  7. Kevin Barney says:

    Ronan’s interaction with his boys is absolutely delightful (“it’s just a cookie!”). I think we should turn the entire zeitcast over to Ronan’s munchkins. For that matter, if they can type yet let’s make them permabloggers…

  8. Great podcast. I’d never heard these before, are they new?
    I like the discussion of the different posts. But I’d have to agree that the cute kids with the British accents are the best part. I also like how Ronan says “Figure” as “Figgah.”
    Also, my 5 yo calls all the people we see “humans” and it sounds like he’d fit in well with these other boys.

  9. Can somebody please provide a translation of the intro for the dumb people among us who ne parle pas francais?

  10. Kids bring forgiveness for a multitude of sins. Isn’t that in the scriptures somewhere? (and, yes, the British accent is adorable to those of us on this side of the pond)

  11. Mark,
    Whoever has ears to hear, let him hear.

  12. Ronan, next time you should make the robot intro auf Deutsch. Warum nicht?

  13. MattG – I think last week’s intro was auf Deutsch.

  14. Rebecca,

    I think you’re right, I had forgotten. Es tut mir leid.

  15. Steve Evans says:

    I have ears to hear that French, and it sounded absolumment magnifique.

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