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Heavenly Mother (FPR and Eugene England)

Danzigs (DMI)

Blessing the Food (MoMa)

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  1. I wasn’t really drunk during this podcast, although I sound it.

  2. Two observations:

    1. Yes, Steve sounds like he’s been swilling too many alcopops.

    2. Brad’s compromise view of apostasy-trial procedure is the best one. Well done Brad for standing up to the Canadian conservative and for moderating my wild idea!

  3. I’m pretty sure TT is not a “he” (despite the picture)

  4. Oops, Geoff! Come to think of it, I’m pretty sure I know TT’s first name, but it could go either way gender-wise. We should really get to the bottom of it once and for all though…

  5. There is neither…male nor female, for you are all one in Christ Jesus.” Gal 3:28.

  6. I’ll second Ronan’s comments about how to improve consistency and avoid public snafus surrounding apostasy charges and disciplinary proceedings. I have voiced similar ideas in prior posts, although not directly in the linked post. Nicely done, all ye Zeitcasters.

  7. At last we find out the truth:

    Brad: “How many get excommunicated for apostasy?”
    Ronan: “Not many.”
    Steve: “NOT ENOUGH!”

  8. Wow, this is, to say the least, interesting. I’m finding myself going back and re-reading TT’s posts for any indication of gender.

  9. Steve Evans says:

    LOL, I was channeling Stapers.

  10. Peter LLC says:

    Oh, Ronan, we care what you think, as long as it involves expressing those thoughts in your hawt accent.

  11. #1 – Thanks, Steve, for clearing that up. I was thinking perhaps Canadian mild barley drinks aren’t quite as mild as I had assumed.

  12. Mark IV says:

    Ronan would win the bet he proposed.

    Stapley can indeed cite sources where our people have ingested consecrated oil.

  13. Kevin Barney says:

    I just listened to the zeitcast. The discussion of excommunications for apostasy made me think of the September Six. A number of these disciplinary actions were orchestrated from SLC, with local Stake Presidents basically instructed to lie about it, because it was policy for all such disciplinary actions to originate locally. And I couldn’t help but think how stupid that was. If SLC wants to initiate disciplinary actions, it should just be upfront and above board and do it. There’s no great virtue to the appearance of local action, especially without the substance thereof. I liked Ronan’s suggestion.

    On vain repetitions, see here.

  14. Kevin Barney says:

    Oh, and that first woman’s voice at the beginning was incredibly hot.

  15. Aaron L. says:

    I’m only able to listen to half of the podcast. The shaded timer bar on my Quicktime player stops at about the halfway point and thats where it gets cut off. Anyone else experiencing the same? How can I get the whole thing?

  16. Aaron,
    Do the “play”, “play in popup” buttons at the top of the post not work? I would suggest punching the feed into a podcast player such as iTunes and listen that way:


  17. Aaron L. says:

    Thanks Ronan. I didn’t know how to subscribe to the podcast even though it is not listed in itunes. However, even when listened through itunes it ends abruptly cutting you off mid-sentence (18min, 48sec) and it leaves me feeling like there was still a lot more to be said.

  18. Aaron,
    Steve is too lazy to list at iTunes. But I subscribed manually and the podcast plays fine for the full 37 mins. Weird.

  19. [Yes, I am a lazy git.]

  20. Nicht Schießen!

  21. Re: Steve’s comment about not wanting to burden the already busy brethren, isn’t this what we pay them for? Seriously, is it better to burden already overburdened bishops and stake presidents who are trying to hold down jobs? By most accounts I’ve read of these kinds of councils, it got really heavy for the local leaders who were trying to find a balance between what they were receiving from Salt Lake (Strengthening the Members Committee?) and holding the fates of these families in the balance. As Ronan said, Salt Lake appears to be neck-deep in it already, so why should one not be able to confront one’s accusers?

  22. Eric Russell says:

    Curse you, Evans. That’s below the belt.

    So I did some research and found that there is good news on the horizon. For those who don’t want to get rolled anymore, Youtube is now offering RickBlock. I highly recommend it.

  23. Can you guys put this up in iTunes? I like to have all my podcasts auto-loaded to my iPod.

  24. I’ll work on getting it listed, Clark. As Ronan notes, it’s because I’m a lazy git.

  25. Um, folks, please pick a file naming format and stick to it. It makes it easier to keep them in order. zeitcast-xxx.mp3 or zeitcast2008xxxx.mp3 would work fine, but anything will do if it’s consistent and alphanumerical in order.

  26. Steve Evans says:

    excellent suggestion Blain.

  27. I just listened. Loved the out music. You must have known that “Twist of Cain” is my favorite Danzig piece.

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