BCC Zeitcast 8

Season 1 Album Artwork (Download here)


Who is J. Andrew Brown?

The Jensen Spring

Romney’s dead

Romney’s not dead

Deseret News advertises soft pr0n / the Jessop Affair


One man and his dog

The Zeitcast is now on the eye tunes.


  1. Loyal listeners will note that this is not, in fact, Zeitcast #5 (it’s no. 6), but given that 6 is the number of evil, we shall avoid 6 and move straight to 7 next time. For Blain’s sake, this is the last and final naming eccentricity.

  2. Ronan, you do a great job on editing/intros/outros, music etc.

    I likey.

  3. A quick look at the Sun’s website will quickly demonstrate it’s horrible tabloid credentials.

    Just don’t click on “Page 3.”

    Today’s top feature, incidentally, is “Kate & Gisele’s £1.5 million bot shots.”

  4. Thanks for putting it on iTunes. I’m now a happy camper without mp3 files spread everywhere.

  5. You guys and gal rock. I want you to know this cast is exactly enough time to clean the crap out of my kitchen, and it makes it go by so much faster and more enjoyable!

    (I’m a delegate for Obama in Washington state…*shhhhhh*)

  6. I can neither confirm nor deny any possible editing of sidebar links.

  7. Well that was a pretty Nuby-rific edition of the Playtex-ing Zeitcast.

    I’m sorry I was being such a Gerber about it earlier.

  8. I find it really, really funny that a student at BYU who reads the DesNews online might find himself on the carpet at the standards office. And kind of scary, too.

  9. Kevin Barney says:

    I just finished the zcast. I think to a certain extent the conversation among historians of different stripes has been going on for a long time now. Just go to MHA to see this dynamic in action.

  10. Kevin,
    I know it’s a long standing conversation. But Elder Jenson’s statement is (potentially) an extremely hopeful development rooted in something more than speculation or wishful thinking. With the MMM book and (evidently it’s official now) the JSPP first volume in the immediate offings, we’ll soon have a pretty telling barometer of the possibility of fulfillment of the promise intimated by Elder Jensen’s comments. Of course, the great and terrible thing about MHA et al, is that regardless of what these long-awaited actually end up looking like, the conversations in such circles will not change in the least. :)

  11. Don’t let Ronan’s claims of enjoying poetry in the Cumbrian countryside fool you. This is what the English have done with Wordsworth most recently.

  12. Zionssuburb says:

    I knew J. Andrew Brown, when he was Jim Brown, graduating with him 20 years ago, it’s reunion time. Congratulations J. Andrew!

    -John Shaw

  13. Randy B. says:

    “It’s the Deseret News of the UK.”

    Hillarious! I don’t know if comments in the z’cast qualify for Niblet nominations, but if so, that one is totally deserving.

  14. Stapley, I personally am willing to totally and categorically deny accusations of sidebar editing. Your play.

  15. Randy B., it’s funny because it’s true. Sadly the Page 3 Girls of the DN are somewhat overabundant in modesty.

  16. Overabundance being the operative word…

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