BCC Zeitcast 9

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It’s a pretty long one this week, guys — sorry. No time to edit it, really. It’s mostly Brad’s bit, which if you skip will shrink the Zcast down to about 2-3 mins.

Discussed this week:

Niblets: (1) Origin (2) past and (3) present
Donny Osmond, Apologist


  1. For the record, Steve and I were both right about the ANLs: They do have a voice (Alma 24: 7-16) in the Gandhi-esque story where they prostrate themselves before attacking Lamanites; but they do not use their voice to imply that their pacifism is enabled by Nephite militarism.

  2. Finally!

  3. Wow, who knew other blogs existed with good content? :P

  4. In lieu of the conspicuously absent out-tro music this week, let me proffer this little gem.

  5. Jay McCarthy says:

    Re: Steve Young

    Steve Young is in my ward and he teaches Gospel Doctrine. He is actually very knowledgeable and I wouldn’t be surprised if he has a good response wrt MMM.

  6. Jay, I wouldn’t be surprised either.

  7. That’s nice to hear, Jay. He seems well spoken and informed enough as a commentator and I know graduating from BYU LS is no small intellectual feat. Tell him we’d love to have him participate as a guest on the next zeitcast if he’s so inclined. (Though, admittedly, that’s like, uh, asking a world famous athlete and superstar if he wants to participate in some juvenile, parochial podcast — and one that mildly made fun of him to boot!)

  8. I was robbed!

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