Next Dialogue Editor: Kristine Haglund

Today I posted the following announcement on Dialogue’s website. Of course BCC needs no introduction to Kristine. You know her much better than we, though we are excited to try to catch up. Please join me in congratulating her and wishing her every success.

After an extremely competitive process among many highly qualified candidates, Dialogue is pleased to announce that we have selected Kristine Haglund to be our Editor beginning January 1, 2009. She will take her place behind Levi Peterson, our superb current Editor, in the long line of knowledgeable, articulate and discerning people at the helm of Dialogue these 41 years.

Kristine is deeply committed to finding and speaking the truth– a truth, she believes, we can only speak in love. She is comfortable slogging through doubt, anger and disagreement, if necessary, to “find a way through to what is true and lovely.” Her enthusiasm for the life of the heart and mind is palpable. She wrote us that “I have read almost every issue of the journal, which makes me quite annoying in Sunday School…It…gives me a profound sense of wonder and appreciation for the kind of intellectual work that has gone on over the last several decades, and the faith that has informed and sustained it.” We think her intellectual skill, faith and energy, coupled with a most winning appreciation for people and ideas, position her well to continue that work.

We also think she is a leader uniquely suited to connect us with a wide circle of intellectual resources. She understands the opportunities presented by the explosions in Mormon studies and interest in Mormonism and has a clear vision of Dialogue’s role as the premier journal of Mormon thought. We are honored that she has accepted our offer.

Levi will continue as Editor throughout this year. He and his board bring us a feast every quarter and we are all looking forward to the 3 issues they will yet produce.

Molly McLellan Bennion, Chair, Dialogue Board of Directors

See the Trib’s article, here.


  1. Steve Evans says:

    An excellent choice by an excellent publication. Congratulations to Kristine and to Dialogue!

  2. Warmest congratulations to both Dialogue and Kristine, this is great news! Those of us associated with Sunstone look forward to continued interaction with Dialogue, Kristine, and her editorial staff in this exciting time. Bravo!

  3. Pure goodness. :)

  4. MikeInWeHo says:

    Wonderful news.

    Clearly an inspired decision.

    Congratulations, Kristine and Dialogue.

  5. Brilliant.

  6. Congrats Kristine! Dialogue are lucky to have you.

  7. Well, that’s exciting!

  8. Congratulations, both to Kristine and Dialogue!

  9. Kevin Barney says:

    Molly, first congratulations to you and the board for your search process. I know it was intensive and that you attracted a number of highly qualified prospects, which speaks well for the goodwill established over the decades by Dialogue. And, speaking personally, I am simply thrilled with the final choice. I agree with Mike that the decision was inspired. The youth, energy, fresh perspective, mad sick connections, literateness and simply mind-numbing intelligence of the new editor portends great things for the journal over the next term. How many people could say they started reading Dialogue at ten years old? That’s a microscopically small universe.

    And second, to Kristine herself, well deserved congratulations. I’ve long been a lover and admirer of Dialogue, and this morning I love it just a little bit more. I’m excited for what the future portends, and generating excitement for a print journal dedicated to Mormon studies is quite a trick!

  10. Congratulations, Kristine!

  11. Congratulations, Kristine. What wonderful news! Now where’s that modesty post?

  12. Congratulations! I suppose that means your professional mountain biking career will go on hold, but Dialogue is fortunate to have you.

  13. Perfect choice, Molly.

    Congratulations, Kristine.

  14. Congrats Kristine!! I’m sure you’ll have the Dialogue Choir whipped into shape in no time!

  15. Kristine: wonderful. Delighted to hear that one of our spiritual gems has been entrusted to you for a time.

  16. Congratulations!

  17. Fantastic! I hope that means there will be more ski trips in your future, Kristine! Regardless, you are a perfect choice and will be a wonderful editor.

  18. This is excellent news. May the Kristine era be a prosperous one.

  19. Congratulations Kristine I look forward to reading Dialogue under your hand, as I have for the last few months enjoyed the Journal.

  20. Congratulations, Kristine! I am delighted but not surprised to hear this. (And hi from Sweden!)

  21. This is just so wonderful. I eagerly look forward to what Kristine will bring us as editor. Congratulations!

  22. Congrats, Kristine. This is wonderful news.

  23. Kristine says:

    Thanks, everybody. /blushing/

    And you all know how common consent works, right? Sustaining votes should be followed up by sustaining actions. Subscribe! Subscribe!


  24. I am more excited to renew my subscription than ever. and the article in the Tribune was great, btw. Please note that Kristine is referred to by a commenter as being “wildly beautiful” in addition to all her other exceptional qualities. Only too true.

  25. To borrow and modify slightly a line from the Canucks:

    The true Norse strong and free!

    Congrats, Kristine. All the best.

  26. Kevin Barney says:

    Oh, MCQ, I hadn’t seen that SL Trib comment (I didn’t even realize there was a comment feature to go with the article.) That’s priceless! “Wildly beautiful,” indeed. Kristine, I think you should have business cards made up with that as your title…

  27. Levi Peterson says:

    I’m happy to be among those who extend congratulations to Kristine upon her appointment. And I’m glad to extend congratulations to Molly for seeing the appointment made in such a timely way. That will allow for a smooth transition between my editorial team and Kristine’s.

    The Tribune article points out that Kristine is the youngest editor in years. I believe I have had the dubious honor of being the oldest ever appointed. (I will turn seventy-five within days of when my term as editor expires.) But I’m not sure it is just age that makes me look forward to relinquishing the job. I’m ready to try my hand at something else.


  28. Steve Evans says:

    In unrelated news, Levi has agreed to become the new editor of BCC.

  29. #27 Levi, sounds like a great excuse for a party. We’ll celebrate your birthday and your freedom, not to mention 5 years of spectacular service to Mormon thought, at my house in January! (All area subscribers, as well as starving students who can demonstrate they read the journal, will be welcome.)

  30. Kristine says:

    I’ll make the cake!

  31. Congratulations, Kristine! What an inspired choice. I’m very much looking forward to seeing what you do with Dialogue in the coming years.

  32. Well, that’s enough to get me to subscribe!

  33. whoot!

  34. Kristine,
    Wow! I’m impressed with the love fest going on here at BCC. Congratulations. I am really looking forward to working with you for the next 5 years.
    You make cakes, you ski, Molly adores you, you’re telling people to subscribe… what more could a business manager ask for???
    Welcome aboard. You will enjoy the amazing family of Dialogue.
    On a party note_
    Is Levi really going to be the next editor of BCC?
    Is Molly really going to host a birthday bash at her house next January? Sounds like they’ll be lots to celebrate including Kristine’s first issue going to press. Can’t wait…
    Lori Levinson, Managing Director
    Dialogue Foundation

  35. Lori, Levi’s primary responsibility as editor of BCC will be to delete any of Steve’s comments that violate a particular New Year’s Resolution.

  36. Good choice, Dialogue! Congrats, Kristine!
    I’m excited to see your work.

  37. Kristine says:

    Hi Lori! And thanks–I’m looking forward to working with you, too. We are going to have lots of fun and plenty of cake. I have a personal article of faith: If there is anything gooey, buttery, rich, fattening, chocolate, or served with ice cream, I seek after these things :)

    Everyone, thanks. I’m thinking of assuming several false identities and making snarky comments, just to see if I can get Steve to ban me (and make sure I don’t get a big head).

  38. Levi Peterson says:

    # 28 Steve’s announcement of a new editor at BCC reminds me of an episode in a gas station in southern Utah. The driver of a car sat in his vehicle with the windows down, waiting to pull up to a pump. Without warning, the prophet of a polygamous group strode up to the car, put his hands through the open window, laid them on the unsuspecting driver’s head, and set him apart as an apostle in his church. It seems like that is what Steve is doing here, recklessly setting unsuspecting persons apart as apostles in his Church of the Bloggernacle.

  39. Congratulations Kristine and Dialogue! And thanks to Levi and his editorial team for outstanding work. Best wishes to all.

  40. #38 – Any comment equating Steve with a polygamous prophet in such a sensible way is an instant classic, methinks.

  41. Steve Evans says:

    Levi, don’t fight the Spirit. You’re our Editor now, don’t let us down.

  42. There’s the true Norse, and then there’s Steve Evans.

  43. Whahoo! Congratulations Kristine!!

  44. Patrick Mason says:

    Congratulations, Kristine. My wife Melissa raves about you, and so I very much look forward to what you do with the journal. Only makes me regret that I’m not on the board anymore!

  45. Congrats to a wonderful woman and also a publication that has truly been a lifeline for my spouse…who owns all but about 5 issues of Dialogue ever published. Well done!

  46. The Torch has passed . . . great news, and best of luck Kristine.

  47. Aaron Brown says:

    Wow, congratulations Kristine! I can’t imagine a better choice. Will you still retain your permablogger status at BCC?

    Aaron B

  48. Hardy Redd says:

    Kristine, My first thought was how did they find this perfect person. Second thought was is she really as good as all that? Third, how is she going to live up to all these things they say about her.

    The questions are answered by my experience with Molly, Greg et al; I know their intelligence, even more I know their spirits. Because I know them and the spirit of Dialogue, I know Kristine. And I know she can do it and do it well.

    Forgive the advice Kristine; it’s in my nature. Put the children first; Dialogue second. From what I read you know how to set priorities, organize and delegate. My blessings on you. Sincerely, Hardy Redd

  49. Mary L. Bradford says:

    I had my fervent congrats to the others. I am so happy to welcome another wwoman editor, epecially one so qualified. Kristine, count on me for support. Ask me! Molly thanks for doing what needs doing with such genius. In my day, our Dialogue staff had to do everything, including looking for our replacements. It is so comforting to see the Board of Directors at work.
    I love you all!

  50. kendall white says:

    This is wonderful news, Kristine. Congratulations. ken

  51. Elouise Bell says:


    With your contributions to BCC as evidence, I can tell you will be another of the truly heroic editors of Dialogue. Congratulations and blessings. And while we’re at it, let’s give a shout-out to Mary L. Bradford (see #49) for years of inspired and inspiring leadership. DO take her up on her offer of advice and comfort!