BCC Zeitcast 10

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BCC’s weekly romp through the best of the Bloggernacle, hosted this week by Steve, Ronan, and Brad. Featured posts/sites:

Thick Mormons at Easter


The Bloggernacle, Correlated

The Bloggernacle, Amsterdamned

The Bloggernacle, Dehlined

The Bloggernacle, Sundwalled


  1. 1. I personally was really tired of all the Easter content on all the blogs and couldn’t wait for it to be done. (Which I realize is funny since I ended up posting an Easter thread at 9 Moons.)

    2. I’ve lived in 15 wards and can’t remember a single Easter SM that wasn’t about Easter, so I don’t get where all this “Mormons suck at doing Easter” comes from. I think it’s probably more of an “Americans suck at doing Easter.”

    3. I’m going to keep saying that someone should start an aggregator for solo blogs until someone does it. I just don’t want to do it myself.

  2. The reference to that old gospel standard “His Hands” (Cope) drew my thoughts back to a sacrament meeting I attended in a small town circa 1994. I shall forget the young woman’s rending–er, rendition of that song.

  3. Steve Evans says:

    I actually mashed up “His Hands” with “Via Dolorosa.” They’re both terrible, but the latter is less common. Here’s a Youtube that approximates the gem.

  4. BTW, the first draft of my William Mulder post positively dripped with disdain toward Easter Week. With my final draft I attempted to be a bit more subtle, while sending the same message. It appears that I succeeded quite well.

  5. I enjoyed the podcast–thanks. One thing that surprised me about the comments on my Segullah blog is that even some American members had not had a Christ-centered Easter Sacrament Meeting. Like Susan M, my experience has been that, while I knew nothing of Holy Week, I did celebrate Easter Sunday. I assumed my disappointing Easter in Ecuador to be a local problem, but my eyes have been opened–there are still wards in the states that need to be reminded to bring the Savior into their Easter Sacrament Meeting. Kudos to BCC and the Bloggernacle for their efforts in this respect.

  6. Thanks Emily! I agree– there’s always more we can do to make our meetings better in that respect.

  7. Another great Zeitcast — this is a fun feature.

    Guys, I think you should describe what Zeitcast is each week in the text of your post. I know that seems lame for loyal, repeat fans of the show, but for first-time listeners, I don’t know if Ronan’s minimalist, no text / just links posting explains what’s going on here.

    List the participants in the text and mention what Zeitcast is (“listen to our weekly podcast review of what’s going on in the Bloggernacle” or whatever) and tell people to click on the play links to hear the podcast.

  8. But John, how else will people realize they’re part of the ‘in’ crowd?

  9. Steve — I thought that’s what these BCC letterman’s jackets were for? An the monogrammed hand towels? And the vanity license plates (“FYI BCC,” “BLOGOD,” “2HI4TS”)…? :)

  10. Steve Evans says:

    John, perfect.

  11. John,
    It’s not minimalist, it’s laziness. You make a good point.

  12. I’ve never heard Via Dolorosa until now. “Via,” “His Hands,” and ““Watch the Lamb”” would make for a nice medley.

  13. Micha Vermeer says:

    In my ward the priesthood thought to celebrate Christs birth instead of His Atonement and rising from the grave by singing ‘Joy to the world’!

    Not that I mind celebrating either, but as a ward mission leader having 2 new investigators present I could only imagine the thoughts running through their mind…

    It could have be though they got tripped up by the snowfall, which is rare these day’s in any winter season.

  14. Watch the Lamb. PRICELESS.

  15. Thanks for the mention, kind words, and link.

  16. Steve Evans says:

    David, you’ve earned those kudos with some hard work.

  17. Could you give us the cites for the two clips that were sampled in the intro?

    They were both priceless. Thanks

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